Big or small?

Check that is.  So this is number three is my no boho solution for Summer dressing.  We've had stripes, we've had floral (although I do have some floral dresses as opposed to tops burning a hole in my draft list of blogs) and we're now onto check.

And you can have big or small check.  To me - small is gingham.  And I've always shied away.  I don't think I've ever owned anything gingham.  Except White Company duvet covers for the boys' beds when they were very young.  I get sort of sucked into Dorothy from Wizard of Oz territory when I even look at gingham.  It's just not for me.  I love it on other people but I've never found anything in a small check print that's rocked my world (I am fully happy to be contradicted on this.. I certainly can't recall anything...). 

However a big old check?  That I am coming round to.  Think tablecloth.  Think huge, in your face, oversized squares.  Yes please.  I used to have a coat in a yellow and black check that was my dad's from the 70s and I loved it.  Seriously seriously loved it and can't believe I threw it away. 

In fact, I've always had a hankering for a replacement and am always drawn to yellow and black check.  But not a lot of that about in the Summer - however there is plenty of other large check to consider instead. 

First off is the check from Topshop that I've had my eye on for a while now.  So I may have persuaded the 11yr old to try it on in the petite as they didn't have it in stock in the regular (which would be just a regular shirt as opposed to shirt dress on me) or the tall in the black and ecru. 

Now I thought it looked amazing on her and would have been super cute with black sneakers and her little khaki jacket (her being 11...) but she said she felt it was too old for her (fair enough - she is so deliciously sensible, I couldn't possibly love her more). 

This is the check though that is responsible for this train of thought and blog. 

Petite Check Shirt Dress was £39 now £25

And the similar print that they do still have in stock but for me - it's not as good as the oversized black and ecru version.  Boo schmoo.  Now Topshop interestingly call this gingham.. to me, that's actually a smaller check.. and one that is a more even check (ok so that sounds nuts as clearly check by its very nature is even.. I think I mean just two tones as opposed to three.  Clear as mud yep?)

Tall Gingham Shirt Dress from Topshop was £39 now £25  On me - even in the tall this is too short.  I wanted this midi length.. or at least hovering below my knee somewhere but unfortunately this left the two little gurning Les Dawson faces aka my knees on show.

Whilst I was looking, I was also drawn to this one.  In face, I think - no I know - I definitely prefer this to the one above.  Yes it's still short but I think somehow with the looser fit, it doesn't draw as much attention to my knees.  No I haven't lost it totally (well I have but...) as a looser dress is definitely easier to wear short than a closer fitting one.  And the shirt dress was quite close fitting (I did try and size up but it looked ridiculous).

Tall Gingham Smock Dress from Topshop £36

If we're talking short dresses, I'm throwing in a Cecile Copenhagen number and get this before it sells out again.  All new stock in at Liberty's.  It won't be around long.  This, with a pair of black ankle boots is simply perfect for this random weather.  And just change for sandals when the sun eventually comes out (that is when and not if.  I am determined to be positive about this).

Cecile Copenhagen Black and White Peplum hem Dress from Liberty's £135

Longer now and this is the length that I really wanted the shirt dress from Topshop to be.  Will be trying this on for length.  From good old M&S.  Fabulous with a biker jacket (I think I need a navy one.  I live in my black one and could easily justify another, I'm sure) for this fabulous Summer we're having.  Which doesn't look like it's going anywhere for the next week or so, alas. 

Pure Silk Checked Shift Dress from Best of British at M&S £149  There is a belt that comes with this but I love it loose.

Longer again.. Definitely worth checking the sale out at Whistles. 

Gita Apron Check Dress from Whistles was £140 now £95

And although this one isn't in the sale - it's a pretty great buy considering Whistles usual prices.

Maria Linen Swing Check Dress from Whistles £110

But it's not all about the dresses.  Clearly you can't do a check blog without a shirt... but before we get to them, how about a tee?  This is simply gorgeous.  If you'd told me it was Margaret Howell, I would have believed you. 

Mix and Match Check Tee from Topshop £32

Another tee from Cecile Copenhagan again... very tempted.. these will sell out really quickly so if you do want one buy buy buy.  And I appreciate I am stretching the "check" description with these.  But I still maintain they're more check than anything else.  Or is that the just look like they could be a tablecloth?  (pre-empting the husband's comments were I to purchase...)

Cecile Copenhagan White Printed Cotton Short Sleeve Tee £60

Textured Oversized Check Shirt from Topshop was £32 now £20

Patch pocket detail at Mango.  Adore the addition of green in this.

The code 6SALE8 still works on all Mango stock bar New In by the way.... 30% off one item, 40% off if you buy two.

Chest-pocket Check Shirt £35.99

Great navy shirt option in the sale at Net A Porter from Madewell (and yes, the Net A Porter sale has started... go forth and lose an hour of your life).

Checked Cotton Shirt was £85 now £51

Short sleeve in black and white and a twill fabric - also from Madewell at Net A Porter was £85 now £51

Some great options at M&S.  Don't forget if you spend over £40 you can order a Beauty Box worth £120 for just £10...

Pure Cotton Checked Cropped Boxy Shirt £25

Slightly more but this would take you from work to dinner and is perfect with jeans at the weekend.  Shirt version of the dress above. 

Pure Silk Checked Shirt from Best of British at M&S £99

And a proper gingham one which I would love to be able to wear but know that I would look less Alexa Chung and more Laura Ingalls Wilder in this.  Great great bargain though for an immediate wardrobe update if you love your gingham.  Buy of the blog. 

Pure Cotton Gingham Check Blouse £29.50

And finally a pair of trousers that I have completely fallen in love with.  Thinking forward to A/W.  Too much love.

Checked wool wide leg trousers from 3.1 Phillip Lim was £360 now £144

And the bargain item that you can throw on as and when you want.  A little bit of check on the go.  One to wear all year round.

Embroidered Checked Cotton Bled Scarf by Marc by Marc Jacobs was £110 now £55

Finishing with a coat.  Normally in the middle of June, this would seem comical.  Except that I could have easily worn this today and could do tomorrow.  This does remind me of the one my dad used to have... maybe I should buy it for nostalgic reasons.  If Carlsberg did justifications eh?!

Check pattern textured Coat from Mango £79.99 

Seeing as I have nothing check in my wardrobe, I relied on my trusty old stripes on a day where I could have been dressed for November.  Two hours of football after school with the 11yr old and huge kudos to her and her team - they won the competition.  Which makes it all worthwhile and a trip to McDonalds for tea a no brainer. 

Black and white striped tunic - H&M
Black zip ankle skimmer jeans - Boden
Trench coat - Banana Republic
Red loafers - Gucci
Black Half Moon Bag - APC

I have decided that my revolting hangover I thought I had for two days, wasn't in fact a hangover at all and I have tweaked a nerve at the base of my head/top of my neck which is what has causing me such a stinking headache (more of a stabbing pain on the left hand side of my head as opposed to a generic headache).  Am dosed up on Nurofen, couldn't get a Dr's appt this pm (due to my football commitments) but if it's no better tomorrow morning, I'm off to the docs.  I am a complete man when it comes to going to the Dr's about anything so that is how much it hurts.  That and the fact I don't actually fancy a glass of wine... or even dinner.

Tomorrow I am bringing you the best purchase you can make this week.  Goes with everything, if you don't have one, this is the blog for you.  And if you do have one - then with our current Summer, you can easily justify another one.  Any ideas?  The ideal partner to all my boho alternatives as well as the ankle boots from yesterday.  

Would love to know what you're currently buying, not to mention what you've bagged (if anything) in the sales.  I have my Marant jacket and that. is. it.  (so far...) 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Funny you should mention gingham as I was drawn to this today then I remembered that I am 43 not 23....It's pretty though. I have been enjoying the 25% off dresses at Warehouse and am very tempted by the Jagger boots you posted about yesterday. Off to look at net-a-porter sale now. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Oh my lord that is GORGEOUS! But I would look like a Dorothy Dress Up in it.... Can't remember which ones the Jagger ones are but I have to say I would happily wear any of them. LEt's face it - they are a much better in investment than a dress right no, no? I have my eye on the Laurence Dacade black boots seeing as they're now HALF PRICE...

  2. just got my beauty box from good old marks, [after £40 spend] it's lovely, lots of little goodies well worth a tenner.

    1. Fab to hear! (did I not say a £40 spend... had half an eye on the football I will admit... amazing goal from Iceland!)

  3. Hi Kat, I hope you get some relief from that pinched nerve. Horrible horrible pain.

    Speaking of Ms Marant and sales... you mentioned on your previous blog that the Raley boots were on sale at STG£330. Well I spotted and bagged a pair fhere in Brown Thomas (Dublin/Ireland) for the equivalent STG£205.00!!!!

    Not sure if they ship to UK but a fab bargain. The joy of pitiful Euro/STG xch rate. Shopping in Hush, ME+EM etc killing us ��

  4. The sales are KILLING me (or my budget at least...) Nabbed the last pair of Me+Em black/blush stripe luxe crepe trousers in their summer sale and then Totokaelo (US online store) has 20% extra discount off their sale items and I got a Mansur Gavriel white tumbled leather backpack at an amazing price! (They are in the US but ship internationally). Then Hush came out with some new styles and of course I couldn't resist grabbing a few of their summer dresses which will be perfect for vacation. I have zero willpower so will have to just stop opening all those online sales emails for a while!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Well the weather has been well and truly fabulous for my budget as I have simply zero inclination to buy anything Summer right now. However new boots... oh and I may have my eye on something else for A/W as well..!

  5. I managed a Cecilie Copenhagan top from Matches and after scouring pintrest for inspiration decided I NEEDED shorts too and found them at Browns. They were a good buy for £40 and are lovely and loose like cullotes. CC Top lovely with black cigarette pants, CC shorts great with white linen tee and together look like playsuit/dress. Swear Im not buying anything now until Autumn- yeah right!

    1. Oh I know they look lovely together. But I'm so tall, I'm not sure the shorts would be long enough on me. They were OOS last time I went to Browns. I think I'm swerving them for this year and concentrating on new boots or a new jacket to make use of what I've already got (famous last words....!)

  6. Really trying to restrain myself but those Toga Pulla dupes from ASOS are in my bag! Love the checks and especially that coat - gorgeous. I had dreadful trapped nerve on hols that gave me awful headache and went to French doc who amazingly referred me to a local chiro/osteo who completely cured it after two treatments - wonderful! Worth a try if it persists and painkillers not sorting it out. All the best and can't wait for tomorrows blog (credit card looks nervously at me....)

    1. I have had the ASOS boots for a while and they are really fab. Definitely worth going for it.

    2. Oh Jan, Deb is not going to thank you..!!! And Deb, thank you so much for your advice - a pilates session with a massage ball and copious amounts of Nurofen seems to have sorted it out!

    3. Kat, veryexclusive have gone into sale and have a navy whistles leather jacket reduced. Think you mentioned that you could justify one so may be worth a look. I've ordered one to try!!

  7. Such is the power of your blog the first two Topshop shirts are sold out.

    1. I got the short-sleeved top from Topshop for £15. I am 60 so my daughter was very impressed.