There was a hint of sun...

... so I went mad and bought sandals. 

Ok so it's a boring story but it does sort of make sense... (well, it doesn't really but obviously in my head it does. Weirdo that I am). 

So I picked up Elle the other day with 20% off at ASOS.  And therefore immediately sent my Self Portrait dress back so I could reorder it with the 20% off.  Yes, I did check that it was still in stock when I sent it back.  Literally TWO seconds later when I went to order it - OOS.   Soddus Lawus. 

I then remembered that I had a 10% off voucher for Matches so reordered it from there.  Saving the whopping total of £12 (it all adds up no?).   At the same time I thought I'd have a look at the sandals again (so this is sort of where my story goes slightly off piste).  I was in Summer mode, the sun had been shining, we're planning our Easter hols (nothing glamorous but hols are hols) and so the obvious choice at midnight on Friday was to peruse sandals online. 

Lo and behold what do I find in my inbox (finding nothing at Matches).. an email from The Outnet with a new Isabel Marant drop.  

And so this happened.

Gail Glittered metallic leather sandals from Etoile Isabel Marant were £295 now £97.35

The theory behind the purchase being that I have loved my Givenchy tributes from Zara which I have worn for two years now.  I love the masculine vibe, the solidity of them, they are perfect for my current passion of all things androgynous ("does that just mean ugly?" the daughter asked the other day.  Oh how the husband sniggered).  They just seem to transform a pair of boyfriend jeans, a thin knit jumper or tee and a blazer into the perfect Spring outfit. 

So they were a ridiculously obvious choice.  

Clearly it was late and I'd had two glasses of wine as then these happened as well.

Gail Glittered metallic leather sandals from Etoile Isabel Marant were £295 now £118

"They are disgusting.  They're like Jesus shoes that have been on Pimp my Ride." says the 11yr old looking over my shoulder.  Whatevs.  I'm thinking they could be the perfect foil for my red Gucci bag in the Summer though...

She's still doing this style this season as well so I feel like I've snagged a bargain with my bit of bible bling.

Lenny Suede Sandals from Isabel Marant £390  I seriously seriously regret looking these up.  DANG IT.  Awwww these with the red Gucci bag actually.... I do *need* comfy sandals for Disney later in the year (clutching at straws for all justification needs).

I fell in love with these sandals all over again last Summer when I did a shoot for Me+Em and very nearly did a runner with the gold Givenchy versions they let me wear. 

These would be perfect if you were a big monochrome fan.  Or even just had a penchant for a lot of black - your feet could really do the talking.

Givenchy Printed Sandals were £590 now £236

More bling.

Glitter Sandals by Givenchy were £615 now £307.50

Or there are of course the classic Birkenstocks.  I've tried these and personally the cork bit didn't work for me - I like the all black sole.  But these are the originals and still rock. 

Birkenstock Arizona Flor Narrow Fit in black £54.50

However bargains of the day were discovered whilst looking at Shoeaholics.  Stock up now before everyone else realises.  It's going to be 11 degrees on Saturday folks.  That's positively tropical.  Get that pedi booked and get ordering.

Silver Khris Sandals by Carvela at Kurt Geiger was £75 now £19

And in the black, also now only £19 down from £79

Flatforms as well so super on trend.

Nola by KG Kurt Geiger was £75 now £19 from Shoeaholics 

Slightly different - these are in fact the same shape as the white leather ones I've got from RIver Island and again have worn religiously for two years.  Can probably assign them to shoe heaven.  Oh hello gap in my sandal cupboard.

Black Movie by KG Kurt Geiger were £69 now £19

Bounce from Carvela at Kurt Geiger were £65 now £12.99

Now I can't be the only one who has one eye on Summer can I?  Even Spring??  Oh some of you must have caved as well... I'm drawing the line at shorts but sandals are my staple with boyfriend jeans, tees and blazers for the milder weather.  Which, having dodged the recent snow falls, looks like it might finally be on its way.  So I've jinxed that then.

Outfit from yesterday - lunch with the family.


Black and white breton tunic - H&M
Black leather leggings - hush
Leopard print coat - Per Una at M&S
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Black Mira boots - Ash

And last night - friends over for dinner.  As I said on Instagram earlier, in for a clashing penny, in for a clashing pound.  Well they do say leopard is a neutral.  Although the husband did look as if he might be sick....


Print midi dress - H&M
Leopard print boots - M&S

Hope everyone has had a lovely Mother's Day and have been spoilt rotten.  I have had a lovely relaxed day and have felt blessed to have my little family around me.  Obviously looking forward to my parcel arriving tomorrow *cue snow*...

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11 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for that tip although wasted a lot of time on Shoeholics and things went in and out of my basket but came to and settled on the black sandals - great bargain!

    1. You can loose hours of your life on that site... shoes you never knew you needed!!

  2. I'm loving the Pimp my Ride Jesus sandals.... 😍Xx
    Hope today was ok for you xx

    1. The jury is out chez moi.. they're arriving today so I'll let you know! And thank you. It was ok xxx

  3. So funny! I ordered them yesterday along with the leather thong Alexia sandal - why are they so much more here though damn it!?

    1. Are they? European brand I guess. What you win with Stuart Weitzman & Sam Edelman....!

  4. Kat you are my downfall! Have purchased some K St Jaques sandals for our LA holiday but this post has also just facilitated and order of the Marant Gail's too (also the Boop to compare) for our Disney days and 'comfort'. Will you explain to the husband or shall I?! Great timely post for me, thank you x

  5. Thanks, Kat, for this tip! I'm stuck at home with flu and needed a pick me up, what better then the Boob leather slides from Isabel Marant ( what's with the name?)

    1. ha ha ha!! I'm waiting for the DHL man....

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