It's Festival season.

So the sun is shining (on and off), I've been able to go for two dog walks today and I've only just realised it's July on Friday.  

How?  Seriously, how is that possible.  June, where did you go?

And seeing as the Summer is upon us,  Glasto's finished, that means it's time for the festival season to commence. 

I have always always wanted to go to Latitude (in my beloved Suffolk) but my children have never broken up from holiday that early, so we've never been able to go. 

However this year, I shall go to a Festival.  I am off to Port Eliot in July.  Handily it's at the end of July which is lucky as it will take me an entire month to work out what to wear.  

Which is even more important as not only am I going to be a festival goer, I've also been invited to speak.  I'll be hanging out in the hush chill out area which they are hosting this year.  All the info is here but can I just highlight the a) cocktails b) disco yoga c) cocktails d) pyjama amnesty (anyone for new jamas??) e) cocktails.  

And in case anyone is worried (like the husband when I suggested we all go...) we won't be camping camping but glamping in a Yurtel Bell Tent.  How did I sell it him?  "Sweet treats on your pillow".  How did I sell it to the 11yr old?  "Magical Fairy lights".  They had me at the "double bed with memory foam" and the "sumptuous duvet with white cotton linen".  Or maybe it was "PLUG SOCKET"!  (not to mention proper loos, towels, toiletries, tea, coffee, phone charging and The Bouffantry, which has a selection of hairdryers to use as well as dressing tables and mirrors.  I have definitely stayed in way worse hotels by the looks of things.  I may not come back...)

Yes, I am more than looking forward to our long weekend away in what looks like something from a fairytale... 

If you've always fancied a festival, then get entering the amazing hush competition which offers two tickets to the festival, luxury accomodation in a Yurtel Classic Bell Tent, a round of tasty tipples from The Sipsmith Gin Shop and a festival outfit from hush.

And speaking of festival outfits - where does one start?  We are going to give the weather the complete benefit of the doubt and assume that come the end of July, Summer will have shown up and we will all be basking in tropical temperatures. 

Seeing as hush currently has 20% off everything (yes everything...) until Thursday evening, it would be rude not to start there.  Code SMILE.

Now if I think Festival I think firstly mud and then boho.  Well I'm not going down either of those routes (although I appreciate I have zero control over the former...)

Firstly I will be adhering to my usual packing tips and sticking to a minimal colour palette.  For me, this is the easiest way to make the most of taking a capsule wardrobe (aka suitcase of clothes) and gives you the most amount of outfits.

I'm going to start with tops as there are a couple new in at hush which will be perfect for during the day.  Floaty and whimsical without a whiff of anything folky.

All prices are pre 20% discount (not forgetting free delivery and returns).

Ruffle top in olive £40 

How about white?  This has been out of stock for most of the season and sells out within minutes of it coming back in so if you want it, grab it, especially with the 20% off.   Amazing with denim cut offs.

Broderie Anglaise Top in White £65

Top for me though would be the Broderie Anglaise Top in Black £65  (jeans look fab with this but for me - my Outfit of Choice is going to be this with the black Zoe shorts below).

Since I'm taking mainly khaki and black, this cream top will work perfectly.  I already have this (ambitiously took it away at half term hoping to wear it in Suffolk.  Didn't get a look in) and it is stunning.  Can transform a pair of basic shorts into something far more dressy without still being super casual.  Strappy and minimal but you can easily wear a strapless bra under this.

Embroidered Grecian Top £70

Now instead of taking normal vest tops - I've also invested in the triangle top (same story above for half term holiday.  Funnily enough it has had ZERO wear this year so far) which will double up for during the day and into the evening.  A vest top with attitude.  Seriously you can just fling this on with jeans or put it with leather peg leg trousers for a super smart evening out (the latter is clearly not festival evening out....)

Triangle Top £45 in black (also comes in white)

What shorts will I be taking?  Now you know I don't normally do shorts.  But seeing as we *are* going to be looking at mediterranean style temperatures here this Summer (and bearing in mind that I am going to Florida in the Autumn and funnily enough - the Festival Wardrobe and the Disney Wardrobe will work perfectly as one and the same), I will be needing at least one pair. 

These are amazing.  I have tried them on at a pop up shop and whilst I loathe my knees (which I may have mentioned once or 2459 times), the volume in these, almost distracts from the flobby knee thing I've got going on.  Distraction and proportion is the name of the game.

Zoe shorts in black £40

These would be perfect with any of the above tops.  The other alternate, as opposed to all the more fitted shorts that are out there would be the Marseille ones in.. yes you've guessed it... khaki.

Marseille Shorts £40 - also available in lots of other colours if you're not a khaki obsessive like me.

If you haven't seen the New In stock from hush - there is also 20% off that.  Don't blame me....

Jacket wise I'll be taking my trusted hush Military jacket which is back in stock in some sizes £65.  Although I have to say I may well be altering mine to make it slightly more cropped - denim/biker jacket length? 

Alternatively I could just get the denim jacket... but I have to say I really like the idea of the one above just a tad shorter.

Denim Jacket £59

One thing I will definitely be taking is a hat.  I would love to say it's to keep the sun off my face but the reality is, it's the perfect bad hair accessory.  In fact, I will probably be taking more than one.  Yes there are hairdressers in the luxury of my Yurt but I am lazy and there are cocktails.

This has got my name all over it.  Black, tick, khaki, tick, does it go over my massive bonce?  Will have to see...

Straw Brim Fedora from Topshop £25

This is the sort that is always super useful. 

Natural Fedora from Topshop £20

However as I mentioned, I do have a rather large head and more often than not, hats designed for the fairer sex, sit on top of my head leprechaun stylee.  Not good. 

So I have, in the past, resorted to looking at men's hats.  

At Topman the Straw Puritan Hat £10

And I have more to explore.  In fact, I have more to explore in every area - this is the tip of the festival iceberg. 

I have some basics - in fact, everything that I took with me for packing for my Suffolk Beach Holiday (and now with 20% off...)  Or I could subject you to watching the packing video again... One thing I won't be buying is anything *too festival*.  You know me - everything has to work hard in my wardrobe - I loathe buying things that I will only be wearing once.  We are off to Suffolk again in the Summer (where I am expecting the weather to be significantly better than it was at Easter) and so all these Summer clothes will double up for then as well.  And are actually just great wardrobe basics, full stop. 

Anyone else festival-ing (yes made up word) this year?  Would be fab if someone from here won the competition - enter here (in the hope that they might share the gin tipples with me...) 

Today - well not a lot of festival wear seeing as the weather is essentially average.  The husband was working from home as his foot has got super bad, so I kindly drove him out to grab a sandwich for lunch.  Which sounds lovely, except that he did sit on his phone for approximately 80% of the (v quick) meal, thanks to the fall out from last week which has sent this workload through the roof (which could be argued is a good thing - alas not for the clients he's working with).

Tobacco silk dress - Reiss
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Chestnut peep toe heeled boots - Kurt Geiger
Brown suede bag - Coccinelle

So hope someone else is coming to Port Eliot...  Or are you off to another Festival?  Top tips please!

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16 comentarios:

  1. I've just come back from Glastonbury. Did the camping with the masses and was great fun. I never, ever camp, unless I go to this festival, but it wouldn't feel like Glasto if you didn't! I wore the Hush military jacket all weekend with a Me and Em cashmere hoody under when it was cooler in the evening. Wore with long pleated skirt and the obligatory Hunter wellies to wade through the mud. Also took my dungarees, not too easy for the loo! and shorts (which I wouldn't normally be seen dead in) as nobody cares about your knees at festivals. You then need the flowers in your hair. It's great to have a few days where nobody judges anybody else, everybody is chilled and you really feel the love from the world.

    1. OMG didn't your long pleated skirt get CAKED??! I'm going with shorts as I KNOW it's going to super warm.... And wellies.. I have lots of wellies....

    2. Well it was a gorgeous Topshop pleather pleat skirt so yes got mud on but didn't matter!

  2. Thanks so much for the Hush code! Snapped up the summer cashmere jumper with 20% off (I'd been eyeing it for months!) Just note the discount code is SMILE not SMILE20. Happy (soon to be cosy) camper.

  3. Thanks so much for the Hush code! Snapped up the summer cashmere jumper with 20% off (I'd been eyeing it for months!) Just note the discount code is SMILE not SMILE20. Happy (soon to be cosy) camper.

  4. Off to love supreme festival this weekend and weather looks mixed! Have new hunter cropped wellies in Orange and in a fit of festival madness bought a matte sequin bum bag. My tips are to wear dresses as trousers hard to manoeuvre in loos, don't waste time thinking about evening wear as everyone's in jumpers and hats, take a hot water bottle and put a fleece under your sheet for warmth. Thanks for code might get the khaki sarong for , hopefully warmer, French hols ......

    1. Dresses - hmmm good idea. The khaki sarong is gorgeous and works perfectly as a scarf too. Which is what I mostly used it as ALL holiday!

  5. Some lovely ideas! I would love to go to latitude too, but my partner is not so keen... I'm working on it. I have a large head too, but New Look had lots of different hats in that fitted. I'm not sure if they are still reduced but I bought a grey, straw fedora for £9.

    1. Ooh why's he not keen? Only reason I ask is that most festivals don't appeal to me at all. I know it's sacrilege to admit but i'm not particularly into live music and can't do big crowds At All, but Latitude is much artier and I know the area (and the grounds in fact!) really well so I would have been fine with it. But Port Eliot just hits the nail on the head for me - art, fashion, food and literature - I will be in complete heaven!

    2. And forgot to add - I will check out New Look thank you. ...

  6. I'm off to Latitude this summer - yay! Went two years ago with the kids and husband and we loved it.

    Will be wearing shorts (denim (GAP) and the Zoe shorts from last year from Hush (slate) with various lightweight T-shirts from likes of H&M and GAP, Longline bretons from Boden and slogan sweatshirt and lightweight hooded parka from La Redoute plus hush harem trousers for when it gets cold. Ilse Jacobsen wellies, or old converse if dry.

    1. Great inspiration thank you! And yes, it seems shorts are a COMPLETE must! xxx

  7. First time I've responded to your blog. I go to at least three festivals a year but one thing I have failed to find is a stylish waterproof coat. After I once got completely soaked wearing a water 'resistant' parka I headed to the nearest mountain-warehouse-type shop and bought a very practical waterproof jacket. It comes out at every festival (there's always rain at some point) but I'm always on the look outfor a stylish alternative. So if you're doing a second post on festival attire please do waterproof coats! Oh and Latitude is the best. Love your blog x

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