A little bit of colour never hurt..

...  especially when it's a bargain leather bag.  Ok so some of these may not be bargains but I am walking proof today that a coloured bag can last the test of the time. 

My pink bag that I'm using today is TEN years old (and I know that, as I bought it when my third child was born and he's ten this year).  At the time I used it all the time and genuinely - it used to go with everything.   And guess what - I still love it.  Plus I think it's lasted the test of time and still works today.

I would also say the same about my red Gucci bag which I utterly love and have had for three years now - again it gets used very, very regularly.

A splash of colour can make all the difference to an outfit.  Only thing you need to decide is what colour would work best for you.  

So I'm starting with red as it really does go with everything.

ASOS Leather Soft Leather Bag £28 (yes that is real leather!)

Circle Leather Detail Mini Bag at & Other Stories £89

Leather Crescent Cross Body at M&S £69

Leather Scalloped Cross Body Bag at Topshop £29

And shopper style at M&S - again a leather version £79

Plum.. so a pinky red at & Other Stories £135

And then we move onto pink.  I have thought on more than one occasion in the last month or so that I could really do with a pink clutch bag. 

ASOS Suede Envelope Clutch Bag £20

Giant leather knot bag at Ted Baker £229

Pink at Boden with the Renee Shoulder Bag £150  H2F9 gives you 20% off at Boden...

Hot Pink at M&S in Leather £89

Pale Pink saddle style with the Tabitha Bag at Boden £98

Yellow leather and suede at ASOS £22

Minimal and pretty mini again at ASOS £20

Yellow at Boden £150 (pre 20% off)

Blue at & Other Stories (ok so navy..)

Mini Leather Shoulder Bag £79

A brighter shade of blue with the Renee Shoulder Bag again at Boden £150 pre discount

And then the greens.. of which there aren't too many at all.  Go figure.  This one apparently is khaki.  Hmm I have learnt recently that either a) there is something lost in translation when it comes to the Swedes and colours or b) I'm slightly (very) colourblind. 

Utility Crossbody in Khaki (?!) £79

Studded Cross Body Leather Sophie Bag at Topshop £34

Stripes at ASOS in the form of a suede shopper £38

And here I am with my, surely vintage by now, Mulberry number. 

Coat - H&M (ss18)
Sweatshirt - FWP by Rae (gift current)
Trainers - Rogue Matilda (gift current)
Jeans - Zara (sale aw16)
Belt - Primark (10 or 11yrs ago)
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert (gift ss17)
Bag - Mulberry (10yr ago)

It's film night tonight (although we'll be playing a board game from 8.30 to 9.30 for Earth Hour.  

And tomorrow, it's up at the crack of dawn.. I AM going to go for a run (the joys of not going out on a Saturday night..) and then a rugby tournament.  En Famille!)  I am feeling the need for new socks.  Not to wear tomorrow but just generally.  Possibly the most random of blogs ever but you have been warned.  Also got some more beauty coming up - introducing my favourite cleansers (I have a few I rotate...). 

Hope everyone has a great weekend - coloured bags, a yay or a nay?  We're off to Suffolk in a couple of weeks and these are the perfect holiday accompaniment (seeing as I'm not going to be cracking out the bikini any time soon..!)

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7 comentarios:

  1. I do like a River Island bag and recently got this one for my birthday - orange !https://www.riverisland.com/p/orange-kettle-cross-body-bag-715928

  2. I bought a little red leather cross body bag from Cath Kidston a couple of years ago on a whim and it is probably my most used handbag EVER! You're now making me think that I have room for a pink handbag in my life too....

  3. I love a coloured bag. Pink, red, cobalt, tan, green (this last one is a roomy satchel which seems to morph from a light bottle green to a dark khaki depending what I team it with). Always on the look out for another pop of colour to add to my growing collection!

  4. I got a red leather Paul Costello bag in Dunnes (I'm in Ireland ) and have used it constantly since Christmas . everyone comments on it. A red bag adds a pop of colour especially in winter with dark coats.

  5. I bought a yellow backpack from Radley in the sale two Christmases ago - makes me smile every time I look at it, and I use it every day!

  6. Now speaking of bikinis, would you do a bikini edit at some point? We need your inspiration!

  7. In my sea of black and navy bags, I have exactly one red and one pink bag. You inspired me to go for the red Gucci disco (and I love it so much I even got a black one after!) Agree it’s not always used but definitely a staple. My pink bag I love and wear pretty only wear in the summer but both are very special to me.