You know I mentioned red..

... well. 

We've moved onto wine.  And we're looking back at bags.  We've done black, we've done navy, I am now diving into all shades of red.  Which also includes pink and burgundy.  And actually doesn't include red at all... 

Why?  Because I've found boots.  WHOOOOP!  Over the knee boots in a dark patent wine colour.  So not red.  Red *would* go if I wore shades of red with them but really - it's a red red wine that we're looking for.

And I am such a freak, matchy matchy person that a bag that "goes" with the boots is almost a must in my head.  I say almost as I have moved away from "Miss Marple must match exactly" territory to something that compliments.  Which means I am now fixated on a dark red wine leopard bag.  Obviously.  I've got two hopes of finding that and one of them's Bob.

However I do acquiesce that to narrow my options to something quite so specific is on the foolish side, so I've been generous enough to open the criteria up to shades of red and pink. 

Which leads me neatly on to my first bag of choice.  But first up - a tiny pic I found that I put on Insta which I can pretty much guarantee that everyone who shops at a vaguely expensive site will do.  LOVE THIS!

Back to the bag though.  This would be so incredibly useful all year round and I would happily wear it during the day as well. 

Saddle Leather and Suede Clutch from DVF £174  It's got a wristlet.  Which is as probably about as much use as a chocolate teapot but....

You can see it's actually a really good size as well! (not to self - she doesn't seem to be using the wristlet... note to self... I really like this dress).

More burgundy at See by Chloe and the love for all things Chloe shows no abatement.

Hana Small Burgundy Bag from See by Chloe £395

If we're talking burgundy though - one of my favourite handbag brands is Jerome Dreyfuss.  I love love his bags.  They're super quality and a good price point. 

Jerome Dreyfuss Igor Calf Hair and Leather Shoulder Bag £600

Similar in burgundy in leather for an amazing price at Accessorize. 

Billie Leather Cross Body Bag £35

Or there's the M&S Autograph version. 

Leather Milly Leather Shoulder Bag £89  This is probably the perfect match to the boots actually.  I will check instore...

Wren Crossbody bag at Jigsaw £98

But THIS one..can I hear an oooooh. It's back in at Russell & Bromley.  I love this bag.  It's very similar to the Celine one that came and went (and one would have had to sell a kidney to purchase) but it's back.  AND they have it in black, navy, grey and some other colour I couldn't be bothered to click on.  Just saying.

Rosie at Russell & Bromley £195

Mixing pink and burgundy now at Hill & Friends.  And I actually have this one!  Which..errrr... means this blog is potentially redundant.  However it's very much a day bag. *clutches at straws*...

Hill & Friends Happy Slouchy Tote £395

Pink at Orla Kiely and the great thing about this shade is that it's verging on a neutral.  It's a pale pink so would work with all shades of red, pink and burgundy.  Not to mention looking fabulous with green, navy and grey.

Orla Kiely Double Poppy Bag £285

And how much success did I have with leopard?  Pink??

Lyon Crossbody Bag from Boden was £110 now £77

Which is where the leopard success starts and ends. 

So I will do red another day as I think a more scarlet shade could also work and I know is super popular (she says having a red bag that she uses all the time).

But I went with classic black when I wore the boots for the first time on Saturday for a day out at Ascot with the family. 


Dress - Rixo London
Boots - Zara
Half Moon Bag - APC 

We had a lovely weekend - well, if you can call enduring rugby training "lovely", but I then got to catch up with my two sister in laws in the afternoon, not to mention an X Factor/Strictly fest.  And a takeaway.  I KNOW - no roast for us yesterday, the husband had too much work on and I frankly was too exhausted so we all got a kebab.  All.  The.  Class.  I would like to point out it's not the revolving dodgy looking thing (which I have to say, I am incredibly partial to), but from an amazing Turkish restaurant that also does gluten free options, so everyone's a winner.

I'm off into London this evening for a dinner hosted by The Body Shop so need to get dressed.  I have embraced the casual today - oversized knit, leather leggings and good old furry boots.  Not to mention a biker.  Is there no outfit that won't work with a biker?  I shall be coming back to that later in the week.  Along with the LBD which no one got right yesterday.  (I haven't reinvented the wheel here, by the way... just as a clue!).

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  1. Will snakeskin do instead of leopard?!gclid=Cj0KCQiArYDQBRDoARIsAMR8s_RASQaPzCkM49cYpX1mVbijEHkN8LyInLVzWOGnEHbI5EeTpuBXR9EaAusnEALw_wcB&start=26
    That is one long link! By Malene Birger! Or this.!start=11
    Loving all the suede bags, and the Jigsaw one. Am wondering whether I can justify a wine bag (not in box!)

    1. Bigger, the links don't work, but both bags are By Malene Birger. Sorry...

    2. I just scored a Kooples mini Emily in cherry red Divine. But I also want the black! Hang on, do I actually prefer the black?!

    3. Hope this link works...
      Probably not making a choice easier, am I...

  2. Love burgundy tones for Winter. That Hill & Friends tote is a stunner! I got the Mulberry Tessie in oxblood last year and it's gorgeous. x

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