Now here's the thing.  Every season there are lots of ideas that are the looks of the season. 

Some we love, some we don't.  And the beauty of fashion and individual style is that we all like different things. 

I do most of the time focus on building a good set of basics in my wardrobe - like I said ages ago - the graceful elements.  But that's not to say that a healthy dose of disgraceful every now and again doesn't work wonders in bringing a fresh, up to date look to your outfits.

I'd love to say there was method in my madness with regards to what takes my fancy or doesn't.  But that would be sensible and frankly, I'm just super fickle. 

So what topped my list of "won't be doing" this season?  Firstly bomber jackets.  It's not an age thing at all (she says eyeing up her dungarees and feeling the love) - it's a style, silhouette thing.  Just not me.  I look like a weeble on stilts in them.  And there are so many other jackets that I adore, I have no need of another to add to the list.  Phew.  Massive saving made. 

Secondly mid heels.  Love them on other people.  Being tall I feel like a transvestite in them.  Shoes that tall men "who want to dress as women but can't wear heels" wear.  

Thirdly cold shoulders.  Those tops with cut out holes for shoulders.  You can pretty much guarantee I'll be wearing one by September but at the moment, all I can see is the sale rail at Jane Norman circa 1996 and I'm not going there (yet...).

Fourthly (is that even a word?) ruffles.  I am not a frilly person.  I don't do detail or print very well at all.  As I said I've been thinking about Spring/Summer looks and for me, I'm erring towards the plain.  

Until..... yes, Little Miss Fickle has done an about turn of epic proportions and it took one top to go from meh to the ruffles to.. ruffle me up. 

And the best thing - less than £30.  I came across this yesterday when I was looking for black tops and thought - well blow me down with a feather, I CAN do ruffles.  This is such a sweet top and I know would be useful on so many different occasions.  I would happily wear this outfit on the school run with sliders and I have similar trousers already so win win.  Throw on with my pleather culottes, heels and instant evening garb. 

ASOS Pretty Ruffle Top £26 (gorgeous shoes too that I am way too much of a clodhopper not to knacker an ankle in). ETA now on special offer for £20.50. 

A shirt for me is the easiest way to embrace this trend and has more than a hint of Victoriana about it.  Again, not particularly something I've ever felt the need to engage in but I love the look on others. 

This though, is a classic way to style it - keep the rest of the outfit simple and just a nod to detail with the ruffle works perfectly.  This I could do. 

Black Clean Ruffle Shirt from Warehouse was £35 now £25 (and I'm going to have to go and check these trousers out.  Love them).

Black again at Warehouse and I would happily happily wear this all day every day.  This is exactly the sort of black top that I was in fact looking for yesterday.  Perfect for lunch, dinner or for every day with jeans.  I'd wear under a coat, blazer or biker.  Wonderful top.  Although not exactly "Summery"...

Black woven ruffle sleeve jumper £45

So interestingly the other trend which I won't be doing is check.  Or gingham... Just not for me.  Can't explain why - simply not feeling the little square love.  I'm a stripe girl.  And I can't have my head turned (at the moment... I feel I need to add, just in case).

But there's something about this - and god forbid it should be ruffles and gingham (gah) in one go - that I quite like.  I think with a pair of black kick flare jeans and ballet flats, I could be channelling all sorts of Audrey/Grace of Monaco... ish....  There's a hint of boho to it without being overly hippie.

I Love Friday Oversized gingham top with ruffle hem £40 (On no analysis would I be planning on wearing it with cream lace hot pants.  Just in case anyone was worried).

Perhaps much easier to wear - back to the shirt options and we're talking pink.

ASOS Casual Shirt with ruffle hem £34

Another pink version at ASOS - Ruffle blouse with peterpan collar in blush £28

Although as pink blouses go - this would pip it at the post for me.  Adore this from M&S. 

Ruffle Blouse from M&S £29.50

Now here's an interesting option and I would say especially interesting if you like navy.  Lilac.  Would also look gorgeous with distressed denim.  And - don't laugh - I love lilac with leopard print accessories.  Trust me, it works.

ASOS Ruffle Detail Vintage Blouse with High Neck £32  I'm not even a lilac fan but randomly this is one of my favourites.

A similar version but in cream (I have to say I might prefer the lilac..).  

Frill Insert Blouse from Warehouse £49

A stiffer cotton shirt fabric now at M&S - a shirt which M&S hung their PR hat on early in the season and a popular Instagram choice.  I would personally look like I was auditioning for Little House on the Prairie but on a more petite person with a flair for the eclectic (I am far too dull for this), this always looks amazing. 

Pure Cotton Frill Striped £29.50

And absolute hats off to M&S - LOVE this styling.  Perfect perfect perfect.  Not a hint of Laura Ingalls Wilder in sight.  This is why you should stick to what you know.  I would have ruined this!

Finishing as we started with short sleeved tops. 

New in at La Redoute and now they (only!) have 25% off with the code SPRINGWEB.  Which is better than a slap in the face, to be frank. 

Broderie anglaise ruffle sleeve blouse £35 pre discount.  If anything is going to entice me back to blue denim, it's one of these.

And in the white 

So are you a friller or not?  I have to say I love the first one, I really do and I may order it to scratch an itch.  I think it would fill a lot of wardrobe holes actually - like I said yesterday, that perfect little black top that you should collect, as they are infinitely useful.  Oh and not keep them for best. 

Clearly even thinking about the frill detail got to me and I went all out plain today.  Monochrome with a hint of leopard. 


Black and white Breton tunic - H&M
Coated skinnies - New Look
Longline blazer - Me+Em
Black Harker cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch
Leopard print ballet flats - Air & Grace 

So a day of playdates today - house full and a long dog walk.  No tears (from me at least) and I would give a thumbs up to Day One of the holidays.  Result. 

I also managed to get some shoe sorting done and I am polishing my halo... I will be back.

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16 comentarios:

  1. Tonight I have actually read your blog on a laptop instead of an iPhone, and ended up looking back through loads of old ones. The comments especially are much easier to read! I have the H&M Breton tunic after asking a friend where she'd gotten it, (America on honeymoon)and then finding it in my local H&M. I tried a Warehouse blouse similar to the one with ruffled sleeves above, before Christmas and felt a little but like Meatloaf's love child wearing it with skinny jeans. But I do adore the first one... I'm sure I need to make use of my ASOS premium deliveries. x

    1. AHA! My thoughts exactly!

    2. And I just went to order it and it's now reduced to £20.50! Meant to be....

  2. I've always loved a ruffle - the first Asos and the blue la redoute are my favs. Just had a look and the Asos is reduced down to £20.50 - serious score. It may be winging it's way over to me for a fancy afternoon tea on Saturday. Well done on playdate front - I am entering the fray tomorrow with seven 6 year old girls to entertain for 3 hours - why do we do it to ourselves?! X

    1. Aha, good luck with that one.... Cinema?!

  3. Hmm. I love the idea. But end up looking like a man in drag. Which is slightly far from my ideal look really.

    1. well next time we meet up, you wear one of those, I'll wear my mid heels and we can look like a right pair together..!

  4. For me it's not the ruffles that are the deal breaker, it the high necklines. Being petite and on the busty side, I'd end up looking as though my boobs start directly under my chin and rather frumpy.
    That being said, if I find a top with a lower neckline, and ruffles that aren't across/ near the bust line I'll definitely be trying it!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Hmm yes, there is definitely that. But wouldn't it be dull if we could do all the trends all the time?! I am super looking forward to my top from ASOS with the frills round the sleeves arriving, although who knows what it will be like..!

    2. Not to mention the expense!
      That's why I like classic design, with the odd trend thrown in to liven things up a bit. Love classics with detailing, and then there's always the chance that a trend becomes a classic!
      Danish Pastry

  5. Agreed in ruffles for that reason...all a bit Victorian meets 60's, which is a curious mix. A short trend I think as the summer will nixx that trend in the bud. Please could you give me sizing advice on your lovely long line jacket wide shouldered 8 & impossible to fit jackets online. Looks gorge.

    1. The Me+Em one? I have a 10 and am broad of shoulder... So I think that would probably work? HAving said that, they do come up large so perhaps the 8 will be ok? It really is lovely x

  6. I have high hopes for my ASOS one... Shirt sounds GORGEOUS. I know you said binning skinnies but could look lovely over faded skinny jeans.. or khaki ones... or leather leggings??! How about over peg legs? I have some more work to do on trousers. I also like over wide leg crops but I know it's not a silhouette that works for everyone as there's a lot of fabric going on...

    I'm also on a summer shoe mission... Obsessed isn't the word

  7. For me, the key is a simple/clean shape, monochromatic with one row of ruffles. Fran over at the Fashion Lift absolutely nails the multiple ruffles / Victoriana.

    1. Her style is so fabulously eclectic and on trend, she can pull anything off!

  8. Like some of the ruffles, with you on cold shoulder - tried a top on in topshop but don't think its for me. Reminds me of that belt that sienna Miller wore one summer (slave belt?) and then loads of imitations came out - fun toying with all of these mini trends though!