Love it when they do this.

40% off at Mango that is.  When you buy two items - 30% if you only buy one.  What a shame - you have to buy two things as you're actually "saving money".  The husband loves it when I use this logic...

So I should be cooking.  I did get up at 6am to bake a cake that I asked the husband (who is working from home today as he has a bad foot which has been bad for weeks now but obviously why would you bother going to see a Dr...??) to check on and take out when it was done.  He's normally a very very good cook so I didn't think that would be an issue.  Stupid me eh?  When you get home after a meeting at school and the cake has been in the oven for THREE hours.  "It wasn't done".  I have to say the burning aroma that hit you as you turned into the drive didn't support this theory.  So I have to start all over again.  Which means going to another supermarket.  Which is the bit I resent the most.  And breathe... 

I am therefore sulking and hiding from him as I actually want to do him physical harm have decided to have a look at the Mango website which currently has 40% off before the sale starts.

My top picks... (wonders if they do next day delivery...)  6SALE8

Trousers - I still haven't managed to nail the grey trouser issue and these could definitely be an option. 

Pleated Suit Trousers £49.99

And thinking forward to A/W and even for now - completely in LOVE with this knitted blazer in black.  These you can find often in navy but in black... very very unusual.  Would look amazing with the trousers above...

Side Pockets Cardigan in Black £49.99

Cardigans are actually super useful in this bonkers weather (yes it's due to get chiller again next week).  Don't pack away all your Summer clothes (not that you would unless you are the most ridiculously organised person on the planet which I am not in the slightest) and just throw on a cardigan. 

Striped Design Cardigan in Pink £39.99

And in the grey which I would personally go for - love a neutral. 

Loving the tones here..£39.99  That will be grey again.

And in the navy..

Or let's go cream... perfect with everything. 

Striped Texture Cardigan in ecru (so almost cream...) £39.99

And in "heather grey"... which looks very very dark to me.  Gorgeous nonetheless.

So whilst I do love all things neutral, the odd completely whacky thing slips through the net. 

And I've had this on the blog before and am beyond tempted with the 40% off. 

Premium Cotton Jacquard Cardigan £69.99

Now I'm not sure if you can use the code on anything with a Star Price sticker as it's not usually included, but this time I have checked the T&Cs and can't see it saying this anywhere...

Knots Flat Sandals £19.99 in nude.

But these which I've had on before are a MUST.  

Applique Leather Sandals £35.99

More black and these in fringing are just lovely.  

Fringed Cross Strap Sandals £35.99

These though I have been umming and ahhing about all season but with 40% off now, it makes them much palatable and a yes.  I need to do a blog on buckles and straps (that sounds so wrong) as I am becoming mildly obsessed.  Since I don't want to fork out for Laurence Dacades, these are definitely the next best bet.  Toga Pullas for the Summer.  The more I look, the more I want.

Buckles leather sandals £79.99

Thanks to Gucci, the loafer isn't going anywhere and these are perfect to take you through the Summer.  

Leather Pointed Loafers £39.99

Next up, I cannot believe that a) these are only £15 even before any discount and b) they're sold out in my size.  Grab them if they'll fit you.  I'm predicting we won't be able to get enough metallic next season (this is based on absolutely zero insider knowledge... a hunch.  Don't quote me).

Elastic Metallic Ballerinas £14.99

And in the silver.. again super limited stock.  Pah. 

But obviously my heart belongs to dresses at the minute and this one will happily take you into Autumn. 

Floral Print Dress £39.99

And then I just have to post two amazing dresses which I LOVE but aren't in the sale as they're New in.  Dang it.  But for tallies - these would be the most perfect midi length shirt dress.

Long Shirt Dress from Mango in Peach £59.99  They say peach, I say pink.  With a biker jacket and ankle boots, I completely adore this.

And in navy... 

And alas - the Isabel Marant a likes aren't in the sale either but they're still worth it at full price if you love them (how fab do they look with a dress?)

Interwoven Cord Sandals £35.99  I'm sure they used to do them in a black....

However if a pair of gladiators is what you're after, these are amazing and would definitely get my vote. 

Gladiator Sandals £39.99 And these ones are in the sale.

And speaking of shirt dresses and gladiator sandals... as if by magic.... 

Black shirt dress - & Other Stories
Black gladiator sandals - Forever 21
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

One thing I will say, this blog is a great test of what makes a bargain.  As looking at all the things above - the cardigans (the whacky one in particular) get my vote, ditto lots of the sandals.  But after trawling through all the dresses and skirts that the discount applies to - I would still rather pay that little bit extra and buy the New Season shirt dresses above which I would be able to wear all year round... (with the cardigan and the sandals that I'd bought in the sale.  Ta dah!).  So are you a bargain hunter or are you able to resist and not buy something just because it's a great reduction?  Tis a hard question to answer.  And do tell me what else I've missed at Mango, pretty please! 

Oh and just to add as now I started this much earlier on in the say and the husband has come back from the hospital as I told him he was being a *&&%FF not going to the Drs.  How guilty do I feel for having zero sympathy at his martyrdom moaning?  He's only broken his foot.  Oops.

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19 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for making me laugh, I'm currently sulking with husband and avoiding doing some work so to cheer myself up thought I'd look at the Mango sale too! In my basket are the black appliqué leather sandals, a white cut out Bardot top and an off white lace / pretty dress. Comes to a bargainous £60! However have been eyeing up a jumpsuit at Great Plains so now wondering whether i might wear the jumpsuit more and still want it once I've bought these 3 items and therefore not really a bargain at all, if you follow my train of thought?!

    1. Yes yes yes exactly! What's the jumpsuit like? I have to say it does pretty much sound like if you add a pair of jeans to your stash (which I'm assuming you already have..!) you have TWO Ready made outfits which you'll probably get more wear out of than one jumpsuit??

    2. Such wise words - thank you! Jumpsuit is here just love the colour and length and at heart I am a trousers girl!

  2. You've spotted loads of lovely things I'd missed today - I feel another order coming on!! Just as an aside, have you noticed how bl%&*y miserable those Mango models look, every single one of them! My 6 year old pointed this out as I perused today, asking why all those ladies look so sad or cross!! I personally think it is because they are probably jolly hungry by the looks of them...lovely clothes though. Thanks for the inspiration, love the blog.

    1. Oh my lord you are so so right. Same with the Zara ones. And the Warehouse ones... I guess if you don't look half dead and smile you suddenly descend into "catalogue" territory.. Is very hard to get right actually now I think about it and I wonder who does it well?? I think the truth of the matter is though that all models are very slight. Interestingly when you see them in the flesh (I've been on a couple of shoots - I was not the main gig at all though!!!) they don't look *that* thin. They just look normal.

    2. My son has just done some modelling for fashion students at his college. The (professional) photographer said "look angry" but when he then greeted the - so familiar to us at home! - scowl with "yes, wonderful, good etc etc" my son smiled back, grateful for the encouragement, only to be rebuked, "No, no, look angry. Yes, that's wonderful" and so on. He found it very confusing. But the photos are so worth it.

    3. How times have changed!

  3. That sums up my wardrobe, loads of neutrals with a few bonkers things thrown in. I am definitely a bargain hunter! But I will bide my time and hunt out something if I really like it.

    1. ooh do you have your eye on anything? I am DONE for sale shopping (famous last words and always especially dangerous as the rule of thumb is always if you have a list as long as your arm you never get anything but if you don't have your eye on anything, then you end up with a whole new wardrobe. ARRGGHH!!)

  4. Have you seen the sparkly lobster tee. Trying to decide if I would look like a waitress in a seafood restaurant?

    1. I haven't actually BUT completely randomly, I do have a sparkly lobster sweatshirt from last year..! Which I must wear again!

  5. I can't, I can't ??? All Saints end of season sale started I ordered my wish list eeek!! And free next day delivery. I spent Friday skulking by the front door waiting intercept the DPD man. But, and you'd be proud of me, I had your wise words in my ears and ordered stuff that will work for A/W - knitwear, ankle boots to die for. All thanks to you XXX

    1. Am about to go and have a look at their leather jackets... amazign sales purchase!

  6. Hello kat. I have just logged onto the Mango site and can't see the offer you mention - just reductions in the 'promotion' section?

  7. Hi Kat, did you say they were selling the black shirt dress again at & Other Stories? I can't flippin find it!!

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