I spoke too soon.

Oh my lord it's freezing.  Spring on its way?  Not today it's not.  It's cold again.  It's really chilly.  We're scraping 7 degrees here with no sunshine, miserable looking skies and I'm back in layers.  Yesterday was the same.  Big chunky jumper.  So.  Over.  This.  Weather.

I can't even stand thinking about inbetweeny clothes when all I want to do is wrap up in jumpers, scarves and curl up in front of the tv.  

So I'm projecting.  Thinking about Summer, I'll even go Spring (seeing as that doesn't seem to be in any hurry arrive) and I'm thinking holiday.  I'm sure some of you are lucky enough to be heading to much sunnier climes this Easter.  It's come around too quickly for us so we're planning a staycation and lots of days out in London and to the beach (this seems like a good idea written down.  Am more than aware that it's a car crash in the making and after the first day out, I'll be booking the boys into football club for the remainder of the holiday.  But we must aim high... I swear I was a goldfish in a different life). 

But thinking forward to sunnier days.  To better weather, be you jetting off to South Africa, New York or Dubai or heading down to Broadstairs or Hastings (it's really *really* hard to make the latter two sound remotely glam), let's talk proper bare leg fodder.  

Spring and Summer dresses.

Dresses that you can wear on the school run.  Dresses that you can put heels with that will take you out for dinner.  And most importantly, a collection of dresses that you can roll up in your suitcase for holiday.  Whether you're off to Suffolk, Lake Garda, the Caribbean or Disney (and hell yes I'll be wearing these in Tipperary with appropriate footwear.  Just about to book my ferry for the Summer holidays.  Again, this seems like a REALLY good idea right now when I know full well it really really really isn't).

Inspiration for these, again came from my trip to Anthropologie last week but firstly I had an email through from Whistles with new in dresses on and there were a couple there that fit the bill perfectly.  And are much more purse friendly.

Premium Tie Waist Dress from Warehouse £45  This looks like it will be the softest silky cupro like fabric.  Perfect for travelling in too.

A dress for all occasions this.  So long as it's not too short (slight issue with most of these to be honest which frankly, I'm going to ignore for today).

More tunic dresses at Boden.  And the first one has pockets.  Oh yes, how I love a pocket.. Plus, 20% off at Boden if you use the code A2D2 with free delivery and free returns.  

Pippa Tunic Dress was £69.50 now £55.60

Also love this colour.

Intarsia Knitted Tunic Dress was £99.5 now £79.60

Or the Heidi Tunic Dress was £69.50 now £55.60  This one is pure Summer.  Perfect for during the day but amazing for out in the night too.  I'd throw on a denim jacket, blazer or biker.  Simply sublime. 

Or the Easy Notch Tunic Dress was £59.50 now £47.60 from Boden again in a rather rare colour for Summer.  Red.  Love this and it would easily carry you through to Autumn with opaques.  Or for now... le sigh.  Le cold legs.  Ugh. 

Or in the navy. 

More tunic styles at Anthropologie.  And I've edited this blog to now say that since I wrote this on Wednesday, the mid season sale at Anthro has started.  Which means that a lot of these are now fantastic prices.

Au Revoir Dress £118   Now £58.95

Long Sleeved now and slightly more expensive but this would work perfectly for a smart occasion too. 

2nd Day Horizon dress at Anthro again £182 now £126.95

And then the amazing shirt style and waisted ones I found at Anthropolgie on my trip there last week. 

These are fabulous.   This in silk is absolutely gorgeous and looks miles better in real life than it does here.  The picture doesn't remotely do the colour, the shape or the texture justice.

Lula Silk Shirtdress from Pyrus at Anthropologie £242 Now £168.95

Kallia Shirtdress at Anthropologie £118

Farica Dress £98

Semele Shirt Dress at Anthro £118  Now £58.95!

But saving my best at Anthro till the last.  The Callista Smock Waist Dress £118.  The picture again doesn't remotely do this justice.  It's soft, floaty, silky and would be perfect for throwing on now with ankle boots and a chunky cardi or jacket (ok so I would wear nude tights now...).  In the Summer with sandals and bare legs.  Imagine.  Bare legs.  No I can't actually, as I put on another layer. 

Another shirt dress in the sale at Whistles (yes there are some great reductions in their mid season sale worth looking at). 

Leena Button Front Shirt Dress was £95 now £75

Finishing with a couple from Mango.  I adore this belted one. 

Flowy Print Dress £49.99  I think is definitely more of a DVF print than a usual Mango one.

And a midi.  Slightly random and out there but it caught my eye and I love it.

Tropical Print Dress from Mango £35.99

And I was getting completely carried away and so have had to put the brakes on otherwise we'll be eating dinner at midnight.  I have leeks, peppers and olives to chop up (Nigella's Italian Chicken with garlic flat bread if anyone's interested). 

Well I have had a mixed day - mostly a lovely day to be honest, visiting an amazing boutique in Reigate who I am trying to persuade to open a pop up shop in Sevenoaks, trying on some clothes for their blog.  I ended up buying a pair of quite simply the most perfect trousers which I hadn't intended on doing at all... Will report back shortly. 

I then managed to get a parking ticket (for parking which I'd paid for.. apparently a 0 and a O are easily confused on car regs.  By me... Seriously, I always thought my car reg ended in a 0.  They are IDENTICAL on car regs so how are you supposed to know?!  Clearly I'm a cretin but I DID pay so obviously I have contested.  ARGH), break my favourite mug, the tv lost all its channels bar one (which I have FIXED!), get passport photos done of the children and they all had a playdate (this always seems like a good idea at the time.  All three of them with friends.  What happens is that the 11yr old turns into a prize A cowbag and I confiscate her phone).  All this whilst freezing cold.  On the upside I have new trousers... 

Outfit from yesterday and today with chunky jumpers and layers. 


White layering shirt - Me+Em
Navy jumper - Autograph at M&S
Cashmere navy side stripe Lucie loungers - Wyse London
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci


Black trousers with side stripe - Me+Em
Black and ecru layering tee - Me+Em
Black hooded cashmere jumper - Me+Em
Onyx leather biker jacket - hush
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci 
White Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 

I now seem to be inadvertently watching the football and I'd rather claw my own eyes out so I'm off to chop more veg and shove a lemon up a chicken's bum.  All the glamour chez moi....whilst trying to resist the wine that's staring at me.... 

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13 comentarios:

  1. So sick of this weather but I'm looking forward to sunnier climate when we go to disneyland soon - yay!
    Still loving the Hush leather jacket - could I ask what size you are wearing?

    1. Oh how fantastic. I am so looking forward to planning a practical yet still chic Disney wardrobe! Right - hush leather jacket, I have it in the 10. I'd say it's a large 10.. Best jacket ever. As you can see, I may be slightly addicted to it...

  2. Can't believe you got a fine for a tiny mistake in your reg! Outrageous.
    Loving the summery stuff - living in Singapore we get so excited when the labels back home start to show things we can wear! Salamander

    1. Well I've challenged the parking ticket but I still got one in the first place! The husband thinks it's hilarious that I've been getting my reg wrong for 3 years.

  3. Cold but sunny here in Denmark, didn't even need gloves when shopping yesterday. Went to pick up my Hush scarf from the post office, love the blue, but surprised to see it's actually a stylesnob scarf (from Denmark)!
    Love the dresses, especially the knitted one from Boden, sadly my legs..... (need I say more?).

    1. Aha that's interesting, I didn't realise that. We have a Danish shop here that sells style snob - it's lovely and actually I thought more expensive!

      Oh god and don't talk to me about my legs... or my feet. Industrial tools required.

  4. Not sure about the dresses (I struggle, too much boobage) but off for a squizz at the chicken

    1. It's chicken that you cook over a mix of peppers, leeks and olives. It's the easiest dish ever (bar the hassle of chopping...). We often have mid week and then I have the veg the next day too! Although I've just stuffed my face with a massive cooked breakfast..... Big Fat Fail

    2. Have you tried pepperberry? I don't like all their stuff, but they do have great dresses that can cope with a bit of boobage!

  5. Oh goodness, summer, eek, & the beautiful dresses all too short for me too (a combination of being 6ft tall and middle aged with hairy white varicosy legs and the thought of exposing all that as well as by the looks of it what I had for breakfast in most of those make them a big no-no!!).

    Bring on the 'tall' maxi and your brilliant idea of making 'normal people' length maxis into midis, any more inspiration on that welcome but I'll be leaving the fandango flashing dresses to those younger/smoother and browner of leg (bitter, moi!?).

    p.s actually great to read your lovely blog and NOT spend money (& feel guilty) for once!!

    1. oh fear not I have a plethora of midis (and normal people's maxis...!) on the way. My exercise regime hasn't picked up the pace I had anticipated (funny that) and so my solution, like last year, is to just buy something that hides most of my leg. Genius I think!

      I'm also pulling out the geriatric card and looking at chunky heeled shoes as OMG I can't believe i'm going to admit it - a spiky heel is just too painful...!!!

  6. So many nice dresses here! Love your Gucci bag. Such a fab colour!

    By the way, been meaning to say 'thank you' for the Whistles code. Got the grey jersey blazer, which is fab (although I had to get a size 6, which I am not. WTF do truly petite women do?). And I have also succumbed to Toga Pullas after futile resistance. Have taken delivery of the stone suede and black leather pairs today, with the intention of picking just one pair to keep...