That's code for leopard print that the noise leopards make?  Or is that tigers?  Or lions?  Surely it must be something along those lines...?.  Look, it was really early in the morning when I started to write this, I'd been up for a large portion of the night until I caved and went in to sleep with the 9yr old (don't ask) so this is the best I can come up with. 

I have a hankering for a leopard print bag - therefore the grrrrr (I know it's bad..but at 5am when I came up with the concept, the thought of a new bag was all that could save me from weeping with frustration).

Speaking of stripes as a neutral yesterday, today it's all about my second favourite "neutral" and that's leopard print.  Well, that's until I can't find any that I like and I end up looking for a black one (NO NO NO NO.... maybe).  At least I'll try and think slightly left field and look for a colour... or a print... (or black...).

Why a leopard print bag?  Like I say, it seemed a really good idea when, at 5am to help me sleep and clear my mind, I decided to think about my Spring/Summer wardrobe and what was missing from it.  

I'm not even going to mention pigging sandals as I've decided to leave that issue for the time being (ie today) but I have got my colour palette nailed down to all the bright shades of black, white and khaki.  Really pushing the boat out there... 

To offset the riot of colour that my wardrobe is looking like being, it occurred to me the perfect solution would be a leopard print bag. 

Which are everywhere all the time, aren't they?  That'll be not so much.  

I did manage to rustle up a few and came up trumps straight off at Topshop.  This would also double up as a great clutch bag for the Spring/Summer as well and into the Winter as well (perfect with an all black outfit - which I happen to wear all year round, which is handy..) 

Ponyhair Whipstitch Cross Body Bag from Topshop £40

On special offer at the moment - Village England bags at House of Fraser.  I absolutely love my Village England bags - they are the most stunning, buttery soft leather and compared to other bags of the same price on the High Street, they are phenomenal quality. 

Village England Chelmorton Black and leopard small cross body bag was £135 now £94.50  It's not actually as tiny as it looks...

Or the larger Turville  - also on offer...

Village England Turville was £250 now £175

But the bargain of the day has to be from Mango, on special offer and in leather. 

Leather cross body bag was £69.99 now £39.99

To be fair, when I say bargain of the day, it's possibly a toss up between that and this one from Boden. 

Chancery Clutch was £79 now £39.50 - can also be worn cross body.

And.. that's it.  I'm all out.  I found a couple of others which weren't nearly as nice as any of the above and I certainly wouldn't have used them so I'm not including them here. 

So off piste I go.... 

Right, now I'm putting this in as it's not *plain* black... And I love it.  Let the justification begin...texture can often be as interesting as a colour.  And moving swiftly on.... (YES THEY'RE BLACK).

Quilted cross body bag from Mango £19.99 (not that much more than one of those posh Easter eggs...and weirdo that I am, I don't like chocolate.  Apart from jaffa cakes.  And mini egges.  Oh and Leonidas chocolates.  So I just don't like some chocolate... Either way, I'd much rather have a bag.)

This one is slightly more but it has a detachable strap so can also be used as a clutch bag.  Personally I prefer the one above but they are very different.  I love the one above, truth be told.  Very Smythson.

Croc-effect (so keeping with the animal theme?!) cross body bag from Mango £39.99

Another clutch/cross body option at Warehouse and again - leather and suede and a bargain.   This isn't dissimilar to the one I bought last year which I was slightly worried about being a one trip pony but it has proven to be one of my favourite bags.  Has been used all year round, highly recommended.  A classic example of how the detailing on the bag adds enough interest without the excesses of a colour or print as well *feels totally justified in abandoning the leopard, languishing in her comfort zone of black...*.

Leather Suede Fringed Clutch Bag was £28 now £20

Or... there's this one *runs and hides*. 

Gucci Leather bag £680  It covers all the bases.  Little bit of interest, whilst still being very neutral.  Will last you all year round, great size, can be used during the day and in the evening.. I'll give you the price being a teensy tiny issue.  On the upside, I have decided against the Gucci loafers - I feel they were a Lowland Boot scenario.  I hadn't bought them even when I had the opportunity and why not?... something not quite right about them.  It's not that I didn't love them, it's that I didn't think I could get enough wear out of them to justify the price.  

As I say, the search for the perfect Summer shoe goes on but in the meantime, have I found the perfect Summer bag? (clutches at straws... I'm just going to throw it out there that it's the identical colours to my school uniform so there's always the sentimental reason for purchasing too... snort).

And if that Gucci bag wasn't distraction enough, the bags that I keep coming across again and again are the most amazing Summer clutches.  So seeing as it's pouring with rain outside and I can see the patio furniture trying to take off as I type, the obvious decision is to draw a line under leopard bags (and the not so leopard black bags) and throw my all into tomorrow's blog.  I can almost smell the sun... hands up who needs a sneaky bargain clutch for their suitcase?  These are definitely not for either the supermarket, the school run or the rain.

But in the meantime, outfit from today after exceptionally muddy dog walk.  Quick trip to the supermarket (along with the rest of the world) and then a big family lunch.  


Grey cashmere jumper - Me+Em
Navy and white Lucie Loungers - Wyse London
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Navy Chesterfield coat - Gloverall

Lovely quiet family weekend for us - seeing more family tomorrow and then if Monday is better weather, we're off to the beach.  So that'll be us going to the cinema then....  Hope everyone else is enjoying their Easter weekend.  Anyone else fancy a new handbag over an egg?

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18 comentarios:

  1. Love those Mango ones - that quilted effect is lovely and the other one - that chain around it is very Stella isn't it? I have already got the ASOS one that you featured a while ago - stomped upstairs and got it on mothers day when 27 year old forgot.....

    1. well done you. I have spent all morning looking for them and there is BUGGER all on the leopard front. Hence I ventured over to Gucci.. But the quilted one is GORGEOUS no? I think the chain one is quite Chanel actually...

  2. I know what Deb means.....the chain on the front of the bag looks a bit like the edge of a Falabella bag.....

  3. Love love love the Mango quilted bag Kat. But can I justify another one?! Yes I'd deffo prefer a handbag over an Easter egg - much better for the waistline! Sue xx

  4. I feel quite smug now as I snaffled a great leopard bag in ponyskin from Mango at the beginning of the Autumn. It's a bucket style so is a great day bag, must get it back out and start using it for spring. I hibernated it during the winter in favour of a big black MK one but I think it's time to shine has come!

    1. AHA! You lucky duck! For sure I would be using that daily now x

  5. So prefer a bag to an egg but unfortunately my wish list is way more expensive than an egg which I won't get anyway. Please do a post on summer beach bags you did one last year and I bought several !

    1. Details schmetails... no and I don't get an egg either...! I will do a blog on them definitely. Keep spying gorgeous ones. x

  6. Love a leopard print (not sure if it is something that hits once you reach 40 as my teenage daughters hate the print!) and was lucky enough to find a Jerome Dreyfuss one in a Matches sale heavily reduced. I have always liked the Clare V ones and shopbop have a few - here is one of their options
    Or found this Jerome Dreyfuss one at a far higher price than I paid!
    I am a chocoholic so it's an egg for me but a bag is definitely a good substitute....

    1. Well I ended up eating most of my 7yr old's egg... I would SO rather have had a handbag!!!! Those are GORGEOUS. And how lovely is the Jerome Dreyfuss one? They're gorgeous aren't they?!

  7. Love the idea that a pattern can be a neutral!
    I wasn't that in to animal prints until a few years ago I bourght a snakeskin print scarf. The colours are gorgeous, cobalt blue, turquoise and grey/ taupe. It only cost £15, and I wear it most weeks, at least once.
    So now I'm okay with animal as long as it's not 'au natural'!!!
    Danish Pastry

  8. I splurged on a small Dior leopard across body bag a couple of years ago and I get so much use out of it, it definitely is a neutral as far as I'm concerned.

  9. Ohhhhh.... I love the Village England bigger bag.... I am smitten. £175 instead of an easter egg. Not sure I'm going to get away with that... Tempted though! Love the post on layers too.

    1. It's a stretch isn't it??!! I'd try and think of another justification....! Pleased you like the post on layers - lots more basics coming up!