Not giving these up any time soon.

A coat that is.  Oh how I had hoped we would be swanning round in little blazers and jackets by now.  But we're galloping towards the end of the March and nope.  Still freezing.  Coats are definitely still very much a necessary evil for every day.  

But they don't have to be evil... they don't have to be heavy coats (even though I wore a full on fur one yesterday and was still on the chilly side and regretted not wearing a scarf...) and, if you buy cleverly, they can be a cunning investment into the Autumn months.  Yes Spring, you are that tardy, you are forcing me to already mention AUTUMN.   This is wrong on so many levels. 

But right in that I love an excuse to look at coats.  I can't get enough of these.  I may have mentioned this one or twenty times.  I'll admit that I might be a bit of a coataholic.  For which there is no self help group.  However what I will say is that I wear all of mine.  Some I wear more often than others but there is no doubting they are all useful and all have a slightly different look. 

I'll also admit that I don't think there's that much difference between a Spring coat and a Winter coat.  Which isn't something that I probably should have confessed.  On the upside, you can wear them throughout the year.. (she says clutching at straws...)  Especially in these glorious climes (not) we're currently experiencing.  I would say that it looks like it's going to be tropical for the Easter weekend but I'd be lying.  We're currently looking at single figure temperatures and torrential rain. 

Which is mightily mightily depressing.  And if anything justifies a new coat, then it surely, has to be that?

What sort of coat do I recommend?  Well, as I always say, it does depend on your lifestyle.  But the sorts of overcoats that I have here are easily worn for smart or work occasions and double up as weekend wear over jeans or joggers and sneakers.  There is nothing I like more than an item of clothing that works hard for you and these are top of the pile.

Let's start by thinking Spring thoughts and what could be fresher than white.  Ok, off white to be exact but still... This looks perfect with darker winter shades as here - throw on with pastels, distressed or white jeans and sneakers when eventually the sun does come out.

Grayson wool blend coat from American Vintage was £248 now £136.40 

Similar shape at Mango but this time in a camel with grey edging.  A coat that would work all year round actually - certainly you'll get your full moneys worth out of this come the Autumn.  Perfect for those chillier days coming up. 

Cocoon wool blend coat was £119.99 now £79.99

Cocoon in khaki at All Saints.  Khaki for me is simply my favourite Spring colour.  Couldn't get enough of it last year and this year, my obsession with it doesn't seem to have waned at all.  For me it's become a classic neutral that works all year round.  Impeccable with all other neutral shades as well as being a great partner for brighter or pastel shades - it is simply the best (all sing along).

Klein Contrast Coat from All Saints £298

Another two tone cocoon number but this time in grey.  If I didn't a) have two grey coats and b) have a grey two tone blazer, this would be ordered.  Super useful.  This colour genuinely goes with everything and is as perfect in the Spring as it is in the depths of Winter. 

ASOS Coat in Cocoon Fit with Panel Detail £95

Straighter shape now and in pink.  This, like the white one above works so well with your Winter dark shades which we all still seem to be wearing (seeing as none of us want to get frostbite) but also will be ideal when we're able to crack out the lighter colours. 

Lapels cotton coat from Mango in pink was £79.99 now £59.99

Also available in a dark navy again £59.99 (plus they do it in a burnt orange which is a tad out there for me.  Which is ironic seeing as I was sporting full on leopard fur yesterday...)

More navy at Jigsaw and upping the budget here but this is a classic that you would have in your wardrobe for years and years. 

Raw Edge Jersey Coat from Jigsaw £229  This outfit could almost persuade me to dig my skinny blue denim jeans out...

And in the stone 

Now in black and a belted cardigan version which still falls under the category of coats (according to them that is, I'm not going off piste). 

Belt Long Cardigan from Mango £59.99

Longer again and this has my name written all over it.  I have my Whistles bargain one I got in the January sale otherwise I'm not sure I could have resisted one of these grey ones.  

ASOS Coat with Batwing Sleeve in Midi length £100

And then onto slightly smarter.  At the beginning of the year I was desperately looking for one of these and couldn't find one for love nor money.  Now of course, I can't help but trip over them everywhere I look. 

Jigsaw has come up trumps with some great longline coats that could take you from work or over jeans (yes go on, give your jeans an airing - if you've given them up like I have.  Even I've been persuaded...they just seem to be made for a coat like this.  LOVE this look).  Another wardrobe must have that you will get more wear out of than you ever thought possible. 

Single Breasted Wool Coat in navy £249

To see how wearable this style is - head over to All Saints where their styling is impeccable.  *note to self - drag heeled boots out of wardrobe and force trotters into them more regularly*.  I would so love to look like this every day (or even every now and again.  Inspiration right here).

Nehru Coat from All Saints in Dune £278

Slim fit again at ASOS. 

ASOS Coat in Slim Fit £55

How to wear them casually - again perfection and inspiration from Jigsaw. 

Collarless Column Coat £229 from Jigsaw

The texture of this coat is gorgeous. 

Another collarless option but this time in a round neck and in a gorgeously Spring looking pale pink. 

Selected Collarless Coat was £110 now £48

And a couple of slightly out there print coats.  These are definitely not as versatile as neutral coats but they are just perfect for a Spring pick me up.  Naturally the ones I'm most drawn to.  Especially this one.  I could even leave this hanging around my house and it wouldn't look out of place with the decor.  That has to be the best justification ever for a coat purchase (from an utter lazy arse).

ASOS WHITE Overcoat in monochrome stripe was £180 now £90

Or this one.  Be still my beating coat obsession. 

ASOS WHITE Colour Block Ovoid Coat in heavy wool £180

Couldn't not include a leopard one seeing as I'm more than slightly in love with the one I bought last year.

Apponia leopard-jacquard from By Malene Birger was £395 now £185.65

But finishing with one that I think looks so so much more expensive than it is.  I would defy anyone to know this was from ASO and not Sandro or Maje.

ASOS Oversized Coat with fringe detail £75

As thanks for participating in a focus group last week talking about children's outerwear, I was given a new navy coat by Gloverall - the Chesterfield - which I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this season and into the Autumn.  I had anticipated keeping it to wear cme October.  That'll be a no.


Navy Chesterfield Coat - Gloverall
White layering jersey shirt - Me+Em
Jeans - Zara
Navy crew neck extra fine merino jumper - Uniqlo
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

And yesterday - post car purchase. WHOOP.


Red 1970 jumper - Bella Freud
Black moleskin skinnies - Boden
Leopard print coat - Per Una by M&S
Red Disco Soho bag - Gucci
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Haworth bag - Village England

So I'm supposed to be in London... Well.  Three bottles of champagne, a take away curry and putting the world to rights on a Saturday night with one of your closest friends who's come all the way from Boston meant that today involved a lot of tea and a walk to the country pub for a lazy lunch instead.  Check.  Me.  Out.  No shopping.  Yes we were that tired.

In fact, I may have to have a small kip on the sofa although I've just realised that yet again, I don't think I've washed the uniforms.  WIll anyone else admit to every now and again thinking - sod it, I'll just keep them all at home for a day as I can't. be. arsed?  I never have done but I would be lying if I didn't admit it had crossed my mind (regularly).  Surely it can't be only me?!

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24 comentarios:

  1. This weather is getting ridiculous! Positively Arctic today! Still, like you, I do love a coat (or ten!) Some gorgeous ones here and you have made me want all of them! I love the Mango pink one, but sadly the only size 'not available' is mine! A lot of the styles way too long for me - you are so lucky to be able to wear such elegant styles. The Jigsaw column one is beautiful but I would look like I was wearing my dad's coat as it flapped around my ankles! Oh, and I know that Sunday uniform feeling - I currently have blazers and school jumpers in the machine and I dare not even look in the 'sports kit' bag - which I totally forgot about until half an hour ago! I know there will be mud - lots of mud - wish me luck, I'm going in!

    1. There are some advantages to being tall...!! So i've discovered that all the boys things are in the drier. *punches air*. And the 11yr old had a spare one so I've put a curry (yes another one..!) in the oven and have a glass of red wine!

  2. I love love love coats... Have lots and I'm still looking for more! Want a grey one and the ASOS ones look perfect! And no you're not alone with considering keeping kids at home to save the laundry stress etc. Mine are all long since left school but I can remember thinking regularly when they were younger that a day at home was an easier option than getting all 3 of them up, dressed, packed lunches made and off to school! Early mornings are not my forte!

    1. Are you me? Apparently I make it more difficult for myself as I don't have a "system" according to the husband. As you can imagine this went down like a bag of sick...

    2. Haha! Funny how men have an opinion on something they rarely have to get involved in! As a postscript to my comment above I have ordered a grey coat! Not any of the lovely ones you have featured but the grey version of my favourite camel one from FCUK... Just happened to wander over to their website last night and checked if they were still stocking the Atomic coat and they are and it's still at the greatly reduced price of £56. Last night it wasn't in stock in my size but today it is. Snapped it straight up, I love the camel one so much I thought the grey one was a no brainer!

  3. No holidays yet? Off already since Wednesday here and for another 2 weeks, think I'd prefer the uniform laundry *sighs*

    1. No not till Thursday and then two and a half weeks.... I have to say I'm looking forward to it even though we're not going away... *slaps self round face*..!!

  4. Thanks for the great blog as always Kat.
    Don't suppose anyone knows of a discount code for Jigsaw by any chance?

    1. Aww no and I'm not sure I've ever seen one...

  5. Noooo - it's not going to rain next week-end for Easter, I don't believe you! Seriously had it with our weather. I rushed out and bought a few Spring bits then all of a sudden I'm back in my thermal vests and knitwear. I am completely with you on the coat 'problem'. My husband sighs 'not another one' every time I even look. We live in a cold, unpredictable country, we need a collection to see us through! 4 more days until schools out, you can do it! x

    1. Ok it's not. (sort of might be going to though.. BUT they're always wrong so let's just imagine they're not going to..!!!)

      I don't think you can ever have too many coats...!

  6. Hahaa yes guilty of that Kat xx

    1. I knew it wouldn't be just me but thanks for fessing up too!

  7. Febreeze is your friend (and baby wipes...)

  8. Of course you need lots of coats! It can be chilly for a lot of the year. It would be nice to have transitioned to lighter coats, like my trench or thin raincoat... Different coats can change the whole look of your outfit, so they add versatility, change and warmth. That's my excuse, anyway.

    Love, love, love the grey ASOS coats, as well as the Jigsaw navy one.

    1. Precisely. Different coats can totally change the look of an outfit. There are only so many different versions of a pair of leather joggers or leggings and a black polo neck yet the look can be transformed into a ton of variations with new coats. JUSTIFICATION OVER!

  9. Next time I'm looking for a coat, I think I'm after a blue one, pale but not baby blue. That's the feeling at the moment, but I can change my mind many times before the actual purchase!!
    The fact that it also has to be petite fit, preferably classic will probably narrow the choices, but who knows......

    1. Nice.. and it's nice to hear I'm not the only one who's rather fickle when it comes to mind changing!

  10. Christined my IRO booties at the weekend. Weirdly comfortable and can't figure out how!

    1. They're not that bad at all, are they??!!

  11. An obseration ,,,, you always wear the same sunglasses. Not saying they're not great glasses but surprised given your (total) love of clothes

    1. Aha, yes good point. These are my Winter Sunglasses and were SO bloody expensive, I can't justify another pair. Plus I have looked and looked and all the ones I like are exactly the same. I do have Tom Ford ones for the Summer but they are so scratched (plus they must be 6 yrs old now so I feel don't owe me anything..!!) that I am going to invest in new ones shortly! Good spot!

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