It's a marmite one

The one shoulder top.  It's not for everyone.  You can wear these with a strapless bra and I know lots of people do.  Personally I swing free (and that's just way too much information right there, I apologise now) as I like a loose top and not a fitted one.  No nips on show here.

However yes, a strapless bra would work, but apologies if this is something that doesn't float your boat.  Normal service will be resumed tomorrow with something that isn't bra specific. 

In the meantime, though these are a very useful Summer top.  Well - for those who like them.  But they're not going to be for everyone, that's for sure.  I happen to be a big fan.  Other people will like a cold should top which isn't for me - ditto a bardot top.  I don't mind them, I just prefer full tops and one shoulder numbers also happen to be a winner.  Horses for courses and wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same thing?

But for me - somehow they work.  Randomly I can wear a bardot dress but I struggle with a top (this sounds like I am Mrs but I do know, having had various conversations with people, this is "a thing".. they ping up... and a dress doesn't for some reason).  The one shoulder top job somehow works.  It's comfortable (so long as the bra thing doesn't bother you... strapless or au naturale) and is just that bit different. 

I have invested in two this season - one from M&S which is much dressier (pictured below) and the other from hush which is ridiculously comfortable and easy to dress up or down.  I've recently spoken at a couple of events with hush with regards to holiday dressing (and my beloved capsule wardrobe) which I will report back on in the next week or so.  

This however, is a sneak peak.

One Shoulder Top from hush £60

The dressier navy one which comes in and out of stock online as well as being in some stores.

Off the Shoulder Sleeveless Top from M&S £39.50

Similar to the hush one but in red and with the addition of a ruffle.

Ichi One Shoulder Ruffle Top was £29.99 now £18

Navy at Warehouse.

One Shoulder Crepe Frilled Top in navy £20

Black at Coast with lots in stock at Debenhams (sold out many other places). 

Coast Victoria One Shoulder Top £59

ASOS One Shoulder Tiered top £25

ASOS Minimal Crepe Top with One Shoulder was £28 now £19.50

And I was surprised to see that this one was from Miss Selfridge. Love it. 

Miss Selfridge One Shoulder Bow Top in nude was £28 now £19.50

White at Coast with most stock at John Lewis.

Coast Thea One Shoulder Top £59

Print at Warehouse. 

Pansy Pop Tie One Shoulder Top £29

Print again at ASOS. 

One Shoulder Top in Bandana Print £28

And finishing with a couple of boho numbers.  Clearly these are not for me - I would LOVE to wear them but I just look in the mirror and think Mama Mia.  Meryl Streep though - not the young foxy one.  Not for me.  But other people can rock them.  I am all the jealous. 

ASOS One Shoulder Top with Embroidery £28

In the red and blue.  LOVE.  On other people.  Please can someone buy these so I can live vicariously through them.

And here I am in mine from the last couple of days. 

Firstly out out on Friday night. 


Top - M&S
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Sandals - Reiss
Bag - Tory Burch

And yesterday for a wonderful day on hols.  The weather was amazing.. and then it wasn't... but I met up with one of my best friends and a glass and half of prosecco - literally that was all we had - abstemious or WHAT! I am v aware that I go to Ibiza on Saturday.  Although I may have left reparations a tad too late... Nothing that a kaftan can't hide!


Black one shoulder top - hush
Cropped harems - hush
Cara sandals - Apiedi
Tools bag - Balenciaga

Today, I am off to hunt down a copy of The Times as there is an article featuring the more mature Instagrammer which includes me.  Too excited.  Seriously, I am so uncool about this and am tempted to have wallpaper made with it on.  

The circus this afternoon in Aldeburgh aka keeping it real.  This is the best/worst circus EVER and we've been going for five years.  You can keep your Cirque de Soleil.  This is proper entertainment.. (and please can no one disabuse my children of this notion!).

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4 comentarios:

  1. Nooo, that M&S one is out of stock, what a shame.
    Don't live in the UK so can't look in store either, gutted

    1. It has definitely come back into stock so do keep looking!

  2. the M&S one has driven me mad searching for it, not been able to get it for weeks. keep hoping they might get more in stock.

    1. They DID restock, so everything crossed they still do.. OR they quite often bring out a very similar one if something is really popular. Sorry can't be of more help!