I will not be defeated.

By the weather that is. 

I'm not sure about where you are but here, it's slightly wet.  Mildly damp.  Aka monsoonlike. It's been so wet the last couple of days, there has been no chance of wearing sandals.  It's even too moist (one of my most hated words by the way - not improved by writing it down I've realised.  My apologies) for sneakers. 

Ankle boots - you're up. 

These are fast becoming the most worn pair of shoes in my wardrobe.  My current favourite pair aren't even new.  They're coming up to two years old and are still for sale at their full price.  They are the perfect Summer boot.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I prefer wearing them in the warmer months than in the Winter.   The ideal footwear to wear with dresses and skirts.  Not to mention culottes.  

In fact, I would go so far as to say, the only footwear you need in this glorious weather.  If you don't have any - treat yourself immediately.  You will wonder how you ever lived without them.  Even more importantly, they are a fantastic investment as come October, your footwear needs will be sorted. 

Sold?  Just a question of which ones to get... 

So these are the ones that I have.  No they're not cheap.  But mine have paid for themselves over the years and they're a hell of a lot cheaper (and personally I prefer as they're just that little bit less ubiquitous) than the Chloe Susannas.

Toga Buckle boots £326

However if you don't fancy spending that much on a pair of boots - there are some great other options at Office - their Jagger boot. 

It's all about the statement ankle boot at the moment and I can't see this trend going anywhere.  One for next season too, of that I'm sure.   

Am randomly drawn to these...

Statement perhaps in the form of animal print.  I cannot say how useful these are.  Not that I have these, but I have two pairs which I adore.  Mine are a smidge too high to wear during the day.  Should probably remedy that, shouldn't I?!

Perfect heel height in the sale at Dune. 

And new in at Topshop.  Oh my lord I adore these.  With my red Gucci bag.  I can't resist a matchy matchy and these two together would be perfection for my Autumnal wardrobe.  THERE.  I said it.  I mentioned the A word... 

But going back to buckles, these from Laurence Dacade would be my first choice of new boots.  After I'd won the lottery... 

Laurence Dacade Achille Boot £628.50

Or the black...for £600.  Although I have to say, I very much like the nude one above - the perfect neutral.

If you're happy to do a slightly higher heel and I have to say I'm suffering with these at the moment.  Although these are so similar to my Acne Cypress boots - which would be perfect with so many of my dresses, I'm going to have to suffer for my craft and drag my Cypress boots out... (I will admit though, these do in fact look lower than the Achilles above.  Which are a 7cm heel apparently.  That's doable for the day, isn't it?).

These aren't cheap.  They're still eye wateringly expensive.  But, these are a completely classic pair of boots which you will have for years.  To that, I can definitely testify - my Cypress boots are five years old and get worn every year in all seasons.  And were I to be a lover of heels, I would have worn them a lot more.  Like I do with my Togas.

Raley Leather Boots from Isabel Marant were £550 now £330

My Cypress boots are more this colour.  Super super useful. 

If we're talking statement, surely we have to mention metallic...

Isabel Marant Deyis Leather Ankle boots were £335 now £264

Silver at Topshop - slightly more financially palatable than the ones above?

Kola Square Toe Boot £36

Looking forward to the Winter what will we be wearing? 

The jury is out but I've got my eye on these... although I think I prefer mine more garish.

Point-toe leather boots by Chloe £640 

And I have to say I am absolutely LOVING these.  From good old Topshop.  Only *slight* issue is the pale suede.  Eek.  I'm sure (she says hoping..) that they'll do them in a leather shortly. 

Anabel Tie Detail Boots £69 from Topshop

Or the Rust.  Oh hello.  Love.  But maybe not suede... 

But finishing with the most random of randoms.  I adore these.  Speaking of garish.  They are so wrong they're right.  Come on... admit how fabulous they are?  And no, clearly they're not new season.  Admittedly the fact they're essentially textile rather leather means they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot in the rain but details schmetails.. (and wet feet).

ASOS RINGO Peace boots £45

So finishing with me in my boots today.  Which I am love love loving at the moment and will probably wear again tomorrow, seeing as the weather for the next couple of days is heart breakingly terrible. 

Black dress - & Other Stories
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Black Buckle boots - Toga Pulla 
Silver bag - Anya Hindmarch from Collen & Clare

And finally - outfit from Saturday for the First Holy Communion.  Really rubbish pic - the whole day went in a complete blur.  70 people back to ours in torrential rain which didn't stop at all.  However great great day was had - only regret is that I don't have a photo of the five of us as the boys legged it to the bouncy castle as soon as they could and within 30 mins were drenched within an inch of their lives.  Seriously - you could ring out their clothes... Really pleased I bought all that brand new garden furniture (not enough eye rolling for that one...!) 

Dress was complimented on by all - shame you can't see the top of it!  Am planning on wearing it to a party in a couple of weeks so will make sure I get a better photo then. 

White dress - Self Portrait
Black boucle jacket - Isabel Marant
Glove shoes - Balenciaga 
Silver bag - Anya Hindmarsh

I still feel horrendous two days later (I don't think I ever remember having a hangover for two days... I've not had a big big night for a couple of months and am paying for it now).

Tomorrow... well it's due to be horrendous weather again.  But it can't rain forever can it?  At least we still have holidays to look forward to.. (and shop for..!).  So I'll be back in the boots - anyone else a fan of ankle boots in the Summer?  Or, dare I say it, you're not thinking towards Autumn are you?  The sales are on and it's a great time to bag a bargain.  And someone please say they also love the Peace boots...

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21 comentarios:

  1. I admit defeat. Scotland it would seem have had its glorious two weeks of summer(better than last year) and we are now back to grey. I have just purchased a second pair of Sorel hygge boots which I plan to wear for nursery run in autumn. Ie late August in Scotland :) I love a statement ankle boot. Am on the hunt for a metallic one!love your blog as always Kat x

    1. Thank you - I fear I may cave with one more day of torrential rain.. although the sun is out today everything is soaking wet as it's been pouring all night! Ground is totally sodden =another day of boots.

  2. I've got some similar ones by Fluevog (Canadian brand) - had them several years, very similar to the Togas. Dragged out every autumn, lovely and comfortable. Mine are black croc print leather, but this is the current version: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4306-jack-smooth-black Not cheap but worth every penny!

    1. AHA I remember people posting these when I was looking at the Togas a couple of years ago. They're actually more expensive! But lovely! And that sort of unusual that means they never go out of fashion if you see what I mean.... A statement boot that is just fabulous in its own right.

  3. Love the Communion outfit! Glad the rain didn't spoil the day, we had a similar downpour for our middle child's day (it would be the middle one of course!)

    I adore adore adore your Toga Pullas and maybe one day I will get a pair but in the meantime thank you for the Office dupes. I got a similar Pull & Bear suede pair from Asos two years ago and have worn them to bits. So, time to get a new pair methinks. I know I will get the wear out of them.

    Back to rain here in Dublin too after a fabulous week last week. I am just praying that was not our summer LOL. I have white trousers and white slider sandals that I NEED to wear.

    1. Also have a look on ASOS as they did have some slightly higher looking tributes as well. We have literally not had more than two days in a row of good weather here. I know as I can see back on Instagram what I've worn!!! I'm into Autumnal mode now. Bring on the sales.

  4. Randomly I love the Peace & Love boots - not sure I'd actually wear them ... but they did make me smile!!!! You look lovely (in both pics) as always x

    1. Nail. head. (the bit about the boots not about me looking lovely.. ha ha ha HA!)

  5. You look great, the Isabel Marant jacket is a perfect fit - weather depressing but sad to say I've just ordered a woollen jumper from Topshop Boutique! Ive got big feet and boots with lots of embellishments and pointy toes look comical. I do love the Toga boots but might pop into Office to see their version, depends on how soft the leather is. Nothing worse than sore feet.

    1. I am LOVING Topshop Boutique at the moment. I think I will have to do a blog on them all of their own as they are just rocking it. If you have big feet, I find a block heel and a more rounded/square toe is more flattering than a pointy heel/toe combo!!

  6. I LOVE the peace boots...love your blog...that is all.. Xx

  7. Love the toga boots but will have to settle for the office ones. Do you know if they run true to size I am a 3.5 and can't decide if I need the 3 or 4? Love your blog by the way. You save me money strangely enough because you have helped me streamline my shopping. Thank you.

    1. Oh gosh I don't know, but I will say I"ve never found OFfice shoes on the big side.. I'm in between sizes as well and have found I've always had to go up to my bigger size. And thank you xxx

  8. Hi Kat, I adore boots! Just as well considering the weather.

    The Isabel Marant Raley Boots are on sale here in Brown Thomas (Dublin/Ireland) for the equivalent STG£205.00!!!!


  9. I like the nude ones best, maybe because they're the most summery! Maybe not at that price though, I'd be worried about marking them! But at a more budget friendly price, I'd be there like a shot.
    Your communion outfit is great, wish I could pull that off (too vertically challenged)!
    Not been tempted by the sales yet, bought a lot with discounts already this season though. I am looking a head to autumn (just about), but only because I'm a forward planner by nature. I like to see what's coming so I can see what works best with my wardrobe.

    1. I was sort of hoping that because they were patent they might not mark.. but I guess i'd then worry about them creasing. You really want them in black leather for that money don't you? And actually, on someone as pale as me, the nude may look like I'm not wearing anything on my feet and have just odd shaped tootsies!

      And totally in planning mode for Autumn. x

  10. Thanks for the laugh on a grim old rainy day Kat, your blog never ceases to make me smile - thank you. I didn't think you'd persuade me on this one as I am the one that packs up the winter clothes and shoes and tights at the end of March and refuses to go back until end Sept! However this last week has been challenging and I'm getting bored of wearing loafers and brogues! Might just take a look at the cheaper options but I have just bought some sandals in the sale - ever the optimist!

    1. I am OVER this weather and new boots are a necessary.... At least you'll get wear of them!

  11. Oh they sound perfect. Can you believe it hasn't been warm enough really last year or this year for me to wear my Whistles ones? The two cocoon ones which I would happily wear and used to wear daily on super hot days. But it's just been averagely warm. GAH. I'm not doing Suede boots - I've worked out they defeat the object of boots. I only really want to wear them when it's wet. And then suede boots aren't working for me!! I'm after the Laurence Dacade ones.. I may have to cave... Just to scratch the itch as they're HALF PRICE NOW!!!! The Togas ROCK.

    And the garden furniture (the table and chairs? Don't think I've posted a pic of the sofas yet...) is from www.gardenfurniturecompany.co.uk (I think that's it.. it's the York table)