... and one you might not be so familiar with.

A relatively new player.  But one that is definitely worth a look at.  Especially when an email pings through offering 25% off.  The perfect time to try Finery London.

Like La Redoute yesterday, I have no contact whatsoever with Finery.  Both companies - whilst completely different, offer something slightly alternative to the rest of the high street whilst not breaking the bank at the same time and perhaps won't be on your usual radar (certainly not on mine).

Since - well forever, I have been on the hunt for new and interesting options as opposed to the same old same old which is more often than not, what we have available to us on the High Street.  In fact, it was one of my main reasons for starting the blog - to find and share these gems and to hopefully unearth more.  And I have been pretty lucky to have found some great companies.

Some (La Redoute etc) have been around for eons but others are newer players- lots who are online only, who are giving us great opportunities not to dress like everyone else.  Ok - not that everyone does dress like everyone else but.. well, it's just lovely to have some other options to look at.  Especially companies that are British.  And that sell cool stuff.  For not a squidillion quid.  Let's face it - thems are the important things.  (I'm not going to say "that goes in the washing machine" but if there is a wish list....*loses any fashion credibility she may ever have accumulated*)

Even better with 25% off (like with La Redoute yesterday - no secret about the code.  Tis also plastered all over their website EASTER25.  It will come as no shock to hear that it's for Easter....).  Did I mention free delivery?  

Starting with the most amazing dress alternative.  I LOVE this.  Did try two last year - one from Whistles (which was almost £200 and was appalling on a state of appalling you don't usually see.  You couldn't have paid me to wear it.  I wouldn't have said it was from Whistles in a million years) and one from ASOS (which was also utterly diabolical.  You could see my naval.  The words *low cut* were slightly too accurate.  It was verging on mankini.  Think Eastern European male weightlifting outfit.  Which wasn't the look I was going for ).

Milford D Ring Pinafore Jumpsuit £75   I've a feeling about this..  I think it could easily become your go to outfit for the Spring/Summer.  Looking forward to holiday, I would happily wear this to a theme park (don't all laugh.  I would!).  I'm assuming the fabric isn't too suity or thick.. - throw on sliders and you're off.  Out for dinner in the evening with flat or heeled sandals.  For during the day, wear it now with a layer underneath, sneakers, pumps or ankle boots and a longline blazer or biker jacket.  Sold  (viscose, tick, machine wash, tick..whoop whoop).

The black dress with a twist.  This reminds me of a Ghost dress I had fifteen years ago that was my wear to every wedding dress.  I loved that dress.  The detailing of this is as exquisite.

Mitcham Frill Detail Dress £119

Cadogan Obi Clean Dress £65  Now this is absolutely stunning.  Ok so me not needing any new dresses may just be right out of the window.  Let's think about how suitable this is... perfect with flats, with heels, for rolling up in your suitcase... And SOD.  It's sold out in my size.  I love (and lament) the fact it's above the knee but not bush flashing.

Staying with black and classic peg leg trousers.  The ideal work to play, pair of trews.  Blouse or knit, loafers, stilettos or sneakers.  Machine washable.  Love.

Boxmoor Pleated Peg Trousers £49

Whilst we're here, I found the most amazing blouse that would look fantastic with those trews.  Navy and black, shoulder detailing, black tie.. what's not to love?

Levine Forever Blouse £49

And would also look amazing with these... What can I say - I love culottes.  Well, to be fair, it is in fact the cropped trouser length that I love but I think these will be long enough to fit that brief. 

Keyworth Full Culottes in navy £55

And skirts - having a Pretty Woman moment with this one.   I'd team this with a fitted black knit top and either sandals, pumps, shoe boots, you name it.  Personally, not loving it with this grey tee... But the shoes are epic (although I have a preferred pair further down..)

Goswell Spot Pleated Skirt £69

If full on polka dots are your thing, then do I have the two piece for you.  Beauty of these is that you can wear them separately so get so many more outfit options from just buying a couple of items.  Yes they are contrasting size dots but they still work perfectly together.  I love the fact they're slightly different - less twee?

Melcombe Polka Dot Utility Crop Trouser £75

Medland Polka Dot Sculpture Top £65

Randomly looks navy here but it's definitely black.  I'm not going to lie - these are not my favourite shoes with it. (recurring theme.. scroll down for the perfect out out shoes for this).

This top would be ideal with both of the polka dot bottoms  (not to mention look amazing with the trousers and culottes above).  The perfect top to yet again take you through the week at work and into the weekend.  (because it does go in the machine and this is the sort of top that doesn't need ironing.  My absolute fave).

Hazlewood Zip Detail Jersey Top £35

If you were looking for shoes to go with pretty much every item above (and that's wow - not something you can say very often), look no further.  These.  Rock.  What was I saying the other day about a chunky heel?  Oh HELLO.  And I can't tell you how useful the navy and black combo is.  Trust me.

Kelsey Leather Ankle Strap sandals £119  These could easily be from Whistles or Marni - the former for slightly more and the latter for significantly more moolah.

And finishing with the most random accessory which I think is ace.  Have never seen anything like it and to me, it looks like it's straight from a cabinet in Liberty's, not for a lot less than £50.  It's the small details that can really finish an outfit.

Isla Leather Strap Circle Bracelet £45  All prices are pre 25% discount and no I haven't worked it out as I am numerically dyslexic.  (well I'm not, I'm just crap at maths).

So I think I'm going to order the first jumpsuit as I think it will pay for itself 10 times over this Summer.  I won't say Spring as WHAT CHUFFING SPRING?  I am having to rethink outfits as I have a host of (well - a few... ) Spring outfits in my head to wear which are totally inappropriate for this weather. 

Layering is therefore the name of the game - if in doubt, just wear all the clothes.  Topped off with the old faithful 3.1 Phillip Lim coat which is older than my third child.  Looks as good as the day I bought it.


Black and stone layering top - Me+Em
Black cashmere hoodie - Me+Em
Black leather leggings - hush
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Harker cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch

Tomorrow I shall be wearing a wet suit.  Ugh. *weeps*.  However I refuse to give in and, undeterred, I shall maybe be attempting to do a little wish list for when it eventually gets warmer.  Dare I admit I am still on a sandal hunt... Groundhog day anyone? 

We have a super quiet weekend planned - brunch at one of our favourite restaurants tomorrow (with the children.. eek) and so at least I have an excuse to vaguely dress up... 

I think I probably need to do a blog on layering tops. *weeps some more and goes to fetch wine*. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Really like The Finery. Read this week John Lewis are starting Finery concessions in their flagship stores. Coup for both parties I think. Founder is ex Asos I believe. So good to have clothes that are modern and well made without dizzy price tags. Thank you for your blog. A must read for me. Jill x

    1. That's super interesting although I do think it's a shame dare I say it.... It's obviously good for them from a commercial perspective (duh) but it does mean that it becomes less exclusive which, to me, is one of their main charms at the moment. However that is a massively selfish point of view and not one that will be shared by many, I'm sure (although perhaps some of their original customers who like the fact it's quirky - I wonder if that will change or be adapted for the more main stream - and the very that it's not on the high street)....

    2. I think you're right. It's the price of success. Have to say, when I find a quirky brand I love I'm always really disappointed when it starts to appear all over the place. I know, selfish - but we all like to think we've got our own look. Well, in my dreams...

    3. Exactly. Commerciality will win out and I think they'll normalise their look to make it more attractive to the masses. Which is a shame as there's so little diversity on the high street as it is. Ho hum. Good luck to them though and hopefully it will all work out for everyone!

  2. Yes I like the Finery - I have a lovely green ribbed jumper from them that I've just hauled out.....

  3. Love Finery and I just love browsing their site, such gorgeous eye candy! I ordered the Cadogan dress early on but ended up returning it as the fit was a bit off (too much fabric around the middle) although it looks gorgeous on the model. Love their shoes though, the fit and comfort is amazing! Your outfit is so gorgeous I am now tempted to get the Me&Em cashmere hoodie but it's only available in M/L. I am normally a UK12. Would you mind sharing what size you're wearing and how the fit is? I'm worried it'll be too boxy and loose-fitting (esp bottom part)?? Thanks!

    1. That's the issue with online ordering alas, isn't it?

      Right, well I'm a 10/12 and I have the M/L and it's perfect. The bottom part has a drawstring so you can alter it. How tall you are?? I think if you're a 12, I would go for the larger size unless you're tiny...

    2. Thanks, I just ordered it
      - and with your discount code too (so slightly less painful on the wallet!) Hoping it will look as good on me as you!

    3. It's gorgeous - the perfect layering top

  4. I love the milford jumpsuit. I have a similar one from whistles this season but haven't worn it yet due to the cold weather and need to defuzz my legs! Love the bush flashing comment!
    I have just got the navy cashmere whistles dress you have in a sale. It seems a little late in the season to buy that kind of knitwear but I do love it. Has yours bobbled - wondering if it's worth holding onto for autumn?
    Love your outfit from today. GORGEOUS!

    1. Mine has bobbled a tad if I'm honest... I don't think Whistles cashmere is the best quality at all. BUT I love the shape so much and it's such a great Spring/Autumn buy that I kept it (plus i bought it from House of Fraser online and taking it back would have been a total pain in the arse) I have worn it a fair bit.

  5. I have the black and white pointy "posh skater shoes" from Finery that you blogged about last year and Love them, can't wait to wear them again. Also love the culotte suit but have bought this already from M&S: http://www.marksandspencer.com/strap-culotte-jumpsuit/p/p22446303?prevPage=srp which is amazing. Will wear it for a summer wedding we have in the summer and also for holiday. Not so sure about wearing it now with layers underneath, viscose always looks a bit odd to me with heavier fabrics. Jo

    1. Oh that's lovely - yes I do think that would be more difficult to layer as it would have a sort of pinafore look which might not be what you're after. But maybe a thin viscose style tee might work.... (if you're desperate - I'd just keep it and wear it to death in the Summer personally!)

  6. Just popped over to Finery and ordered that lovely bracelet/arm cuff thingy! Think it's beautiful and I saved £11.25 with the discount code... A little Easter gift for myself!