Sunshine on the horizon...

So they're promising us it's going to start getting warmer.  Admittedly this nugget of information does come from my iphone app which is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.  But I can smell it... I swear it's not just wishful thinking, Spring has got to be around the corner (otherwise I'm not sure I can be responsible for my actions..). 

The sun is out, are we finally going to be able to hang up our coats and roll necks until next year?  Let's assume yes (for sanity reasons).  It means therefore that we're into transitional dressing... that icky bit between Winter and full on Summer.  Essentially Spring. 

This isn't easy.  But I have to say it's possibly the time of year I like most.  An excuse to buy and wear jackets.  I love a jacket.  Not talking blazers today, not talking Spring coats, not talking cardigans or coatigans.  And we're not even talking leather jackets (even though I seem to be surgically attached to mine at the moment). 

Just your average Summer jacket.  It was a friend the other day when we were in Anthropologie who said she needed something to wear for her upcoming trip to New York.  And lo and behold, there were some real beauties in there (not to mention dresses - oh my lord, I have a whole host of dress porn to report back on).  I then get an email telling me there is 20% off a £150 spend (which does finish Sunday night alas). 

Here are some of the jackets that we saw which are gorgeous.  (and go and check out the dresses if you're feeling super bold at flashing the legs shortly.  It's going to be a fair few weeks and a trip to the sheep shearers before mine will be making their Spring debut).

These are all perfect for either over dresses (I shall be touting the midi at the moment) or with jeans, joggers, skirts and a light knit, longsleeved tee (short sleeved if you're warm blooded) or shirt.  Really versatile and the perfect pick me up to take you into Spring.  They're also great for travelling with and ideal for Summer nights on hols.

Saima Moto Jacket £119

Mara Vegan Suede Moto Jacket £128

More discounts again at Mint Velvet - 15% off (code is EXPORE15) and if anyone does a biker jacket you should look at, it's MV.  This season some non leather versions. 

Smoke Quilted Biker Jacket £129

Nude Denim Washed Biker Jacket £109  I've seen this instore and it's the softest denim to the touch.

A dove grey jersey one at The Outnet and out of all the fabric bikers, this would get my vote.  Love this brand. 

Rexbury tie dyed cotton blend terry biker jacket from American Vintage was £150 now £85

I simply can't get my head around a bomber jacket (standing strong on this one... yeah right.  For the minute that is... I can't help but think I would look like geriatric Rizzo in one.) but this would be the nearest I could get.  In that it has cuffed sleeves and you could pull the drawstring at the bottom in if you wanted to.. I guess.. although why you would....?

Cotton Jacket in navy from Splendid was £226 now £90.40

Quick peruse on TK Maxx and I've found a couple that are definitely worth looking at.  One of the joys of the Maxx is that you can find virtual one offs.  And whilst I think it's an absolute liberty that now so many of the brands they sell are their own label (whilst purporting to always have at least 60% off or whatever their strapline is...), you can get the occasional bargain. 

Another version of a denim jacket in black. 

Free People Black Drape Denim Jacket was £109 now £39.99

Love love love this Zadig & Voltaire Grey Cropped Canvas Biker Jacket was £270 now £79.99

Slightly random now at Topshop with a lot going on but I love this.  I'd wear with a clashing leopard print scarf.  And probably a breton top as well.  Proper Bonham Carter.

Rose Printed Camo Shackett (I'm not sure why it has a double t?) from Topshop £42 (it actually has roses printed all over it).

And not forgetting good old hush and today is the last day to use your 10% off everything with the code KATSS16.

Military Jacket £65

I wore my jersey biker jacket out last night over my leather skirt - is the perfect option for teaming with leather bottoms.  And I've also got the above khaki jacket from hush which I shall definitely be wearing again this season.  Are you ready for the proper start of Spring this week (which I have totally made up by the way)?  Which sort of jacket gets you through the tricky to dress for months?

So it was sunny yesterday but still rather on the chilly side.  I should know as I started the day at 8.30 at a netball tournament which went on for three hours, straight to McD's for lunch, dropped the 11yr old at a party and took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda 3.  Clearly I'm starting to lose the plot as I thought it was rather funny.  Very funny if I'm honest.  I then went to Mass with the boys (to pray for the return of my sanity) before going out for dinner with friends. 


Grey essential cashmere roll neck - Cocoa Cashmere
Grey tweed joggers - Topshop
Black blazer - Me+Em
Grey and tan Air Force Ones - Nike
Black Haworth bag - Village England

And outfit from last night.


Black knitted tee - Zara
Black A line leather skirt - Whistles 
Black Nuria boots - Iro
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

An afternoon on the sofa (which may be after a morning on the sofa... smallest boy still has this chesty virus thing that we can't shift so no rugby again.  Gutted, I tell you) and a movie with pizza for supper.  No big Sunday lunch here as the husband and the 9yr old have just got back from a rugby tournament and we're all just too bushed (it's v tiring doing nothing by the way).  Leg of lamb can wait for dinner tomorrow night.  I am not going to be awarded any mothering accolades for nutrition this weekend but they're happy.  

Meetings in London tomorrow and I shall be wearing a Spring jacket.... *punches air*.

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10 comentarios:

  1. Awwww! I got all excited about the black drape leather jacket... Only to discover it's only available in size 4. [Cue: sad face! 😟] Who the hell fits in to a size 4 anyway??? I've just ordered a faux leopard print coat in a small from ASOS To compensate. Fingers x'd a small = a small 12. Hmmm... 🙏

    1. oh NOOO! So sorry, there were definitely other sizes and it wasn't me that bought them, promise! I LOVE my faux leopard print coat..

  2. I am loving spring jackets right now! Funny, just the other day I found myself pinning away on Pinterest, a few of Anthropologie'sfabulous jackets off their site. I just picked up the faux suede moto jacket from Zara (under $100.00) and can't wait for the rain to stop so I can get going on wearing it! Great round up here, thank you for sharing!

    1. Ah.. I tried that one on but it wasn't quite me size wise. Love the style of it though.. (is that the shirt style one? Actually to be fair, there are probably loads!)

  3. It's bleeding tropical up north, at 12 degrees!, I had to change four times before I went round for Sunday

    1. Ah!, keeps kicking me out. So, I changed four times before going for a simple family Sunday lunch. I feel like I have no summer clothes . I was totally unprepared for today. It was very nice though X

    2. I may have not left the house yesterday... doesn't feel quite so warm today *packs away sandals*

  4. Ooh, you're pandering to my addiction (need I say "again "?). I lurve spring/ summer jackets and probably have too many, most can be used every day, while one or two are a bit more special.
    They dress up a skirt or shift dress, can be used for a wedding, but also don't look out of place with jeans and sneakers. My brands of choice are Boden (great petite sizes), Inwear, but anything classic is on the cards! I've been lucky to buy when discounted, sometimes up to 50%, can't justify full price, as I don't need them for work!!
    At the moment I'm scanning the weather forecasts so I know when it's warm and dry enough!

    1. They're addictive aren't they?! It's definitely dry and sunny but it's not *that* warm here... It's coming though, it MUST be!

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