Winter Florals

So first up, this is an opportunity for me to show you something I'm ridiculously proud of... 

I was asked to be Guest Editor of the Editor's Picks at Stella Magazine - which was incredibly exciting (for me - clearly the kids weren't remotely impressed.  "Is that it?" said the 11yr old...).  And the topic was Winter Florals..


So I "obviously" chose a maxi dress (all yawn), rang the changes with a bomber jacket (whoop whoop - it's GREEN leather.  Can I repeat - Green.  Leather....) but it has made me think - winter florals are a good idea in any guise. 

And thinking towards a blog I'm doing tomorrow about Christmas separates (nothing arse about face with regards to this scheduling at all, is there...), today, I'm about wearing winter florals as a top. 

Thinking of festive parties and events - as I always say, not everyone loves a full on dress number so separates are a great alternative.  Plus it's not always a full on party.  Ok so I'm actually planning on wearing "loungewear" on Christmas Day (much to the utter disgust of my 13yr old - oh the irony, coming from someone who in the holidays can sometimes not get dressed until 4pm!) but lots of people do like to get "dressed up" (I'm assuming not in fancy dress..) for their family lunches.  

And be that on Christmas Day or any time over the holiday season, there are definitely times when you want to make a bit more of an effort. 

So my suggestion today is... drum roll.. (as I've just realised I already said so hardly a surprise, sorry) - a Winter Floral top.  What can you wear these with?  Whatever takes your fancy - according to your style, shape or the occasion.  Jeans (I'd go with a bit of shoe detail or even belt bling - note to self, MUST do a belt blog), any shape of trousers that work for you or even a skirt - some will work tucked in, some with gathered hems you could wear over the top of the waistband.  

Starting with one that does seem to be most ubiquitous this year - the round neck top with a bit of sleeve action.

Black Floral Top from Dorothy Perkins was £24 now £15

A higher neck one in green from Dorothy Perkins again (there is 50% off a lot at DP for Black Friday - alas, this isn't included).  Love the gathered hem to this.

Green Floral Print High Neck Blouse £28

But the above does look really good value when you look at the one from Paul Smith.   Clearly the stye of the season. 

PS by Paul Smith Frill Collar & Cuff Marine Floral Shirt in Navy £175

It's the floral gift that keeps on giving...

Snowdrop Floral Print by Warehouse £29

Higher neck at Glamorous.

Glamorous Long Sleeve Floral Print Top with Frills £35

Vila Floral Printed Long Sleeve Ruffle Top £30

Looser at French Connection.  Perfect to hide that mince pie muffin.

Lisette Crepe Round Neck Top £65 from French Connection

Crew neck at Boden with slightly sheer sleeves.

Plus 30% off Boden klaxon.  With the code N6D5.  It's the start of the Black Friday madness.  I'm going to mention that once and leave it there as I can't really get my head around whether I want to do ALL my Christmas shopping this weekend.  Or none of it.  At the moment, all I can feel is PRESSURE and so am burying my head in the sand.

Erica Top in the navy wisteria £80

Or the dark burgundy wisteria again £80

Then we move onto the shirt, v neck and wrap options (THANK GOD I can hear all of you more blessed in the breast department than me, yell).

Floral Print Bird Shirt from Warehouse £39

Now they call this a blouse, but again, I would say this is a shirt.  There is also a matching skirt to go with it which then turns it into a dress, which I think is all sorts of awesome.  If you like dresses.. but moving swiftly on.  You could always have it as a dress if it takes your fancy and then wear the skirt with another top - or chunky jumper?

Black Floral Print Long Shirt from Warehouse £39

Detachable tie version in two different colourways at Boden.  So ideal to wear with the tie - use the tie as a choker or just unbutton for a v neck look (and remember to put the tie in a safe place.  But not too safe.  Otherwise you'll never find it again.  Actually you're probably all mostly a lot more organised than I am.  I have reached the stage of entering a room and wondering the chuff I'm doing in there).

Sofia Silk Blouse from Boden £110 pre discount.

Or in the blue version (oh hello navy and black combo).

The wrap versions now - love this one from Gestuz.  Perfect to wear into the Spring too.  As pretty much all of these are frankly.  They're just florals you can wear in Winter.  Not Winter Florals. Clear as mud?

Gestuz Moxie Floral Print in Gold £150

Fashion Union Kimono Blouse £26

Wrapping it up again at Anthropologie.  And if you use the code "itsyours" you should get 20% off.  I can't confirm this as I haven't used it (I've already bought and worn my dresses and coat - DANG IT) but some lovely person messaged it to me on Insta.

Gail Wrap Blouse £88 (am trying to ignore how epic the earrings are...).

And then the simple V necks.

Green Floral Print V-neck Blouse £28 from Dorothy Perkins

V neck again at Anthro - this time one to sit over jeans and trousers - or would be ideal with the elasticated bottom (doesn't sound v glamorous but is rather useful) to sit over the top/at the waistband of a skirt. 

Miranda Tie Cuff Blouse from Anthropologie £88 pre discount.

ASOS Plunge top with gathered waist in floral £34

ASOS Kimono Sleeve Blouse £36 

Finishing with me in something floral.  Ok so it's obviously a dress... duh.  This was from Sunday night when I went to Roka on Aldwych for a friend's birthday for dinner.  Bottomless brunch (at 5pm...).  The food was phenomenal, the wine or prosecco is free flowing (until they serve pud and then it's no more booze but at that point, you really don't need any more.  Unless they're espresso martinis....).  Highly recommended.


Floral Dress - Anthropologie (this season online now)
Red boots - Zara (this season online now)
Earrings - Zara (this season but sold out)
Half Moon Bag - APC (SS16 but still available)

And here is a sneak preview of what I've got coming up tomorrow, this is me wearing last year's versions but these would work perfectly for most of the tops above.  OR how about the jeans from yesterday?  Jeans, floral top, heels (or sparkly flats).


Black Blake Blazer - Mos Mosh Jeans (g this season)
Red earrings - Topshop (this season - online now)
Black wide leg trousers - M&S (last A/W)
Sweatshirt - FWP-by Rae (g this season but only XS left)
Tools Bag - Balenciaga (last A/W)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham (SS16)
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace (g SS16 but still available)

Hopefully this is an idea for those who don't want to do full on Christmas but perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a new top which will be versatility itself from now into Spring. 

I am off this evening to a book thingy... with the 13yr old.  Sarah Jane.. somebody (yup I am the WORST parent on the planet and no I obviously haven't read any of her books, no I don't really know who she is or what we're going to) but she did ask if she could go and I did book the tickets.  How you can say no to that?  Even though it's in central London on a Wednesday night in the arse end of Westminster.  May her love of literature be longlived.  I feel I am slightly redeeming myself in the parenting stakes.  

Although clearly not enough that I actually got tickets for the Jingle Bell Ball.  Big.  Fat.  Fail... according to all three of my small beggars.  I didn't know they would want to go.. or maybe I did and didn't really know it was on.  Or what it even really is.  I am a Radio One listener as Nick Grimshaw is my spirit animal.  Don't ask... The husband says this in itself is grounds enough for divorce....And on that point of oversharing....

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14 comentarios:

  1. Well done on the Stella piece, how exciting!

    I bought a Boden floral top this morning, with the Reception Christmas party in mind. I have no idea what to wear to it - I feel like I am setting out my stall for the whole of the rest of school life!

    1. Oh god don’t worry please!!!!! Hopefully it will be a class that love a drink so no one will remember what you were wearing!!!

  2. Boden does seem the place to go for florals, I have several things from seasons past (and they are a little different than the stereotypical boden), but the one that's pushing my buttons right now is the blue tie cuff one from Anthro, and with a discount it would be rude not to!
    Btw if belts are your thing check out Elliot Rhodes, 20% off everything, with a few things at 50% off!

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?? I will deffo check out Elliot Rhodes thank you. Xxxx

  3. I really need to stop reading your blog (��) as I have instantly developed a burning need for the Gestuz AND both the Anthro wrap. Can’t you do a blog on something I don’t like? Like wheelbarrows? No, come to think of it, I’d only end up with a row of wheelbarrows for different occasions lined up in the garage....

    1. Thing is, they are super versatile. IF they’re the sort of thing you would wear. Like me with dresses, biker jackets, trainers.. anything that you wear a LOT of and can dress up and down and offers versatility to your outfits, I think you can justify having more of.

      Alas for me, that’s not floral tops!!! Don’t get me started on the dresses tho....!!!

  4. Ummm, can’t put my finger on it but I’m really not feeling the flower power love! I find blouses messy for some reason - tucked in is prissy (on me), out is sloppy. Im with you, a dress is much easier altogether!

    1. Now I definitely felt like this about all blouses a couple of years ago. Whereas I can’t get enough of a silky plain one now... maybe it’s only a matter of time before I embrace the flower power.. But for the moment. I’ll take a plain blouse now and a print dress... !!

    2. For me it's about the cut at the bottom, it needs to be shaped/ curved somehow, not just straight across, then I can wear it out. Otherwise I do like the half tuck, seems more modern and not prissy.

    3. THIS! That's why some of the ones with an elasticated bottom (which no, I couldn't make sound more unglamorous if I tried...) are so handy. Also I find the silky ones, you can tuck in easily as they're like tissue paper and don't create any bulge. Anything that's too heavy in fabric is trickier to tuck in without creating an exceptionally thick middle (for me anyway as I'm already thickest at my middle).

  5. Bought a lovely green floral silk wrap blouse in the summer which I've been saving as it felt more like a winter piece (purply/maroony flowers). Not usually a floral person, but this is sublime. Also just had my head turned by this at & Other Stories - their Lou Doillon collection Love that baroque feel to it, even though it is way removed from my usual style.

    1. That's very D&G! Sometimes I LOVE to wear something that's completely not what I would usually wear. I find often, if I team it with something that I'm very comfortable in, it doesn't feel quite so alien. And then there are times, when I try something outside of my usual style, it works so well, it then becomes part of my style. To me, that's the beauty of fashion - how it evolves with the times and how often, by adding just one or two new things into your old favourites, you can give your wardrobe and you, a completely new lease of life!

      So I would say try the sweatshirt (it's also has a real festive feel to it I think!)

  6. U must forgive me because I'm FOREIGN, but it really bothers me (you are not the only one) to say you will be doing a blog on something. This is your blog and then you write POSTS.