Apparently it's fantasy land..

... talking about sandals.  As there is no way at all you could wear them where I am at the mo.  Seriously - we are verging on joke territory now.  Weather - it's not funny anymore.  Ireland, can we please have our weather back.  The deal is, I take the sunshine with me when I visit the land of my forefathers and clearly you're slightly irritated that I chose the East Coast instead of your fertile green hills but enough's enough.  Give us our Summer back.  Pretty please...

However seeing as this doesn't look that's happening until the weekend we are living in fantasy land (and then don't look past next Wednesday as it all goes drastically downhill again.  *sobs*.  I was watching a programme late last night about Euro96 and the thing that struck me most was the weather - yes I am mildly obsessed.  We used to have Summer back then.  Proper.  Summer.  With warm weather.  Sun and everything. *sobs again*). 

But a pretty fantasy land I am going to make it.  AND a functional one too.  Dare I say it, even practical... 

Hold your horses - I'm going back in for the mid heel.  But this time in a sandal..

Now I was flicking through some old photos and came across a pair I tried on at Quattrorish way back before Easter.  And I had forgotten how much I loved them.  They worked.  They were super comfortable and really easy to wear on a daily basis too as they weren't vertiginous but gave the impression of a bit of a heel.


One of the reasons I have struggled with the mid versions in the past is being tall, I feel like a transvestite who can't walk properly in high heels (and would also be about 8ft tall) so resorts to these.  Ridiculous or not (and clearly the former), I've never got to grips with them. 

But for me - the detailing round the ankle almost makes the heels seem higher?  All smoke and mirrors of course but if it works, I'm in. 

With a 25% off voucher at River Island, that seems like a very sensible place to start.   Thanking you kindly Grazia... GRAZIAMAY16. 

Nude soft tie heel sandals from River Island £40 pre discount

Also in the black.

And of course the gold.. which would have to be my favourite out of the three... a little bit of glitz to your daily Summer wardrobe.. go on... 

Gold Tie up Block Heel Sandals from River Island £40 pre discount. 

This is clearly the mid heel style of the season and there are numerous options to choose from.  Have to say whilst I fancy the 25% off at River Island, I think I may prefer the tan heel at Topshop. 

Narda Ankle tie Mid Sandal from Topshop £46

Am slightly taken by the Orange as well... don't ask my why, but I think these look more expensive.

More Orange at Topshop (although the ones above are a better buy I'd say..although these are cheaper... but somehow the ones above look more versatile?) 

Delilah Tie up Sandals £29

However top of the strappy shoes for me are at Mango - nothing to do with the 40% off.. 

Leather Strap Sandals were £49.99 now £29.99

Or the tan shade... also now only £29.99

Slightly different now at Mint Velvet although still around the ankle. 

Mink Lorrie Sandal £129

I then made the mistake of looking on Matches.. foolish.  Very very foolish.  Take my advice and now just scroll down past the next couple.  Although the first ones aren't actually in stock yet.. 

Babies Buckle Strap Suede Sandals from Saint Laurent £535

Tassel detail at Aquazzura... be still my beating heart that is obsessed with shoes... although I'm consoling myself with the fact these probably wouldn't stay done up on me and I"d break an ankle falling off albeit a mid heel (clutching at straws...). 

Wild Thing Suede Fringed Block Heel Sandals from Aquazzura £490

I have found an alternative which I will admit aren't remotely similar.  But they do remind me of them (I know I know not really but somehow they DO!).  Plus they have a hint of the Marant.  (again, I know I know not really but again, they DO!  No??!).

Violet Tassel Sandals from Topshop £46

Do not fear though if you don't find anything round your ankle flattering and I know lots of you don't.  Plenty of options without that extra. 

Nude Round Eyelet Sandals from Topshop £49

Nude again at Topshop and slightly lower. 

Dart Two Part Sandal from Topshop £29

More wide strap styles at Mango in red. 

Wide strap Sandals from Mango £35.99

And in the black £35.99 again from Mango.

Clog style now at M&S - they have these in two colours but for me, it's the white which works better. 

Leather Two Part Block Heeled Clog Sandals £39.50

Tan - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Ok for some I appreciate I am edging into slightly *high* territory but apparently they're only 5.5cm.. And they're "with Insolia" which as we know is code for "like walking on angels' wings...".  Exceptionally cool.

Leather Block Heel Clog from M&S £45

Mule style blog at Topshop. 

Denver Heeled Sandals £29

More mules at Mango - in a gorgeous gorgeous yellow.  I LOVE this shade with greys, perfect with black, sublime with navy and super summery with whites.  Have completely talked myself into these.  Plus I need more yellow in my life. 

Destructured leather sandals £39.99

If we're talking colour.. green heel anyone?

Contrast Heel Sandals from Mango £39.99

It doesn't necessarily have to be a chunky heel either and these from Topshop are perfect if you're looking for something that little bit more feminine. 

Needle Cut out Buckle Sandals from Topshop £59

And in the black - again £59

I appreciate that not everyone is suffering the June Ice Age and so these may be your idea of heaven.  Personally I'd more likely to buy a new pair of Uggs but it only takes one day of good weather for me to think these are the best idea ever.  I think I'm going to order the tan Mango ones... they'll be amazing with my whiskey Chloe bag.. and ideal for midi dresses and skirts, not to mention cropped or rolled up jeans and trews.

And this is me yesterday.. not a hint of sandal in sight.  Hopefully you can get an idea of just how chilly it is here.  The husband and I came to Suffolk for the weekend once in January a couple of years ago and it wasn't nearly as cold as this. 


Black fine knit jumper - Tommy Hilfiger
Black Summer blazer - hush
Khaki Industrial Pants - Current/Elliot from Quattro Rish
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Monogram scarf - Gucci
Half Moon Bag in black - APC

Hats off to my kids though.  As I sit here typing, they are valiantly battling the winds playing tennis outside (to be fair, it's not raining...).  They have been canoeing today (I point blank refused - it took them an hour, warm showers and copious amounts of hot chocolate which I administered, with cream, to warm up) and insisted on the obligatory ice cream outside (thank the lord the rather marvellous ice cream parlour in Aldeburgh also does a mean coffee).  After cinema and circus yesterday (simply too gloriously British and fabulous - independent cinemas cannot be beaten, not to mention a proper, old fashioned, seaside style circus), it's movie night tonight.  The husband has been despatched to the shop for wine and movie appropriate supplies and we're hunkering down against the wind. 

And until then, I am going to take full advantage of my 20 mins of solitude and start the immensely important task of finding a jacket to go with my Self Portrait black and white dress for the final First Holy Communion next week.  Ooh and did I mention I've found a local warehouse sale of one of my favourite boutiques to visit tomorrow evening.  As they do men's clothes as well, even the husband is up for it!  Happy happy days.  Email me on if you'd like details.

Until then - anyone buying mid heel sandals?

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31 comentarios:

  1. I'm into flats myself, but generally I don't wear sandals as much as I'd like as I'm most comfy in socks at work, so being extremely lazy in the morning I wear sneakers and then the socks are on my feet, rather than forgotten on the kitchen work surface!
    Just bourght a pair of clarks originals after looking for eons for something like this:
    The colour is called copper, but they are more nude, a comfy basic sandal for trapping around Berlin during our hols.
    Wish I could send a couple or 5° your way, 25° at 8.30pm is too hot, and night time temperatures are a bit on the tropical side. ☺
    Danish Pastry

    1. Trying to muster sympathy for your heatwave but struggling.....!!!

  2. You know I love my Mango strapped sandals! They have a toe thong too which is much better on my feet! And yes I have both colors 🤗

  3. I've found a delightful pair of knotted sandals in the sale at Mango-comfortable and absolute ringers for the Chloe knotted sandals. Am very happy as I'm really intending to wear them for only one season.
    I love Aldeburgh too and spent a very happy lunchtime in the gorgeous little diner (opposite the lighthouse-equally as delightful but very different).

    1. Oh I know the ones - yes, they are amazing! We've been to the diner once but didn't have the most success with my daughter being a coeliac.. Boys loved it though!

  4. Update on the Sportmax bag - you'll love this given your recent APC drama: So I ordered the bag from Italy and then when the confiramtion email came there was a Givenchy bag also on the order - which I swear I just looked at and didnt put in my basket. Nightmare sorting it out. They said they would cancel the order and do a new one for just the Sportmax but guess what - order has been processed for both and total amount taken by paypal. And it's an Italian bank holiday. Tearing my hair out. Wine time.

    1. OH GOD. Good luck - yes, wine is needed to tackle that one...

  5. I think we might be going to the same sale we are goin on Sunday , thought it was just sat and sun you are going tomorrow night ! Is that just for press !!!

    1. Ah, I had an invite for Friday evening... not sure as I do know them. GREAT stuff - you'll love it! (C&C??!!)

  6. Have you seen these Zara versions of the aquazurra ones?

    1. Oh aren't they SUPER cute... hopefully they'll have them instore tomorrow..!

  7. The solsana ones you tried on look the best...can't find them online anywhere though :(

    1. Oh do try and call Ivy at Quattrorish as I'm sure they're still in stock... She'll send them to you xxx. 01737 235468 or

  8. Love how the yellow Mango mules are called "deconstructed leather sandals" :) And your scarf is blowing and blurry in your OOTD pic... Bring on Summer asap.

  9. Love the Topshop sandals. Can I ask what colourway is your Gucci monogram scarf? I have been admiring it for ages- thanks. Xx

    1. Oh gosh I'm not sure. I bought it instore and didn't ask what the name was.. It's a minky grey colour... I'll see if I can online what it's called x

  10. Oh yes, it is very cold here in Norfolk too. I ended up changing my cotton summer jumper for a woll one and wearing a warm scarf too, yesterday. Not much better today, either.

    I like the m&s clog sandals. I have some Lottas in blue that are similar, if the summer ever comes!

    1. Clog sandals never go out of fashion, do they? And tomorrow it's going to be warmer... apparently....

  11. I LOVE all of the sandals here and could buy all of them if I could afford it - apart from the mules which won't stay on my feet when I walk. Cold in Kent too.

    1. It's going to get warmer... we'll be swimming outdoors by Sunday, I'm SURE!

  12. Love a mid heel sandal, and the chunkier heel makes them much more wearable during the day (when not running around after small children of course...) I have the Quinn sandals from Mint Velvet which I'd thoroughly recommend. Great to meet you after the circus by the way! We're on our way home now, otherwise I would have been VERY interested to hear more about the warehouse sale. My guess is C&C, am I right?! Hope the weather improves for the rest of your trip. Kate

    1. So lovely to meet you! And yes, it was the C&C sale. Lovely lovely lovely....

  13. Just came across these and can't decide if genius or dreadful - honestly?

    1. They're not my personal favourites.....

  14. I had my toes out and they were cold...!! Oooh by the way - those & Other Stories sandals are now a 9 for comfort. DEfinitely improve with wearing. LOVE them. x

  15. Trans people read this blog too :-) <3 L x