It beats gardening.

The world is divided into people who are gardeners and people who aren't.  I am the latter.  I will point out that I also think the same can be said for those who love cooking and those who see it as a necessary evil.  Whereas I am the former there and would happily spend days in the kitchen. 

One thing I think we can agree on is that most people love flowers.  Regardless of how you come by them.  

And I am definitely coming round to the idea of wearing them... 

In another attempt to avoid the boho, I have come round to thinking full on floral print may be another option. 

Whilst I'm here, I may be losing my mind ever so slightly and am thinking about full on clashing prints.  A total assault on the senses.  Think new season Gucci.  If it looks like it shouldn't go together, then it will.  That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking with it.

Although not on a daily basis.  Today I'm all about the every day throw on top.  Those tops that make a statement, that are that little bit more special than a regular tee and bring new life to old jeans. 

Tops that need nothing else but a pair of your favourite denims and any old sandals.  I am slightly addicted to hats at the moment.  Well.  Hat.  Need a new one...

Starting with one that I am having to sit on my hands not to buy.  Could this be more me?

Short Sleeve Tropical Print Shirt from Topshop £30

More magic to bring new life to your old jeans. 

Pressed Floral Bardot top from Topshop £34

And another one.  These are so so easy to wear with the straps - I know it seems like they shouldn't be, but they somehow are. 

Florence Floral Blouse £26 from Topshop

And in a darker colourway again £26

Longer sleeved now and a lovely functional top from Maje which you would have for years.

Maje lace-trimmed print crepe top was £155 now £77.50

Longsleeve also at Wallis.  Now as I've mentioned, I'm not the world's biggest Wallis fan but their current collaboration does really warrant a look  It's certainly not all to my taste but there are a couple of things that are really gorgeous and great great value. 

Whilst we're talking of tops - this with jeans would be simply perfection. 

Hermione De Paula Floral Top £40 (and yes I do also LOVE with the matching trousers.  Can't imagine I'd get the hugest amount of wear out of them as an outfit but the top by itself would definitely last the test of time). 

Now there's me saying that I'm not a fan of Wallis but I did happen to notice they had an entire section entitled Floral so it would have been rude not to have a quick look. 

Oh hello this little top.  Ignore the styling.  With a pair of faded jeans - this is completely gorgeous.  Super flattering and a bargain to boot.  I think I may in fact prefer to the HdeP one above. 

Navy Floral Wrap Top from Wallis was £35 now £28 (20% off certain ranges so definitely worth a look). 

And this one too.  I'm going let's not fix what ain't broke and just stick with the good old regular faded, lived in denims.  Fair play to you Wallis. 

Floral Cold Shoulder Top from Wallis was £35 now £28

And another... £35 - alas this one doesn't seem to be on offer.   This is the perfect holiday top.  Dressy enough if you're going somewhere lovely but casual enough for super dress down.  My absolutely favourite kind of tops.  

And last one from Wallis which I have to say, I think is much more Pyrus than Wallis.  Yes, I've had a glass of wine but it is.  I promise.

Floral Print V Neck Blouse from Wallis was £35 now £17.50

But my choice would have to be my current absolute favourite designer, Rixo London.  These blouses are simply gorgeous.  Ok so they're not really ideal for a super warm day but seeing as we appear to have had our quota for this week and the forecast for the next ten days is unsurprisingly on the cool side again, these perhaps aren't so foolish a purchase.  Plus you will be wearing these well into the Autumn.  Hell, I'd go so far as to say they could be a Christmas day outfit. 

Moss Blouse in Black from Rixo London at Wolf & Badger £165.  Plus 10% off from W&B if you use YAY10.  Now that's tempting.. 

Moss Blouse in Blue again Rixo London £165 pre 10% discount.

And another version... 

Now I don't have that much floral, that I will admit.   However print tops with embroidered, floral vibes to them - those I have collected over the years.  They're just perfect for those days when the weather isn't quite sure what it's doing and you have a hankering for jeans.  No jacket required. 

Here I am in one of mine - three years old now from Zara. 

Embroidered floral print top - Zara
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Black sandals - & Other Stories 
Hat - Zara Men
Black Half Moon Bag - APC

So I am now going to drink more wine.  I have had a complete non stop day.  I have attempted to accomplish loads and have succeeded in doing absolutely sweet diddly squat.  One of those days when everything I touched turned to sh*t.  Apart from perfecting a salad that I wasn't sure about for the party on Saturday which some of my best friends kindly came round for lunch to sample.

Other than that, I have avoided ringing Vodafone for what I believe would make over 30 phone calls in the last four weeks.  As my phone still isn't working properly.  They said it was.  They tell me I have 12 GB of Data now to use a month (they just keep upping it. Which would be great if I could actually access any of it).  I somehow can access 1GB.  ONE.  Which I have to share with the 11yr old as her phone is on my account.  Clearly that has run out in less than a week.  There are no words for how totally cheesed off I am (this is not the phrase I tend to use at home) with them.  I am going to give them one more chance to sort it out and then I'm going to tell them where to stick their phone on the grounds of "breach of contract".  

Oh and to top that, our home wifi isn't working properly either.  So this blog has taken me approximately eight hours to finish on and off.  I may even have gone off florals.. (only joking - I'm rather in love with the Wallis ones!)

Floral love or loathe?

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20 comentarios:

  1. Love the matching trousers and top and the black Moss blouse.x

  2. Love the matching trousers and top and the black Moss blouse.x

  3. I have the floral collab Wallis top and trousers and a cute floral Wallis jumpsuit, they look fab on...just styled them in a shoot on my Instagram and blog, you should order them they would look amazing on you xxx

  4. I love florals but draw the line at clashing the prints in one outfit! I bought this and wear it ALL the time:

    Also for the Rixo stuff, The Dressing Room give 15% off all first orders:

    1. That is gorgeous - really really lovely x

  5. Just ordered the Wallis floral wrap top with added bonus of free next day delivery! Code WAL874

    1. Oh WOW! Hope it's as lovely as it looks xx

    2. Me too! I'm currently on a frustrating streak of ordering, receiving, not liking & returning at the moment! If only I could stretch to the Rixo! Love that Zara top you're wearing.

  6. Love the black moss top, I think I may have said that before! I always think I don't do floral, but I do if it's not chintzy. Definitely wearable as a top with jeans.

  7. Love but they feel too girly on me. I've put in a mammoth Warehouse floral order (amongst other things) so I am, at least, willing to give them another go. Get a gardener. I was gardening the other day (ugg - outdoor housework) and the nice man delivering my new Stans said that I shouldn't be doing it and I should get a gardener and so, I am :-)

    1. Oh I have a gardener!! That is one thing I Do Not Do. But not sure they extend to sourcing pots...!

  8. Forget the tops, the lady in the first photo of the Topshop Green Tropical top has got FABULOUS hair. Very late 70's style. Perhaps the shaggy perm is coming back into fashion!

  9. Oh, I love those faded florals from Wallis but 100% poly a major no-no in the heat & humidity. Really elegant orange blouse from W&B though...mmmmm

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it...!! And what heat?!!

    2. Oh, er, yeah, sorry. I live in Singapore! Nice to be warm but major wardrobe challenges!

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