Those places you forget...

I'm sure we're all guilty of this.  Shops and online sites that we visit all the time.  Well I say time, but these days we are all time poor.  And so we tend to only go back to those places we're familiar with and shop at regularly (and the ones that have free p&p, or is that just me?)

Which makes sense.  But it does mean that we're missing out?   

Yes it does.  As whilst doing some research today (for boho by the way) and trying to think of some different places to hunt down something different, I remembered La Redoute.  

I haven't shopped at La Redoute for years.  And over the years, I have found it very hit and miss - I do still have an amazing Antik Batik top (hence I headed there for boho options) that I bought 10years ago for a wedding when I was exceptionally pregnant with son number two. (and yes, I do still wear the top...)

It was that top that reminded me to have a look as they used to do some fantastic collaborations with French designers.  And Vertbaudet (their children's catalogue) was fantastic too. 

Pleased I am that I did (god am I turning into Yoda?) as there appears to be 40% off everything.  Yes, everything.  You read that right - EVERYTHING.  With the code BIG40.  Actually plastered all over their website so you can neither miss nor forget it.

So boho is on hold as I may have got slightly distracted by seeing what else was worth looking at.  And I have zero contact with La Redoute by the way.  

However I am rather giddy at the prospect of what they have to offer with the 40% off.  Some really lovely clothes which, with the discount, mostly work out akin to Primark prices. 

But, perhaps even more interestingly, there are some great brands that also have the same 40% off.  Definitely definitely worth a nose (Levi's and adidas - I've got you covered).

Be prepared to lose an evening of your life, as the site is monolithic.  And there is a lot of tat to sift through.  But I've done some of the hard work for you (hour and a half dog walk this morning at Ightham mote on their "rough terrain route" meant I was more than grateful to be able to sit down this afternoon to work) and here are my picks.

Obviously starting with shoes as so far this season, I am only one pair of sandals in.  

Soft Grey Leather Sandals £59  9.5inch heel.  So high but not vertiginous.  And with a cushion sole to make walking on the wooden sole not tortuous.

And they also do them in black. 

Ridiculously drawn to these... with jeans... with wide leg trousers.. for work or play.  Really unusual and you would never believe they were this price.  Especially with the 40% off.  A total ringer I appreciate as I know I should be in sandal mode.

Faux Suede leather lined court shoes £49

Whilst we're on the subject of shoes, anyone after any branded trainers?  Definitely worth looking here before you purchase elsewhere.  Nike, adidas, Puma et al. 

adidas Stan Smith trainers £69 pre 40% discount  These are the only female ones they have but it might be worth checking out men's or juniors, depending on what size you are (or who you want them for *glares at 11yr old*... I have just saved 40% on a pair of Nikes I would not otherwise have bought for her).

Clothes now.  So in my head, this is very Isabel Marant (clearly it's the French influence).

Printed boat neck dress Le Petit Prix £27  This with bare legs (I find it much easier to fake tan legs than arms) and ankle boots - as soon as it's the sun shines for more than two days in a row, I'm on it.  This dropped waist style is so flattering and easy to wear.

More Marant style quilted jackets. 

Pure cotton printed quilted jacket £35

Can you get any more French than a military jacket?  This you will have for years.

Flannel double breasted jacket £49

More navy - this time edged in black from Vila.  Love.

Viwant blazer from Vila £59

If you fancy a bomber jacket but don't feel that it's quite grown up or smart enough for you, then for me, this is the perfect alternative.  Adore this in the blue/black .

Biker jacket from Soft Grey £75

Bottoms now and I adore these culottes.  Which would also look fabulous with any of the above jackets.

Culottes Les Petites Prix £29

And interestingly I didn't look twice at these wedges until I saw them here LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Could these solve the heel issue? (the fact I will look like Gulliver in them is a mere fly in the ointment).

High heeled tie front wedge sandals £49  And actually they're *only* a 9.5cm wedge.  Result.  Sold to the lady looking for sandals.  These will be the perfect sandals for midi dresses and boyfriend jeans.  

And.. if you're a fan of Levi's jeans, then 40% off is not to be sniffed at. 

My choices would be the 721 high rise skinny jeans at £80 full price in the Nocturnal noise (before discount).

Paler grey.  I need these.  Really really need.  This colour is the exact shade I've been looking for and you can wear them all year round.  With boots, with sandals, with heels, flats and sneakers. 

Revel skinny jeans £95

Now... about that blue denim thing... I am loving this shade.  With navy... with white, with yellow, with red, with pale blue, with pale pink.  Blue denim, you can come in from the cold.  This, with the military jacket above.  Or the quilted one.  Plain white tee.  Sign me up.

501 ct boyfriend jeans in Sunset Patch £105

Not Levi's now but staying with boyfriend jeans and if you're looking for a pair to try, that won't break the bank - these with 40% off, are a steal.

And of course we can't do a blog on a French company without including some sort of Breton... 

How about a breton blouse?  Love this idea. 

Stripe blouse with 3/4 sleeve in navy and white £22

So I've clearly only touched the tip of the iceberg but it is definitely worth a look.  I have managed to waste more than an hour and may have to go back and just check out some more of the dresses.... Let me know if there is anything you find that is a must have.  

Finishing with super casual outfit today.  Spring sodded off so it was back to layering (and I didn't wear these very very old and bargainous - they were £39 in the sale reduced from £200 - wedge sneakers for my dog walk.  Wellies were required).  


Black jumpsuit - hush
Stone (although I think it's more of a blush) cashmere hoodie - Me+EM
Onyx leather biker - hush
Black jetstream wedge sneakers - Elie Tahari for Russell & Bromley
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

From French catalogue to a modern British newbie tomorrow - S/S16 gems just in with 25% off.  Normal service will be resumed with boho, statement jackets, waxing lyrical about my love for khaki and lots lots more at the weekend and into next week.  I probably need to talk about arks as an accessory at some point seeing as it looks like we're in for torrential rain this weekend.  No change there then *stops perusing sandals*.

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17 comentarios:

  1. I've bought quite a few bits from La Redoute over the last few months they do great day dresses. I've just snagged a tutu style skirt for myself with the 40% off deal I just couldn't resist!

    1. Oh that is definitely for me under the heading of things I would LOVE to wear but would actually look like David Walliams in drag in it. I ADORE them but being tall, the dimensions are always not right. Sob. Enjoy. Fab fab purchase.

  2. Thanks for that - just got the culottes and the Marant style jacket! A snip!

    1. WHOOP! Hope you love them. They've got to be worth a try for that price no?

  3. I have just wrapped a LaRed return. Bought some teens dungers but there was no way to get into them, the straps didn't come undone.b I've also had a flurry of orders & send backs all cos of the 40% off. So hit & miss in quality but worth checking. AND, I did not spot that anthro like dropped waist dress or the quilted jacket. So here I go placing my fifth (or is it 6th?!) order of the past two weeks. Blaming you, natch.

    1. Sorry... you're right. I do remember it being very hit and miss. And the children's clothes were always so much better most of the time. But fingers crossed with the 40% off you should be getting what you're paying for at least! They're both gorgeous, aren't they?

  4. Stop with all the pretties - my bank balance can't cope (even at 40% off)

  5. Kat, FYI if you are able to feedback to Me and Em if you meet with them again. Just took delivery of the denim culottes featured a few posts back, and they are the third pair of trousers I will be returning to them for being too big...not just a little, but a LOT. The 28" actually measured 32" which even allowing for this being hip rather than waist, was still crazy for a size 10. I could step in and out of them without undoing them!!

    Obviously have fed this back directly, but maybe useful info for other readers too, or am I the only one?!

  6. For any Hush purchases.....SORRY gives 15% off and if your order is over £30 you can chose a flavour of chocolate for them to send you for free; satisfying my two main addictions.....clothes shopping and eating choc!!

  7. Replies
    1. ha ha - too excited at the 15% AND chocolate?!

  8. Shrinking! No matter how lovingly washed, the shrinkage on cotton tops is so frustrating. I have a LaR breton top and suffer the lack of give in the arms. I console myself that cutting the blood off to my arms and hands boosts blood circulation to my brain to assimilate all the Easter discount codes!

    1. oh noooooooooo! Now you need to read my layering blog from yesterday.. great minds... there are some things which, alas you do just need to spend money on. Meh.

  9. Hi Kat. I've found the shoes and sweater from this blog. They are both on La Redoute. The shoes are from R Edition and are on sale. And the sweater is Atelier R also on sale at the moment. I've ordered the shoes as they look delicious!