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Yes I'm gabbing about shoes again.  I'm not even going to mention the weather as it's TOO FREAKING DEPRESSING.  But on the upside, yesterday there was sun.  Which puts everyone in a good mood and I managed to walk to pick the one child from school I was collecting.  So love just being with one of them at a time - such a novelty as it happens so rarely.  

I say walked.  I mean limped.  Another personal training session yesterday (I think I might need to ramp them up - my fitness levels do not seem to be improving..) which meant whilst I was a tad staggery yesterday, today I can't actually move. 

And I thought it would be an excellent idea this morning to start looking at shoes that I have and shoes that I need.  So I tried on some of my stilettos from the last couple of years and hells bells... man I'm getting old.  But then I spied a pair of block heels at the back of the shoe rack.  Yes they're high but they've never made me quite so unstable (and it's clearly always the shoes and not the champagne that does that) as a thinner heel. 

Which got me to thinking.. block heel.  Hmmmm.  I'm sure I've seen a fair few of those on the numerous emails I get sent with the new season's hauls on.

I love it when I get a new idea in my head.  It's like a seed that germinates (well, I assume it is - I absolutely loathe gardening with a passion - I know, I know, but some people hate cooking and I could happily spend days buried amongst cookery books, chained to an oven) and then gets a life of its own and takes over like a weed. 

When I think of something that I *need* I always start at the top end.  Not that I will buy them but it's great for inspiration.  As, especially in the shoe (and bag) department, ideas from the designer side of the track often filters down to the high street.  I say inspiration but, let's be frank - it's frequently more "copied" than "inspired".  But usually there are (vague) differences and they're sometimes an alternate (cheaper) fabric or colour.  And as we don't all have £500+ to spend on a pair of shoes, does it matter?  Well... I guess that depends if you're the person who buys the £500 ones or the person who buys the £30 versions.  

I will admit it is slightly irritating when you've saved and spent a lot of money on a designer item, only to see a copy of it at a tenth of the price in Zara or Primark.  But, by that same token, there are times when most of us have taken advantage of this trend (Zara Givenchy-a-like buckle sandals I'm thinking of you) and been more than grateful to buy a shoe or bag (or coat) that we love for a fraction of the cost.  

So I think it's just one of things that I personally sit on the fence about - and conclude it's something that makes the fashion world go round.  Would love to know your thoughts on the subject.

But in the meantime, let's start at the top end and see what we could be wearing were we all gazillionares.  

These I love.  Apart from the heel height.  But it being a block heel, surely that makes it a tad more acceptable at that vertiginous level?  The colour, the detailing, the all of it.  Oh yeah but forgetting the price.  Which sucks.

Dahila suede sandals from Sergio Rossi £650

Then I went off piste with the high heeled Gucci Marmont.  Doing really well, second item in.

Because they're a shoe.  But they do just happen to be the most divine shoe ever.  Which probably doesn't really help if you're after a sandal.  Even I'll admit it's a tall order to try and wear these with really summery dresses.  I am going to give it some more thought though..  Something to do with them being slightly heavy next to a floaty, lacy dress.  Dang it. 

Marmont fringed suede block heel pumps in black from Gucci £455

But then I hit pay dirt.  These are very familiar.  And I'd love to say it's because I am fully up to date with every shoe from the Gianvito Rossi collection but I fear it might be as I've seen some very similar in other places.  AHA!  One to explore later .

Janis Suede Sandals from Gianvito Rossi £515  These don't even look too high.. or is that my imagination playing tricks on me... They are too expensive though, that I know for sure.

And how great do they look with a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt.  Because of the block heel, they're so much more wearable during the day than a stiletto.  Here in the turquoise.

Blue is clearly the colour of the moment.  I'm sure we can find something similar to these... 

Colour Block Suede Block Heel Shoes from Paul Andrew £495

Super wearable and not too hideous a price from See by Chloe.  These are the ultimate in versatility.  Team with a tan clutch and they'd go with pretty much any dress I can think of.  

T-bar leather sandals from See by Chloe £225

And then the interesting part begins.  

Can I find the equivalent but at high street prices.  Let the games begin. 

First up Topshop. 

And they don't disappoint.. suede for £69.  Ok so yes, I do prefer the GVs above but I much prefer sub £70... 

Rosa Suede Knot High Sandals £69 from Topshop  Except that I want them in red.. which they don't do... but it would be rude not to look at the black ones.

And these which very much appeal to my "can't fake tan my feet which are more skeletor than I would like" feelings towards my trotters. 

ROS Asymmetric Ghillie Sandals from Topshop £58

Now I know I said no shoes.  But I think these could work.  They are on the heavier side but as there's so much flesh on show, it somehow makes them more suitable than a shoe.   And they're red.  And I've realised that a red shoe is super versatile.

Scarlet Platform Shoes from Topshop £52

But move over Topshop and hello ASOS. 

As per usual, they have come up trumps.  For less than £30.  In a nutshell - how perfect are these?  (ok so they are ridiculously high which is a slight/massive fly in the ointment but if you were looking for a one off... I'm not actually sure mind you if I could even stand up in them, let alone walk...)

Public Desire Mary Red Tie up Block Heeled Sandals £29.99  I might have to try them.  Just in the interests of research.  

Suedette Block Heel from New Look £27.99

More from New Look with a wood block heel. 

New Look Tassel Block Heel £24.99

Tan now at ASOS.  

Call it Spring Zigorwen Ghillie Block Heel Sandals £45

Other favourites I've found on the High Street - well, first port of call for sandals for me is Reiss.  I have sandals from there that I have had for three years now.  They are amazing and, for high stilettos, they are comfortable (as comfortable as they can be... which isn't that comfortable any more if I'm honest - *gimmer alert*) 

These then look like an amazing bet.  If only with they had them in red or something.  I think I might be addicted to a red shoe.  Two of them even. 

Moretz Black Block Heel from Reiss £150

They also look amazing from the front. 

Navy suede at Aldo. Exerila high heel sandal £80

And then I saw these.  Not remotely on brief but they are such a fantastic bargain and would be so so useful with dresses, jeans, trousers, casual or smarter.  Love them. 

Black Somerly Wedge by Michael Michael Kors were £170 now £59 at Shoeaholics (and if you sign up for a newsletter you get an extra 15% off).

But surprisingly, I am drawn to these.  Slightly off piste, a nod to boho but I think they still manage to be clean looking.  I keep coming back to them. 

Leather Strap Sandals from Mango £79.99

And I'm continuing to go off piste with another pair... knowing how much I love Toga Pulla buckles.. 

Buckles Leather Sandals from Mango £79.99

And there I have to leave it as I'm branching into another blog's territory - the mid heel.  I am more than aware that lots of these are very very high.  Which is ironic seeing as I said I can't really walk in higher heels.. but the block heel surely makes it easier?!  If you still think not, I have mid heeled sandals on my mind too.  Coming shortly... 

Outfit from today.  Yes you could be forgiven for thinking it's December.  Yes that's coffee in my hands just to warm them up.  Some validity behind all the red shoe comments above.


Into This grey jumper - Bella Freud (that you can't actually really see)
Faux leather joggers - ASOS
Longline blazer - Me+Em
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

Oh and just to prove I have a mountain to climb to get back to my fitness levels of a couple of years ago...this is me, absolutely dead and struggling with the stairs, just after the training session on Thursday.  (I apologise profusely if anyone is eating...and yes, I'm still wearing the fashion NB trainers.  Maybe I can blame them...),


So I'm off to wrap up in more jumpers and hunker down for the evening.   Going to buy a new car tomorrow morning which is quite exciting (clearly it has taken me months to decide which colour to get.. errrr engine size?  Bothered) and then tomorrow evening one of my oldest friends is coming over from Boston for the weekend.  Putting the world to rights at home in the evening and then hitting brunch and the shops on Sunday.  Gucci, I'm coming your way...

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26 comentarios:

  1. Omg!! The turquoise GVs!!! I'm considering selling my husband to afford a pair!!!

  2. The height of some of them does frighten me a little, but my block heel ankle boots are fine for a days shopping so who knows, maybe an option..... (especially the red suede ones).
    Must admit the black gucci's remind me of my mums work shoes from the eighties, only missing the shirt dress, oh yes those are back as well!

    1. Aren't they amazing? the red ones.. swoon.. And how cool must your mum have been?! Shirt dress, pair of those - you'd be set for work on Monday!

  3. As for expensive shoes, I tend towards more expensive (but not sky high) for classic styles I know I'll be wearing all the time, and save on the trend items. Of course quality and price doesn't always go hand in hand, but generally it's true.

    1. Nail head. This is what I tend to do. Although to be fair, it's a fine line... And last year I did get the super cheap Forever 21 sandals which I wore so much, I could easily have justified a Marant pair. Cost per wear I reckon Forever 21 owe me money!! This year - I've scored a Marant pair on a discount day which I can't wait to wear. Come on Summer... please.......

  4. Those tan Ghillies from Asos are Amazing! You could wear them with anything. Love love love. Salamander

  5. Loving this post Kat as I would never really consider these but I may now need to stay away from the shops as I don't know what damage I might do! New look, top shop and asos are my faves. Happy car shopping- now that is something I would love to do more off! Having said that, started looking at new cars again yesterday...a very slippery slope methinks... ;) You'll have to let us see your new baby on Instagram x

    1. Good luck with not buying any... new car bought! Just waiting for it be delivered (8 to 12 weeks. Booooo) Will deffo be on Insta!

  6. Just SO beautiful, proper shoe porn! Love every pair but those scarlet Topshop shoes are practically my ultimate shoe - sadly though not a hope of a) being able to walk in them or b) having anywhere to wear them.

    Looking forward to the mid-heel blog, seriously think the days of enduring the pain on the balls of my feet for the sake of the beautiful shoe are gone - plus I tower over everyone already and spent so many parties in my 20's a head and shoulders above the crowd! As a contrast I even went to a couple of weddings last summer in Sam Edelman flat gladiators & a maxi loved it, oh the comfort (I think I have you to thank for that inspiration too - the Sam Edelmans that is, am on the train to gimmerland all by myself!)..

    1. I also wore my glads with midi and short dresses to a couple of things last year so I reckon it's totally easy to justify a more expensive pair this year!

  7. why oh why are they so bloody high!!! Most of them would be perfect if they were a tad lower. Don't think my poor feet would last in the height of them heels. i'd be crying for my slippers !!!

    1. I know!! It's such a shame. Mid heel ones just don't do it for me...

  8. Omg you are reading my mind -
    Have the toppers red suede in my basket and have done a Europe wide sweep for the green lower Gucci marmont - none left in the world - typical x

    1. The metallic green ones? Awwwwww

    2. Bright green suede - stunners!

    3. Thank god I didn't see them. Although to be fair, I look like an absolute tool in a mid heel.

    4. But I think I probably haven't given it enough of a go.... Must try harder!!

  9. Lower please! And yes I too have a ticket to gimmerland.......

    1. It's depressing isn't it? That's why I spend inappropriate money on sneakers now seeing as I live in them.

  10. So many gorgeous shoes and, as a short arse, I love all these skyscraper heels, BUT nearly all of them have ankle straps and these do no favours to those of us with short legs! Seems to be very popular right now and envy all you leggy ladies!

    1. Awww that's a shame. There are lots of other options though - fear not, it's not the final thing I have to say on the subject!

  11. Just love this style of shoe/sandal just now. I find the chunkier heels make them easier to walk in too. There is a lovely pair of Mary Janes for £30 in Topshop just now that you might like, although they are more a shoe than a sandal. Lx