Back in my comfort zone

Which means of course that we're talking more black... 

But this time, it's a necessity.  Ok so again, if you're a navy lover (I will see if there is a navy version for each - I do genuinely have a friend who honestly only buys everything in navy!  Apart from a bag.. she does have a tan handbag - which looks amazing with all the navy actually), then this isn't going to float your boat.  (eta - failed miserably on the navy front - I'll do a separate blog).

For the most of us though, this is something we all have in our wardrobe and, if we do it right, we will have them for years and they will see us through many an outfit crisis.  They're also the perfect foil to be able to wear with something slightly more "disgraceful". 

I am talking the plain black shoe.  Which doesn't sound that exciting, does it?  We're talking not necessarily classic but definitely pared back.  The whole fact that they're not exciting IS the point.  They need to have a simplicity to them.  They don't necessarily need to be delicate - I think I would go so far as to say minimal is the name of the game. 

But there are lots of options.  Lots and lots and something for everybody.  From a ballet flat, to a chunkier plain sneaker, to a slipper style.  And I've also encroached on sandals as well - just a taster as I am polishing my halo at sending THREE pairs back.  Three pairs of Isabel Marant ones actually.  It's not that I didn't like them - I loved them.  But I couldn't justify keeping them, when the sandals I have from last year and two years ago, still work perfectly well (from Forever 21 and Zara respectively) and I had to admit I didn't like that new Isabel Marant ones "that" much more than my old bargains. 

But I do have a black shoe hole.  Personally I'm not looking for a full on shoe and I'm not looking for a full on sandal.  I'm looking for something, in leather, that will get me through the next two months and all those days when it's not scorchio during the Summer (ie 80% of it). 

So I've picked my favourites but also covered some other options that will also do a stirling job in the coming months.  Shoes we can wear on a daily basis - some to work but all of them to play.  

Starting with pure elegance at an amazing price.  Channel your inner Audrey.  These turn any sort of trousers into Parisian chic in a heartbeat. 

Classic Ballet Flats from New Look - leather for £19.99

Luxury Suede (with a price tag to match) at Jimmy Choo. 

Lucy Suede Point Toe Flats £395

Luxury in leather this time again at Chloe - a complete classic. 

Lauren Leather Ballet Flats £295

But these from Boden, I've always thought are an excellent substitute. 

Scallop Point in black suede from Boden were £69.50 now £48.65

Moving onto the more pointed...

ASOS Milan Pointed Flat Black Shoe £20

A full on shoe now - perfect for work £49  But I also love with skinny jeans, wide leg crops, jeans - oh all sorts of jeans.

Now this style usually have studs on them a la Valentino Rockstuds but I have to say I think I might actually prefer them plain. 

ASOS Lola Caged Pointed Ballet Flat £22

And now - we're onto my guilty secret.  WARNING.  You may mostly think these ming. 

Premium leather babouches from Mango £69.99

So the idea is (I'm assuming.. not being that knowledgable in the way of the babouches) that you're supposed to tread down the back of the shoe to make it into a slipper slider thingy.  And I think that can work but I think with some it just looks like you're treading the back of your shoe down.. 

But then the ones that I love.  I adore these.  And I know that these are going to be completely marmite and lots will loathe.  I will admit they are ever so slightly Seven Dwarves.  Need to try them on.   Go on - all tell me how hideous they are.  You can't persuade me - I love love love.  Clearly they will look vile on.  

Acne Studios Amina Flats £320

Variation on a theme here and these for me are contenders.  You know when something grows on you.. Well these are growers for me.  But do I love them as much as my Dopey shoes above?  Nope nope nope.

ONCE two-part open shoes £32

Or there are the shoe/sneaker variety.  A shoe that's not a shoe and not a sneaker and not an espadrille but a hybrid of lots of things which just makes something lovely to wear on your feet. 

New Look Wide Fit Espadrille Plimsoll £14.99

Full on espadrille at Seven Boot Lane.  Love the flatform - really an espadrille with an edge.

Falcon Black Leather Espadrille £75

Or a more classic skater shoe. 

New Look Snake Effect Slip on Plimsol £14.99

Or.. with a tan sole.  Now these I think look a lot more expensive than their price tag belies.  

ASOS Dynamic plimsolls £20.  I would happily wear these with wide leg black crops, or black peg legs and a white tee and blazer.  Or how about with a pair of khaki cargos, black tee (or top from the other day.... you see this is why you need a black shirt) and black blazer.  

Another black and white skater style with a touch of tan in leather at Seven Boot Lane. 

Flame Black Leather slip on £125

And then of course I had to put these in.. .in my defence, I put "black" into the filter at Browns Fashion and it brought these up.. Even though they're allegedly navy.  A black navy... Divine nonetheless.  

Golden Goose Distressed Sneakers £240

And finishing with some sandals (I will get more into these as soon as it starts to warm up but I have to say at the moment, I'm thinking I'm ok with my £15 bargains from last year and would rather have the Aminas above).  You may be able to tell my interest in these has waned...

Mango Strap Cord Sandals £19.99  Now these I tie around my ankles as opposed to up my leg.

Holly Ankle Tie Sandals £22  A bargain for leather.

But call off the dogs when it comes to plain yet interesting.  Mango have totally come up trumps for me.  These are the exact combination of minimalist with a hint of detail (ok so it's a great big ring of gold hint...)   Interest piqued again.

Applique leather sandals £35.99

Another pair of plain blacks with a twist are the Florence Twist Sandals (see what I did there...!) from Topshop £42

Interest x2... LOVE the tan sole.  Isabel Marant Boops eat your heart out. 

And just in case you did want the real version (I have to say I think I may prefer the TS ones!) 

Boop leather slides from Isabel Marant were £350 now £140

So that's the end of my choices for today as we have a date with Dynamo.  Alas, not at the O2 but on tv - the Live from the O2 show so as almost as good as it gets. 

Outfit from today and this is one of my favourite outfits I've had on in ages.  To prove how much I LOVE slides, I unearthed these from last year and I think I may love them more than I did last year.  Can definitely justify a plain black pair.... (so long as I don't look like Buddy the Elf in them.  I have a horrible feeling about this...)


Black jumpsuit - hush
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Haworth Cross Body leather bag - Village England
Black dot ponyskin slides - Anthropologie

I'm off to get the popcorn on.  I hope everyone is surviving the hols.  We had an "interesting" morning this morning which did involve extensive tears from me which is a bit of a bummer considering it's Day Two.  However have booked a babysitter for Friday evening so something to look forward to.  Now what to wear... (and shall I order the shoes?!) 

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31 comentarios:

  1. Loved the Jimmy Choos! Understated shoes mean that something else can be the attention graber for once. ☺
    Know what you mean about finding shoes in navy, it's so so much harder, I'm okay at the moment, brogues from Clarks, ballet flats from Stylesnob, and boots from Angulus and Boden. I also have tan shoes, and a couple of bags - they so look good with navy (and black).
    Danish Pastry

  2. No sorry those shoes one word hideous, every other pair you have featured lovey through to mice but not those. You have to try them on and Instagram a photo, please I need cheering up!

  3. Love the Mango ones with the big gold ring detail and the TS ones too! Just lovely....
    Also totally love my Finery arm cuff/leather bracelet thing, which I think you saw on Instsgram. Following you and reading your blog is becoming very expensive but my wardrobe is amazing!

    1. The bracelet looks absolutely amazing!

  4. Love all of the shoes but maybe not all on me wide feet and bunions - gimmer alert ! I did see some lovely babouches in last weeks grazia that have totally won me round but Kat you just need a weekend break sans enfants in Fes, Marocco! Less hassly than Marakesh and all the leather slippers, pouches, and bags you can shake your fist at!!!! Think of the savings!

    1. Oh wow - were they in Grazia last week? Clearly I am behind the curve as usual - I've stopped reading Grazia as since the original editors left and the new crew have come in, I feel it's aimed squarely at 25yr olds! I'm off to google all things babouches.

  5. I bought those IM twisty sliders but they went straight back in the box and back. Possibly the most uncomfortable shoes I've put on my feet in ages and I try on a LOT of shoes. 😜 Had such high hopes too...

    1. That's so weird (but handy to know!) as most IM sandals are super super super comfortable. Maybe try the TS Florence? (they've got a better name for a start!)

  6. Sorry to hear you had a fraught morning. I do enjoy reading your blog, and I know it wasn't your intention but those babouches made me laugh out loud! So thanks for that anyway ���� and I hope you get more laughs and no tears tomorrow.

    1. Thanking you xxx I am undeterred and am on a babouche hunt!

  7. Love your outfit today, I must try a jumpsuit ,I haven't tried because I am so tall but I believe you said you are 5' 10" too? Maybe there is one out there that would fit me.

    1. YES! 5ft 10 and have three now - one from Kin at John Lewis, one from hush and one from TS and they're all perfect. BUT I am quite short in body and long of leg... but they're all super comfy and fit really well x

  8. I love the babouches
    Cindy F

  9. Generally I'm on board with the "ugly shoe" trend (granny shoes, glove slippers) but prefer plain mule slippers to babouches (style-wise, I think they would serve similar functions?) But if you're looking, Etsy has some great babouches (handmade in Morocco) for a fraction of the high street prices, and in a rainbow of colors (but no navy!)

    1. GENIUS! i'm on the case, thank you x

    2. Yes they do have them in Massimo D but they're not as pointed as I wanted... Proper Elf head me... The Mango slides are leather (I thnk.... SUPER irritatingly, our Mango has shut so it's packing it all up to send back which puts me of. Plus last time their delivery was ridiculously slow... compared to Zara which is next day at the moment!) I am now so confused and fear I may be in that situation of missing out like you did last year! I have to say I've never seen any slides as good as those Anthropologie ones and I have searched high and low to see if you can get them anywhere else. But they're a really obscure little manufacturer that only sells to trade. So so sorry x

  10. I'm so gutted I forgot to buy babouches when I was in marrakech last year, what an eejit!! I did, however, take delivery of a pair of the Topshop Hollys after seeing them on you blog a couple of weeks back & they are PERFECT! So, so comfortable & look excellent on with either jeans or maxi dresses. I love them so thanks for posting them as I'd never have found them otherwise, Topshop & I are not friends usually!! X

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! I tried them and they made my feet look really fat. Go figure.... I don't have any luck with TS sandals as I sso SO SO SO wanted to love the Figs from last year but they looked crap too. So I ended up with my Forever 21 ones which were the BOMB and I shall bee wearing again this year. xx

  11. Did you see these by any chance? I have them and they're great!
    Hugs from Munich, Germany x

    1. Tried to get them as soon as I saw them last week but already sold out here. SOB!

  12. Whilst I'm a navy fanatic I do black shoes - thanks for the tips. I like the babouches but can already hear the comments from the husband - what do they know?! Have seen similar in Cos and & other stories.

    1. That's why I don't ask my husband what he thinks!
      If I want an constructive opinion, I ask my best mate, rather than my soul mate☺
      Danish Pastry

    2. I know that the husband LOVES a loafer so thought he'd be a complete shoe in for the backless ones. Oh no - he thought were utterly foul. That'll teach me....

  13. I love that word " babouches" !, really like the mango sandals

  14. Hi Kat, did you find the Hush jumpsuit is true to size? I want to get one but often find jumpsuits are a little big so am thinking of sizing down.

    1. Well... I got the size 10 and it fits perfectly. But I am 5ft10... HAving said that, the Topshop one and the Kin one I have are also 10s.. So I'd say it's true to size (if you're at the bigger end of the sizing chart if that makes sense? I'm definitely not a small 10 for example).

    2. thanks Kat. I am a 10 to 12 so I think I will get a 10.