Yes, they do exist

Amazing high street leather bags that look like their designer counterparts. 

So it's no secret that I like a high-end bag.  But that's not to say that there aren't some amazing options on the high street.  I have a couple that are years old.  I have used them as much as I have used my designer alternatives. 

One, in particular that I have been using for the past week, is a vintage looking, superb leather, amazing design from Zara - it's not a copy of anything but there are definitely hints of Chanel and Bottega Venetta, in my humble opinion.  Which is all good.  And it's sometimes lovely to have a bag that people can't instantly recognise. 

It's also great to have one that doesn't cost the earth.  They can definitely be found. 

The ones that I've cherry picked are all leather, some are cheaper than others but none are absurdly priced. 

And you will also notice, they're all black.  I love a black bag.  However, I do also love a tan or coloured bag so I will be bringing those to you shortly, but for the minute - seeing as I've fallen in love again with my black bag, that's the direction we're heading today.

Sandra Leather Tote Bag from Topshop £39  Yes it will be a black hole, no I wouldn't care.

Another shopper from ASOS, this time in suede.

ASOS Suede Shopper £32

Slightly different shopper shape from ASOS again £40

Great leather shopper in the sale. 

Urbancode Leather Shopper was £129 now £65

Quilted leather for a steal at ASOS. 

ASOS Leather Soft Quilted Bag £28 

Structured chic.

Charlie Saddle Bag from Topshop £42

GREAT sale bargain at ASOS. 

Pieces Leather Cross Body Bag was £42 now £29

Structured again with a chain at Warehouse in the sale was £52 now £22

Now these are slightly more expensive from & Other Stories but I freaking ADORE them.  And they are still a great price for leather bags.

Six Pocket Satchel Bag & Other Stories £115

Woven Leather Crossbody £110  This has a hint of a Loewe about it.  For a tenth of the price (I know ...*weeps*)

Curved Chain Handbag from & Other Stories £89

So I did take my beloved Zara number with me today - all the way to London for a photo shoot.  With my three children.  Yes - it sounds bonkers.  Why would you do that when everyone has been warned not to travel?  Because it was a charity shoot that is for such an amazing cause and was such a huge event for them to organise, therefore I couldn't not go.  And the children didn't have school and I didn't have anyone to look after them so it was adventure time at 7am for them in a car to London!  

After a fabulous day (can't wait to see details of the campaign and share them), alas, the weather got the better of us and it took THREE hours to get home what should normally take less than 45 mins.  But get home we did and this was how happy I was. 

Suffice to say, the challenging weather and ridiculously rubbish transport scenarios bring out the best and the worst in people.  I hope all those individuals (they did happen to all be men) who elbowed my children out of the way and then shoved in front of them when they happened to turn round to see why they'd been hit in the head with a strange body part and then barge onto the train leaving us on the platform, sleep well tonight.  There were a good number of you - blithely ignoring the outrage at your woeful behaviour from some, clearly far nicer, passengers - and you know what?  That Karma Fairy is a biatch and your cards will be marked.  On the flipside of the coin, thank you to all those people who were so lovely and thoughtful to three scared children on a hazardly dangerous platform, to my amazing friend who picked us up from the station when there were no taxis due to the blizzard and to the awesome couple who drove into the station and offered lifts to other people in the taxi queue.   Faith in humanity restored.


Coat - Monki from ASOS (aw17)
Scarf - Lily & Lionel (gift aw16)
Hat - Black (gift aw16)

Other reasons to be cheerful - it's Friday, the husband did get to Belfast on time (first easyJet flight he's ever known to be on time - and he did better than his friend who managed to ROLL his hire car by slipping on ice and ending up on its roof in a field.  I kid you not and yes he is fine - unscathed miraculously bar bruising from the airbag), my children were absolute angels today - seriously, they could not have been better behaved.  

Tomorrow morning I shall be over on Insta stories trying on the dresses from yesterday.  I will link to them so it's easy to see which ones work and which ones don't.  Another reason to be cheerful - I have high hopes (which is never a good thing!). 

I will also be back with another blog post - I have a footwear feeling.

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7 comentarios:

  1. We have done a lot of travelling with our kids, and yet I’m still always shocked at how adults are happy to barge them out of the way. Not all of course, and yes, usually men. But I totally agree...karma is coming for them! Glad you all got back safely

  2. Gosh that’s awful the way your kids were pushed aside! Good on you making a statement back! 💪🏻👊
    There is always such goodness in people too! 😇
    Karma as right!
    On the high street bag blog.. fab bags!!! Love the other stories chain one😍
    Love massimo Dutti’s handbags .. fantastic quality, super on trend but timeless too and quite good sales!
    Can’t wait for the shoe blog!

    1. That's such a good point - I always forget about Massimo Dutti!

  3. That & other stories bag with the gold chain is gorgeous. Not that I need another bag. But it's nearly my birthday so I may treat myself anyway.
    Glad to hear you all got home safe & well. Bloody ridiculous how much chaos a bit of snow can cause 🤣

    1. I did see the bags instore yesterday at & Other Stories and they definitely look smaller than I thought they might be. I am an enormous person but just for reference!

    2. Oh no, that doesn't sound promising. I've seen a lovely brown suede bag on Zara for £50 so may get both & see which is best.
      Thanks for letting me know!!