The LBD reinvented (or should that be MBD)

I'm on a dress roll.  Now I apologise profusely if you are not a fan of dresses. 

At the moment, I have two things on my mind.  Dresses and ankle boots.  So guess what's coming tomorrow.. Maybe..

But in the meantime, yes we're on dresses.  I have decided that I am saving my knees for those days with shorts and the shorter dresses I have.  Which are lovely and perfectly perfectly wearable.   However I shall not be buying anymore.  My days of new short dresses are over.  

And it's the one thing that people constantly say to me - seemingly everyone hates their knees too.  To be fair, even if you love your knees (and I'm only going to mention the W word once). it's too flipping cold to wear anything that exposes a lot of flesh. 

The midi is the way forward.  Or even the maxi.  I'll be honest, I prefer the former but I have to say I am coming round to maxi thinking.. with flat ankle boots and sneakers for now.  

However I am on a midi roll - yet again as I said, look away now if you're offended by a lot of frocks. 

And what's more - I'm on the look out for the perfect LBD.  That's Long Black Dress.  I have a shirt dress from & Other Stories and I would genuinely wear it every day if I could.  I have the blue version on today which I love, but I'm not going to lie - I feel infinitely more at home when it's the black one.

The sales are the perfect time to either a) grab a bargain (in the loosest sense of the word) and buy one that may normally have been out of your budget or b) grab a cheaper high street one to experiment with if it's something you're not sure of - be that all black or midi.

We probably all have an LBD (the little version) but I have come round to thinking that the Long BD is actually a more useful dress to own.  I am going to include some maxis as I know the midi isn't everyone's cup of tea and I can happily do both.

Certainly last year midi dresses (to be fair, I should have called this blog MBDs but that isn't nearly as catchy..although it would cover midi and maxi...) weren't nearly as popular as they are this year and because of their versatility, I can't see them going anywhere.  My knees are certainly going in the wrong direction so my hemlines are only heading one way and that's down. 

Starting with one that I completely covet.  This epitomises versatile.  With sneakers or sandals for every day flinging about (clearly I *fling* and do not just on my way like a normal person), loafers and a nipped in short blazer for a preppier look and throw on heels for the evening.  It would also make the ideal travelling dress for any form of hols.

Joseph Iva Cotton-jersey Dress from Net A Porter was £195 now £117

Sleeveless again and slightly more controversial.... but I still think pretty darn wearable.  So long as you're not over blessed in the boob department.

Opening Ceremony Cut Out Stretch Cotton Midi Dress was £245 now £147

For me though - this is the most wearable.  The perfect black dress.  How easy would this be to wear?  Would you take from a wedding to a funeral, to work, to the school run, to lunch with the girls, the kids or the husband.  Just change shoes and jackets accordingly. 

Also the perfect blank canvas to add colour or print to.

And still 10% off at Wolf & Badger with the code YAY10.

Ashley dress from Tanya Elizabeth £100 pre discount

Eminently wearable chiffon for everyday?  Well why not? 

Y.A.S Tall Waisted Black Chiffon Dress £60

Slightly shorter now (well a lot shorter as it seems the above dress only comes in Tall) and oh boy, this is fabulous. 

Selected Jessi Sleeveless Long Dress with Belt £60

Now for some more reasonably priced throw on black dresses although I see no reason at all why these couldn't be dresses up as above.

I'm assuming the fabric of this will probably be too thin to wear to something super dressy but there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't wear this out on a Summer night with a pair of heeled sandals.  For less than £30.  Pretty much guarantee this will sell out.  Warehouse are having a totally storming season (no pun intended..*listens for thunder and weeps*).

High Neck Midi Dress from Warehouse £29

Similar at M&S - perfect for every day and the ideal beach to bar dress. 

Loose Fit Column Maxi Dress £49.50

Super lightweight by the looks of things at Pull&Bear but perfect for holiday.  The sort of dress you keep for years and years and years (and don't wear bar on holiday but you'll wonder how you ever lived without it).  If you're not into kaftans or sarongs, what do you throw on over your cossie on the beach or by the pool?  One of these, that's what. 

Pull&Bear V Front Midi Dress £19.99

And another fantastic beach throw on number.  Although I would happily double this up as evening wear with a pair of strappy glads...

Monki Exclusive Cut Out Shoulder Dress £20

Onto pure elegance at MaxMara and a jump in price but this is completely stunning and because it goes in machine (I swear there is method in my obsession), it means you can simply wear it all the time. 

This is one of those ideal dresses to buy for an occasion which you can then wear daily after the event.  A dress that will pay for itself.  Wear it a lot you must.

Rosa Dress from Max Mara was £308 now £215

Dressier at All Saints with a silk dress.  It says dry clean - I would so handwash...

Cecilia Dress was £168 now £117

And the Lani Dress - all it needs is a Biker jacket for lunch and a white nipped in blazer and heels for a wedding. 

All Saints Lani Dress was £168 now £117

Ditto the Mia dress in jersey (the Lani is viscose) was £108 now £75

However if we're talking full on occasion then my go to designer for the past two years has been Self Portrait.  Now this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE it.  Ironically I am too flat chested to wear it but on, it is simply the most stunning dress ever (apart from on me).  It doesn't look this see through in real life I promise.  Size up for the love of god though.

Self-Portrait Strapless Dress was £285 now £150

However if you like the look of Self Portrait but not the price, I've found two lace midis at Warehouse for much less, which may well be worth a look. 

Zig Zag Lace Midi Dress from Warehouse £59

Or their Lace Tiered Dress £99

Now this may seem slightly wintery but alas you would have got a shed load of wear out of this Summer.. and would be absolutely perfect to take you into the Autumn.  Plus handwash ergo my obvious choice. 

Nihildas Dress from By Malene Birger was £179 now £126

But I've saved my favourite till last.  Black, check.  Midi, check.  Off shoulder, check.  Less than £50, check.  Ok so it's not the most versatile and you're not going to be wearing this into September (unless we have an Indian Summer and in which case you will be thanking me in spades for pointing this out), but it is simply perfect for throwing on every day when we finally get some sun. 

Cotton Off Shoulder Midi Dress from Warehouse £49 (and I've just gone to order it and it's SOLD OUT in my size.  Foiled.  Darn darn darn it).

So I have managed to find similar at River Island but it's not the same as the one above... ho hum. 

River Island Cheesecloth off the shoulder maxi dress £30

So here I am today - not the one black midi (soon to be rectified) that I own but a blue one... Which is perfect for making the most of my absolutely ancient jacket and boots - I reckon they must be seven years old now.

Porcelain Blue Midi Dress - & Other Stories 
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Peep toe lace up boots - Kurt Geiger
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

I am off out tonight and guess what I'm wearing... well that'll be a midi dress, of course! 

Back tomorrow with I'm not sure what as I have a couple of options that need exploring.  I feel the need to tackle flat ankle boots... and suede.  As much as I said suede wasn't an option for Summer, I fear I may be back peddling..

But the LBD (long version).  Have I convinced you that midi/maxi is the way forward?  Are you a fan or are you one of those lucky nobbly kneed individuals with amazingly toned, brown, hair free legs (I know mine could be the latter easily but lazy I am and mine always seem to look less smooth and more plucked chicken) who can sport teeny shorts or a mini?  
I have both feet and knees firmly entrenched in the midi/maxi camp.

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17 comentarios:

  1. I think the problem with those self portrait and similar dresses is that they're getting a bit ubiquitous. Every wedding and christening you see them now. Really like you in the stories dress!! X

    1. I still think they are gorgeous gorgeous dresses though. And as someone who struggles to buy dresses, I'm super happy with them!

  2. I've never been a lover of the midi dress as they seem to end at the most unflattering place on my calfs, and at only 5ft 4in maxi dresses make me feel even shorter than I am. However, I have been hankering over a lace midi dress with a leather biker. After you tried the floral maxis from Boohoo I decided to try this and I am more than pleased. I have actually cut the underskirt off at the knees as at the full length it felt a bit granny, and now it looks great X

    1. For some - midi is definitely better just below the knee as opposed to mid calf. Trial and error but I will say if you do have a longer dress - heels can make the WORLD of difference!

  3. Oh I do love those Allsaints dresses! I have absolutely no need for one, but if I ever do need an LBD I will be looking there first. I think midi dresses need to catch your legs at the most flattering point,or they can make your legs look shorter and wider, the right style is great, though.

  4. Gotta love ASOS premier - saw the Monki LBD on your blog late last night, ordered and it came at 10:30 this morning! Love it! I've also got the spotty one that I saw someone wearing in a cafe and managed to track down! Holiday wardrobe sorted!

  5. AHA! Outfit for Coldplay sounds amazing. (I must be the only person on the planet who can't stand them..!)

    And I ADORE my red Gucci set! I think the shoes are true to size but size up if you're in between sizes xxx

  6. Hi Kat... I've ordered the maxi embroided Zara dress (with giraffe/flowers on the top part, black in colour) in their sale. You blogged about it in the past and you suggested shortening it - genius suggestion - midi will be more wearable than the maxi length... Waiting for it to arrive and decide on what length to adjust to.... So thank you for your inspiration x

    1. Oh I LOVE that dress. I may have to go and order it too.....

    2. So do I!!! .... Did you order? Keep me posted on length adjustment! Love to see what you do with yours if you keep -thanks Kat xx

    3. Have a massive Zara return to do tomorrow so am going to see what's in store!

  7. They are exactly the same colour!

  8. Replies
    1. Will keep you posted... is it in stock in all sizes? If it is, I may well play chicken and leave it till the last min to buy as it will go down more..

  9. Great idea - currently only sizes XS & S online - so imagine you'll be fine in either! Mines on its way.... ! X