But not as we know it. 

I honestly think that at the moment, pretty much any type of trouser goes.  I know I've mentioned this before but, bar a pedal pusher (still scarred by the red ones my mum *made me* instead of buying the ones I wanted from Chelsea Girl.  I looked like I was auditioning for a part in a Grimm Fairy Tale.  All I was missing were braces and a jaunty pair of shoes.  Definitely more knickerbocker than pedal pusher.  It's no wonder I've never been drawn by the lure of a sewing machine).  Skinny, wide leg, full length, cropped, tapered, cuffed, sport luxe style.  

So how do you find a style that suits you?  Firstly, I think it's down to taste.  As far as I'm not concerned, it's not rocket science - it's what floats your boat.  If there is a look you like, then go forth and try them. 

Ok so it does also depend on what suits you.  For example, I love skinnies in the Winter with a huge jumper over the top but as much as I know I hide it well, there is gymwork that needs to be done before I am super comfortable with them in the Summer with a more fitted top.  If I am going to look at a skinny pair, they need to be high waisted - that is a total deal breaker.  And I need to wear something looseish over the top.  At the very least it cant be clingy in any way shape or form. 

And all of that is hardwork.  So last year and this year I have been drawn to looser styles. Loose (definition of this to be explored), wide (this is also subject to taste and availability) and cropped.  The latter is a cert.  I have teflon ankles.  Even on colder days, my ankles are hard as nails and can withstand any wind chill factor.  It was part of my jedi training.  In all seriousness I think I'm so tall that they're deemed an extremity and are just used to being cold the majority of the time. 

To me, they are the easiest way this season to inject S/S16 trend into your wardrobe (I have tried to make that sound as "un-upmyownbehind" as I can although I do appreciate I haven't succeeded).  They create a very modern silhouette whilst being ridiculously comfortable and fit perfectly with, I can pretty much guarantee, most of the tops you already have in your wardrobe. 

Jacket wise - I know this is something I've been asked about a lot.  I like a voluminous coat with it.  In my head I think it's very Scandi (I appreciate this is only in my head... but at least a coat keeps you warm).  I've also worn with a longline slim fit blazer and plan to wear often when it gets warmer.  Ditto a fitted biker style jacket. 

They're also perfect to wear in the evening with heels.  A really versatile shape that I have completely bought into. 

Starting with a look that I just love.  The whole outfit is perfection.  Look how great they are with sandals too. 

Samsoe & Samsoe Baya Cropped Trousers with pleat front £105

Ivory again at Topshop with button detailing round the waist.  How easy would it be to recreate the above look with these?  *checks wardrobe for cream jumper and comes up trumps*.

Wide Leg Crop Trouser in ivory from Topshop £40  I will just say I have a slight slight feeling these may be a tad transparent...  in which case you can see why the others are more expensive.  Cream fabric is something that you do need to invest in (and they do go in the machine by the way).

Richmond Wide Crop Trouser from Boden £59.50  Don't forget A2D2 for your 20% off plus free deliveries.

More navy at Gestuz and how to style for work.  I would also substitute the heels for ballet flats or pumps.  Throw on sneakers and a breton for weekend dress down. 

Gestuz Tailored Cropped Trousers £99 in navy

From Me+Em in oyster.  And and AND - I've found a 15% off discount for Me+Em.. BUY15.  Till the end of the month or thereabouts I think. 

These are this season's version of the ones I had from last year. 

Side Stripe Wide Crop Trousers £118

And a side stripe wide crop trouser in a navy and cream £118 - pre 15% discount.

More black with stitch detail at Topshop. 

Topstitch Wide Crop Trouser £40

Grey check in what they call a suit trouser but I would happily wear every day.  In fact I can't say I'm a big lover of the jacket at all... 

Check Tonic Suit Trouser from Topshop £40

Denim now.  I know I said I wasn't doing blue denim but I'm going to stick my neck out and say these aren't jeans jeans.  I'm going to think of them as dark blue trousers....

Eton Crop from Boden £69.50 (pre the 20% discount)

Denim again at Me+Em and these are in their mid season sale (which I would advise you get a cuppa and devote half an hour to...). 

Tailored Crop Jean from Me+Em were £98 now £68  Did I mention how great they look with boots?

Now a khaki denim.  Yes, khaki denim.. how perfect does that sound?  And a great great price. 

Monki Wide Leg Culottes in khaki denim £30

More khaki and I need to come back to khaki trousers another day as I have just found THE most perfect pair ever that I have invested in.

Cotton cargo trousers from Mango £49.99

And on that note, here I am in mine today.  Complete with massive coat still.  


Black and white breton - H&M
Wide leg crop trousers - Me+Em
Grey double face coat - Whistles
Grey and camel Air Force Ones - Nike
Black Haworth cross body bag - Village England

I'm not even going to mention the weather as I have GIVEN UP on it and am carrying on, flashing the ankles and eschewing the scarves, regardless.  Spring favourites are being swapped around in the wardrobe (this means basically moving things from left to right on the rail.  Yes my organisation skills are that sophisticated).  Am going to try and retire the polo necks (I refuse to wear one in April.  That is depressing with a capital d) so shall be back with some ideas of Spring favourites we will all get more wear out of than we ever thought possible.

And of course, they go perfectly with the above trousers... have I managed to convert you?  Or persuade you that you need more than one pair?  

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27 comentarios:

  1. As I mentioned over on Insta! ... I fear I'm too short for most cropped styles unless I can find some in a petite range. Also the very flared crops are def not the right shape for a shorty like me, I need a slimmer fit or a kick flare but so far no good with the ones I've tried!

    1. You see I think they're fine if you're shorter, but yes you do need to get the dimensions right.. And I'd be tempted to wear a heel with them too!!

  2. I bought some from anthropologie the other day ( on your birthday they give you a 20% off code) in black , high waisted with a belt - love them and have worn them with net tights underneath, in my head very Carinne

  3. I'm not into crops either, too short (that's me and the trousers) they seem to make me look even short - ankle skimming on the other hand.....
    As for scandi, cocoon coats are definitely okay, like that you started with a pair from Samsøe og Samsøe too! Your striped breton is definitely scandi, just Google 'Mads Nørgaard stripes' to se what I mean!
    Danish Pastry

  4. What is it about trousers that never seem to be enough? I have at last count some 30 pairs in my closet (including a pair of black COS jeans bought yesterday!) and I still find myself wanting more?! So tempted by the Me&Em wide crop stripe ones...resisting, resisting...

  5. Great blog as usual! As a pear shape (8 on top, 12 on bottom) I'm not sure wide trousers would work on me as they'd accentuate my bottom half... What do you think?

    1. Hmm I think you'd need to try them. But they could do as they'd draw your eye down from your hips as opposed to accentuating them..

  6. My ankles have been out all winter long and I am tall too. Maybe your theory is spot on!

    1. HA! I bet I'm right... I have had mine out pretty much all winter too! There are some advantages in being a giraffe.

  7. I find good trousers that fit well even harder to find than jeans! At least with jeans when I find a good pair I can just keep on buying them year after year, but...trousers are a nightmare. I'll be trying on some crops for an experiment for sure but have the same problem as others here - at 5ft 4 they might not be quite so 'cropped' on.

    Anyway, the purpose of this comment is really to tell you that after your dress blog I went and tried Kin at John Lewis - and have bought two of their dresses. They are lovely - have pockets, are flowy, comfy and have decent length sleeves to hide all the wings. Any plans to do any more 'work wear' blogs please? Am seriously out of inspiration here at the moment and might just need to rotate the two new dresses ad infinitum at this rate.

    1. Oh I'm so pleased you found some dresses you love! Re work wear, I don't tend to focus specifically on that but often (like today.. and with the dress blog.. and with blazers, and with the jumper blog I have coming up today, the coat blog from the other day) there are hopefully some ideas dotted about. Main problem is that everyone's idea of "workwear" is different! For example, when I have a meeting now, I can wear anything and usually end up trotting along in trainers. But I appreciate in a law office you couldn't do that - yet some offices are more dress down than others...

      I also personally prefer to have a wardrobe that I (and others!) can wear for both. But I will have some more suggestions - blouses, print tops, loafers, all of which would be great for workwear. Hope that's ok!

    2. Definitely ok - always love ideas from your blog!

  8. I've been dithering with cutting the bottom of a pair of old denim wide legs I have loitering around the back of the wardrobe (blame ASOS they have some pictures of them styled beautifully) - wondering if the time might be right now to pick up the scissors...?

    1. OMG you've reminded me - I have a couple of pairs I need to do that with... they've been sitting in my bottom drawers for YEARS. I am NEVER going to wear them again.. I'm going to get cutting. And I'd like to fray too... and maybe bleach... This can't possibly go wrong, can it??!!

  9. Replies
    1. Oh you so could! Right length and heels. For sure!

  10. me too 5ft 3 ins, what style will suit us shorties at 55 years of age high heels are out as well.

    1. You could always try wedges? If this isn't your bag at all, then I'd go for a tapered style.

  11. Love these with heels of any kind ,not so much with flat shoes

    1. Each to their own! I adore with both. Plus a wedge... oooh

  12. Ugh! This is one of those styles that looks great on other people, but would be hideous on me! I'm the complete opposite shape to you - fairly tall, but hourglass, with a long body and short legs. Cropped trousers make me look dumpy and even more out of proportion :(

    I shall just enjoy looking at them on other people, and give this trend a miss...

    1. Well, it would be boring if we all did the same things all of the time, wouldn't it?!

  13. Why is one of your legs black in the photo.

  14. I finally went to the Me+Em shop today. OMG. Three pairs of trousers and a top later. I will return! Thanks for the code too.