It would be rude not to...

...with 25% off that is. 

So yesterday when I was looking at sandals from River Island, I happened to notice a pretty lovely dress.  "Things you may also like" or something of that ilk on the right hand side of the screen. 

And seeing as there is 25% off with Grazia for this week, well it would surely have been churlish not to have just a little browse... 

So this is the dress that I saw.  I LOVE.  It's alas, sold out in my size which means a trip to River Island tomorrow as apparently it's in stock (been there done that, been disappointed but obviously I'll do it again.  And again.  And again...).

You could be forgiven for thinking this is vintage D&G.  I had a D&G cami top in chiffon in almost this exact print a number of years ago (and foolishly didn't keep it).   And if that wasn't enough, I've had an email this evening from Matches with "new in" and there is an Erdem skirt that is almost identical to the skirt part of the dress (ok that's almost identical after a little bit of red wine...).

Pink Floral Print Georgette Dress £60   Can't lie - I'm not a fan of the heavy black sandals with this... But how fabulous is this dress?  All prices are pre 25% off by the way.

Whilst looking then through the dresses, I came across this little one.  Ok way too short for a giant like me, but I am always being asked for Occasion dresses and if you're not ridiculously tall or even if you are but have good legs, this is completely gorgeous.  Very Alice & Olivia.  Not remotely River Island.  Just lovely. 

Pink Print Ruffle Dress £60

Clearly Self Portrait have inspired lots of dresses on the High Street - these are more of a tribute than a direct copy which is lovely. 

Light Pink Lace Midi Dress £85 - also in yellow and navy.  These are the shoes that I would wear with my "D&G" dress above...

And thinking about holiday - this is the sort of dress that's perfect for rolling up and popping in the suitcase.  Strictly beach related holidays - not exactly British Riviera appropriate... 

These are the perfect sorts of dresses that work for going down to breakfast, to the beach, out for lunch or out in the evening.  In Ibiza.  Or Crete... Spain, South of France... etc etc. 

Black Embroidered Bardot Dress £45

Or this one... Orange Tie Dye Maxi Dress £40 which I would happily dress down with flipflops.

Holiday only here - although to be honest, if we ever get a super hot day in the UK again - like we used to years ago... (is it just me or can no one else actually remember these in the last couple of "Summers"??!) 

RI Studio White Layered Maxi Dress £85

Or in the Red... 

Just adore them from the back...

Another super versatile dress which actually I'd happily wear in the UK - it's the extra coverage at the top that for me makes it more wearable in slightly cooler climes...

Dark Red Floral Print Maxi Dress £40

Ditto this one.  Amazing.  The print is simply superb.  Preen eat your heart out.  Less than £20.  Ideal for a summer fling on. 

Green Floral Print Maxi Dress £24

And another which caught my eye and I think I really must try - Missoni Style for River Island prices anyone? 

RI Studio Beige Zig Zag Knit Dress £85

I would defy anyone to guess this is from RIver Island... 

Seeing as it's so cold - we may as well finish the dresses with one we can wear now and that will also take us into the A/W with ankle boots.  Most shirt dresses are either short or long - but this midi style is perfect for all seasons. 

Pink Geoemetric Pint Shirt Dress £55

And a couple of tops... lovely little top now which would look fabulous with jeans.   Personally I would prefer with a pair of blue boyfriends - something slightly more androgynous than a pair of skinnies... and I wouldn't go white either.  Just think it looks slightly more expensive when teamed with another shade of blue?  But that's just me thinking out loud.

Blue Cold Shoulder Mesh Top £26

Whilst we're on the topic of all things marmite (I know not everyone is a fan of a) off shoulder/cold shoulder stuff and b) River Island), in for a penny, in for a pound. 

White Bardot Top £25

Ending though on a pair of trousers that I defy anyone to say aren't ok.  They may not be everyone's taste but they're certainly a great pair of trews - some rather fabulous drawstring grey trousers... I am desperate for some like this so may well give these a try. 

Grey Drawstring Trousers £28

Or in the khaki which I don't need but were I in the market for a pair with 25% off, I would buy these in a heartbeat. 

Now I've mentioned it above but I am aware that not everyone loves River Island.  And as I say every time they do a special offer and I pick my best bits - no, I don't have ANY contact with them at all and yes, I do find it very difficult to navigate instore as there is a LOT that I wouldn't wear at all.  But, I stand by there being some fab bargains, especially perfect for a quick pick me up treat and ideal at this time of year for holiday.  Plus, chances are, you're not going to bump into lots of people wearing it and with 25% off, it does make it rather reasonable.  Phew.

Actually one more thing... their skinny high waisted Molly jeans ROCK.

So last couple of days and yes I'm going to say it again, much to the huge irritation of the husband - it's a miracle I am not wearing my duvet out of the house.  He isn't bothered by the cold.  I, on the other hand, have almost lost the will to live with the weather.  To be fair - I may not have found this so intensely irritating had we had wifi.  Which we didn't.  BUT we have still had just the loveliest holiday.  Thank the lord for DVDs.  We introduced the children to James Bond tonight, which perhaps wasn't the best idea we've ever had (I'm sorry but I could NOT watch Home again...).  "Mummy, why does he always fight in a suit?"...and perhaps my favourite.."Mummy, why is his hair brown and his eyebrows are a blond grey" (Daniel Craig by the way - which, in Casino Royale they are, I have learnt).  These were from the 7yr old.  Who then fell asleep after 10 minutes.  

But I digress and here I am wearing my warmest clothes yesterday..

White tee - Eileen Fisher
Blush cashmere hoodie - Me+Em
Camo joggers - Topshop
Onyx biker jacket - hush
Half Moon Bag - APC
Black sandals - & Other Stories

...and today.....

Black linen and satin top - Sandro
Black Summer jacket - hush
Off white boyfriend jeans - All Saints
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black half Moon bag - APC

So tomorrow is our last day here but we're off home to pick up our new car which I have to say everyone is ridiculously excited about.  The 11yr old and I are hopefully going to be able to do some shopping in the morning.  She's after something to wear to her brother's First Holy Communion next week so I'm hoping we manage to find something, otherwise I've promised we can go to Bluewater tomorrow evening.  Why.. why would I do that?! (although handily I will then get to check out the D&G dress in River Island.... HA!) 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Oh, I never look at River Island I must check out their website. I love the Missoni-esque dress! I agree it was very cold yesterday, I gave up and wore my winter parka... it is supposed to be better this weekend *crosses fingers and toes*.

    1. It's amazing isn't it? Hmm well it was warmer today.. but I'm not cracking out the shorts just yet!

  2. The shirt dress is very similar to my & other stories one from last year. X

    1. Oooh it is isn't it? I've only bought sandals and a tee from there this year - have you bought any dresses?

    2. Not yet but if they get our blue one in black I'll definitely get it and there are a couple more I'very got my eye on 😊

  3. I've found quite a few bargains in RI over the years, some lovely print trousers in jersey that are great for travelling in and look equally great paired with flip flops as they do dressed up with heels ..., I also got my (p)leather mini from there which I love but yes you're right when you say there is so much that isn't good! Apparently their jeans are excellent, I've never tried, I've found ones I like and fit perfectly at Top shop and am sticking with them

  4. Bought some RI cropped kicked flares on your recommendation and the fit is excellent so will probably try the Mollys too - thanks for the heads up!

    1. yay! they're the ones I have. They're slightly too short for me but if I wear with something that ties up the leg, they'll be fab. I in fact have my Forever 21 sandals from last year which will be amazing.

  5. I caved and ordered the Missoni-alike, rude not to indeed ;)

  6. Hi Kat, loving the blog post. You are so talented and dedicated!! You really are my inspiration. I think reading this blog really helped me through my post-natal depression. I saw that you could have children and still lead an exciting life (if you get what I mean!). I adore your style and OMG your dog is the cutest thing (might just have to get one!!). Thank you so much for just being YOU!! xxx

    1. Oh my lord this is the loveliest thing to read ever. Thank you xxxxx

  7. I think Silver would be fabulous for day and night. Perfect for your cool job too! Still easily wearable into the Winter - I would so so so get them over the black xx In fact, I've just been given the most amazing silver bag....!

  8. Great post Kat. I agree about there often being some great finds there (once you navigate past the not so age appropriate :) )

  9. I couldn't help myself, the dress at the top of the page was too tempting with the 25% off. Thanks for the heads up as it's nearly sold out now!
    I think their new stuff is fantastic!

  10. Visited Aldeburgh on Tuesday having been glamping nearby. So sick of weather cane home a day early. Would recommend the cafe which is attached to a deli. Hot chocolate and gf brownies get a thumbs up.