And now it's time for shoulders.

So I finally got round to wearing my off the shoulder blouse from Warehouse on Friday night and I can't remember the last time I had so many compliments on something.  A whole table of ladies (whose graves I jumped into when they were leaving their table which we had had our eye on) cooed over it and asked where it was from. 

It was so easy to wear (crap strapless bra notwithstanding but considering most conkers are bigger than my boobs, I could possibly get away with two Peppa Pig plasters), comfortable cool and not too revealing. 

I'm sold.  I'm in.  But I have the top version.  Now I need a dress.  Oh I know, I'm like a stuck record but this is in fact for a very good friend of mine who has begged me to do a midi dress blog.  I think she may have wanted a midi shirt dress blog but I've already got three of those (I'm alright Jack!) and I'm now planning for the boiling July and August that we're going to have (I am now working on the theory of - if you build it, they will come.  I'm building a whole load of hope.  That's the same sort of thing no?  If I say it enough times, it WILL come true...).  I will get around to doing yet another midi dress blog but for today, we're off the shoulder. 

Who's with me on convincing themselves that the Summer can't be pap for the next two months?

So the quest today is bardot and midi.  Let the search begin.  Ooh and fear not if you a-dithering about what shoes to wear with these.  I have a plan for tomorrow. 

First up - good old Topshop.  Now.  I should probably explain that midi is a subjective term.  To some it is just below the knee.  To others, it is mid calf.  I am the latter.  This dress is the former.  Which on me would be hovering on the knee and wouldn't be what I was looking for.  So can someone else please buy it as it's epic.

Embroidered Bardot Midi Dress from Topshop £38

Also slightly shorter is a very similar one from Monsoon in black.  This looks gorgeous - reminiscent of one that & Other Stories did last year but with more detailing on it. 

Marilyn Dress from Monsoon £89

Another shorter one (and a lot more expensive) from Whistles. 

Anais Off Shoulder Dress £180

If you don't mind your knees, there is always the gorgeous Chloe dress from hush which is back instock.

Chloe Dress £65 BUT I have a 10% code for you... SURF02  Off everything.  You're welcome!

Adding some colour but also some ££ at Maje.  However at least it's in the sale.

Maje Remort Geometric Dress was £315 now £252

And more colour at Oasis. 

Oasis Stripe Bardot Dress £38

Now this one looks slightly longer.. I have to say I am very tempted to try.  On me being a giant this would definitely be midi. 

Floral Maxi Dress from Topshop £46

Julia Print Dress from Monsoon £69

Midi again at ASOS.

ASOS Soft Off the Shoulder dress in white £65

Longer and more fitted at Warehouse in Gingham £49

More fitted through the body again, midi but this time full on colour.  Take that Summer.

Every Cloud Rose Print Off Shoulder Midi Dress £75

And then we have the maxis. 

Red Bardot Maxi Dress from River Island £30

The same from River Island in black £30

Plain Black Maxi Dress from Wallis £38 now £25

ASOS Print Off Shoulder Dress £45

This one I love.  I love love love.  Seriously adore.  Only reason I didn't get it was that I have a plethora of blue dresses.  

Self Portrait Off Shoulder Maxi Dress £290

And another beauty from ASOS.  Adore this. 

ASOS Ruffle Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress in Floral Print £48

And then the reason I'm asking the question about the maxi v midi.  I caved and bought this one in a moment of convincing myself that we WILL have a Summer.  And having one lovely dress to wear in Florida in October.  But I honestly think I will get more wear out of it as a midi.  Do I get it altered?  I'm not going to lie - it feels faintly ridiculous buying a dress for this amount to then alter it.  I said "faintly ridiculous", in reality it makes me feel a little bit ill.  But it is so hard to find dresses that work for you when you are 5ft 10, maybe I should just do it and get all the wear out of that I know I will if it's a midi.

The Issy Dress in Animal Print from Rixo London £295  It's hand wash, so as soon as the sun comes out, I will be wearing this with flat glads to do the school run in.  It's simply the most gorgeous dress I have seen in eons.  

But maxi or midi... I know that above she's got (divine Gucci) heeled mules but I look a bit of a knob in a maxi with heels.   Should I chop it to midi length so I get more wear out of it?  At least no one else will have one!!  I also now obviously have a total hankering for those shoes.  It's going to be mule time people...

Outfit from today where - and here's me talking about maxi v midi, whilst I get the knees out.  Dress just above the knee and is voluminous which works.  Ok so I think I just about get away with it! 

Print dress - & Other Stories
Suede studded ankle boots - Quattro Rish
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

And a rather dull outfit from yesterday but School Summer Fair, three hours of face painting, torrential rain and thunderstorms, sitting outside, wedged under a gazebo - this was about all I could muster.  Plus I love this tee.

Past Present Future Tee - Zoe Karssen
Boucle jacket - Zara
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Silver tassel bag - Anya Hindmarch

Now someone talk me out of chopping my dress up... Maybe I should see if they could hem it and then I can take it down if needs be? (can you tell I am no seamstress....)

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18 comentarios:

  1. May I suggest taking some time tucks in the skirt, near the hem, taking it to midi length, then you can take it back to full length when you need to.

    1. Aha now this sounds a genius idea... what are time tucks? That's exactly what I'd want to do!

  2. I have the white topshop one and I'm 5 9 and its below the knee and is a winner

    1. AHA... that sounds v promising....

    2. omg I've turned into Alan Partridge - hugely sorry

  3. I've got the floral Topshop one and it's a perfect midi length and I'm also tall. A big fat no to the scissors, it's a stunning dress so enjoy every inch of it.

    1. I may well look at that then thank you! It is THE most gorgeous dress - I'm just not sure how comfortable I am in a maxi....!

  4. Love the self portrait one, cobalt blue, so I can't go wrong!
    As for your dress, wear it a few times and if you feel that you're not getting the wear out of it that you should, get it altered. Not wearing an expensive dress is definately worse than spending a little extra so that it gets worn loads!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I think that's a good plan. I'll wear it and then see how I feel. Although errr it's not like we're having proper summer dress weather here... *weeps*

  5. I was going to say the same! Wear it a few times first and then decide. Having said that, I'm terrible at fiddling about with clothes. I have a lovely red sundress that has straps which annoy me, so I need to change them somehow, so I might actually wear it. If the summer comes...

    1. I think you've hit the nail on the head with IF the summer comes...

  6. Oh yes, and I love those Gucci mules!

  7. I am currently kicking myself for not getting that &Other Stories dress you are wearing above, I tried it on in -store last year, think it was in the sale and everything. I think the sleeves felt a bit pouffy on me but still. Regret.

    Not sure about baring my shoulders, might wait for another few weeks of strength training first :) The SP dress is amazing, I like how different it is. Though if I were to go for an off-the-shoulder number it would probably be plain, so the River Island dress in black would be my top choice.

    1. It's a love/hate dress for sure. I do have days when I think meh - especially when the husband says it reminds him of wolf fleeces you can buy from the shopping channels and on the market.... you came imagine my extensive eye rolling at these comments... But on other days, I LOVE it. Really like it with the flat ankle boots - dresses it down perfectly for a Sunday!

  8. Kat, can you post a link to the Warehouse blouse that you wore? I am having quite a love affair with Warehouse at the moment - some of their summer dresses are fantastic.

    1. Oh I'm so so sorry, it sold out ages ago. I have been sitting on it for that long...!

    2. Is this it?