There has to be some advantage to having no Summer

So I may have mentioned yesterday that I was all about dresses and boots at the minute. 

Well I forgot to mention my all consuming obsession with jackets.  

For the love of god Summer, where are you?  Since you can't be bothered to make an appearance and I refuse to get the full on jumpers out, I have another cunning plan. 

I see your 12 degrees (which it is this afternoon - I have just checked) and raise you a new jacket.  To overcome the misery of our non Summer.

Following on from my leather jacket blog the other day, I am branching out into suede.  I know I know I said leather was the practical option, but as a lovely friend pointed out yesterday, she can't bring herself to wear leather in the Summer but suede she loves as she finds it softer and lighter looking. 

And could I find her a new suede jacket?  Mission accepted.  I have to say, handily I haven't been able to stop thinking about the bargain Mango one from the other day which I may well have to order for *research purposes*.... 

Suede Jacket £39.99 from Mango in Khaki  Admittedly in my head I had thought it was more tan but it's definitely a brown khaki and not a green khaki, isn't it?  (I'll let you know when it arrives).

Or there is the "copper" option which I love but it's perhaps too orange for what I'm after.  As in it's not tan...

And in the Copper again £39.99 was £79.99

And it would have been rude not to look at what else there was at Mango seeing as the sale has started... 

This is an interesting Summery throw on jacket.  The shape of a cardigan in a light, buttery suede edged in leather. 

Suede Jacket from Mango was £119.99 now £79.99

And in the wine.  This is stunning and thinking about Autumn, you would get shed loads of wear out of this.

Longer still in coat form...

Suede Coat was £149.99 now £89.99 in mid brown

Or in the grey... again £89.99

And perhaps more practical in a brown.. 

Studded Suede Belted Coat from Mango was £119.99 now £69.99

Shorter again and in a slightly different style.  Boxy, clean cut, perfect over a dress, culottes, skirts and jeans.  I LOVE this colour, but I'm not sure it would love me back...  

Flap Pocket Suede Jacket in Burnt Orange was £59.99 now £39.99

Flap Pocket Suede Jacket in grey was £59.99 now £39.99

Just to prove what an amazing deal the Mango ones are - here is one in the sale at JCrew which clearly isn't the same as the one above but there's definitely a similarity.  Bar the price.  

Collection Suede Biker Jacket was £485 now £340

However I then made the mistake of looking at All Saints.  FOOL.

How completely gorgeous are these?

Suede Bales Biker Jacket in Granite Grey was £298 now £208

Or this one - oh be still my beating biker jacket loving heart. 

Holme Suede Biker Jacket in dark khaki green was £328 now £229 (yes apparently this is "dark khaki green"... not in my book, but what do I know?  I do know mind you, that I love it).

If we're looking at biker style though, I have found some more suede options.  Can they compete with the All Saints ones?

Freaky Nation Taxi Driver Jacket £90

Two jackets for the price of one at M&S (although it is a lot of money in the first place..)  And I love love these colours.  Not entirely practical but ridiculously elegant and chic.  Just steer clear of red wine.  And children.

Suede Reversible Jacket from Autograph £249

And finishing with charcoal.  Grey.  Oh just gorgeous.  But I really am after a tan/camel colour...

ASOS Waterfall Jacket in Patched Suede and Leather £130

Grey again at TK Maxx (I had hoped this would be a mine of suede treasures but alas no).

Barney & Taylor Grey Suede Biker Jacket was £129.99 now £83  This is more of a minky grey and I have to say, the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me... I love the nipped in waist detail.

And did I find a plethora of tan jackets?  No. 

Suede Biker Jacket from Topshop £185

Paler suede at ASOS.  I'm too much of a slattern to own suede this colour...but it's sooo gorgeous.

ASOS Suede Biker Jacket £90

And that was pretty much all I could find on the tan camel/suede front.  So suede jacket or leather jacket?  Since it looks like it's going to be jacket weather for the foreseeable future, I think it can definitely be one or the other.

And are any of them as good as the one that I found the other day at Mango for a completely bargainous price of £39.99?  Have I completely wasted my time?!  Ok so I love the All Saints ones (really really love them...) but I've got to give the Mango one a go.  Please tell me someone else loves one of the other ones and it hasn't been a total waste of energy?!

Finishing with outfit from last night for dinner party. 

Dress - Preen Line
Blue and black snakeskin shoes - Reiss
Tan De Manta Clutch - Alexander McQueen

Feeling slightly delicate today... 

Black lyocell tee - & Other Stories
Khaki cropped harem pants - hush
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Half Moon bag - APC

And tomorrow, it's got to be more boots hasn't it?  Or should I do sandals?  Pah.  Seriously, what is the point in buying sandals?  (heads of just to *see* if there are any sandals worth buying in the sale...). 

I'm off to get changed as we're off out for dinner but would love to hear your thoughts on suede jackets... Anyone else giving the Mango bargains a go?  Should probably have mentioned that I did find loads of suedette ones which were in fact as much as the Mango sales ones.  Khaki in a small for me.

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21 comentarios:

  1. Love the Mango ones, not a great cut for me but I can see you in one!

  2. Have just bought navy collarless leather jacket from mango - not in the sale (obvs) but is completely gorge and have worn it every day for the last week. Fits beautifully and lovely soft leather, and I kind of prefer navy for the summer (or did I miss summer and we've gone straight to autumn??)
    Love your blog BTW.

    1. I fear we are straight into Autumn. Yes I need to do more on navy... good idea!

  3. Kat, what is the sizing like in the All Saints leather or suede jackets?

    1. I'm very broad of shoulder so I do prefer to size up but if you're of more normal stature, you'd be fine in your usual size!

  4. I bought the Mango flap pocket suede jacket in grey on holiday in Spain in the sale. Can't wait to wear it.

    1. Oh gosh I bet you paid 2p for it there! Enjoy xxx

  5. Hi Kat, have ordered the muubaa mushroom leather one you showed a few days ago. Thought it would be ideal to wear over summer dresses as it's not too warm here. Hoping it's going to be a good investment. I love leather jackets and wear my three faux leather ones constantly with everything but it's been a while since I've I owned a real leather one. I had a dark green one and a black one decades ago which I wore to death. The muubaa one looks such a useful year round colour. Thanks Kat xx

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! You're more than welcome xxx

  6. The chocolate brown studded one from Mango is stunning! I'm weird with suede, love it but never wear it. I have a navy suede jacket from American Vintage v similar to the M&S reversible one above which I got a few seasons ago and love, but it has never left my wardrobe.

    Btw found this gorgeous one by Current/Elliott from Outnet:

    1. WEAR IT!!! (that C/E one is amazing!)

  7. These are gorgeous! I love my leather jackets, but I haven't even worn my pale grey one as the weather's been so awful.You've reminded me that I used to have a brown, suede trench that eventually I wore to death. It was a really useful item.

    1. If you spray your pale grey one couldn't you wear it in the rain? I'd be tempted to give it a swift once over with leather shoe protector....

  8. What about this one at Mango.....colour described as 'caramel' but looks like tan to me!

    1. New season one is gorgeous but I was looking at the bargain sale ones!! LOVE the shape, just wonder if it's a tad orange? I fear this is a colour it will be impossible to get right. DOH!

  9. and I have a boots thread tomorrow!!

  10. Love the burgundy cardigan shape one (you know what I mean!) and the brown and grey ones from Mango....

    1. I'm having to sit on my hands... I may play chicken and see if they go down any further!