Blingle Bells

So this year I am truly getting into the Christmas spirit.  I've decreed the entire month of December celebration time.  Which means bling. 

Today, we're going for sequins.  And I'm going to stick my neck out and say they shouldn't just be kept for party time.   I want you to wear these during the day.  I had a lovely day out in London yesterday and at the last minute, threw on my sequin top.  Within half an hour of arriving in London, three people had said how much they loved my top.  A great way to start the day.  I just felt festive.

The top I have is a silver and black one from H&M last year.  Which was cheap as chips.  And to be fair, you can tell.  The quality is absolutely crud.  I bleed sequins as I walk.  I call it my Hansel & Gretel top.  This time next year, it's probably going to be bald.  But I love it.  It's not going to last forever, but I'm going to get my money's worth out of it in the meantime, even though my arm attaches itself to my body every 3 minutes and I lose thirty more sequins every time I have to detach myself.  Apart from that, it's ace.

This looks like this year's version in black.  I don't think it's as fitted as mine perhaps but it's definitely worth a go for less than £30. I adore the high neck but then I'm a polo neck addict.

This looks most like the one I have and I would say it's probably a lot better quality.  Adore this.

But honestly, this is the one I'm after.  Seriously seriously lusting over.   It was in fact, a By Malene Birger one from three years ago that made me fall in love with sequin tops.  It was a gold version of this at a similar scary price.  Interestingly, this is hand wash so you could wear it frequently.  And as it's green, I don't think there's any reason why you should only wear this for Christmas time?  Oh hello Birthday (in Jan) outfit.  Dare I play chicken with this in the sale?  Or should I super indulge now...

I know not everyone loves a high neck - which is handy as I can't find any more.  

This I've seen and it's amazing.  The perfect every day sequin top at a great price.

Great idea with a skirt.

Moving the colour boundaries again.

In a pink shade again at hush (also in black). 

Or a silver version. 

However there is another option if you're not into full on sequins.  Just a hint of sparkle.

And so here I am in mine yesterday.  Fantastic day annual afternoon out with the husband for our Christmas lunch. 

Sequin top - H&M
Black wide leg trousers - M&S
Copeland glitter trainers - Air & Grace
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

I have had a day of doing battle yet again with BT.  Our wifi is ridiculously sporadic (ie you can't actually do anything really on it) and my phone refuses to connect to it at all.   An engineer came out and said there was a problem.  Excellent.  He then said he was going up the road to see if he could identify the fault was.  And never came back!  I then got an a text from BT saying they had been unable to fix the fault.  And...and sweet diddly FA.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.  No number on which I can contact them apart from going through the torture (and if you haven't done it - oh dear lord, it is torture) of their automated phone system.   Which I will have to do tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

So sequins.. yay or nay?  Have I managed to convince you to wear during the day?

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15 comentarios:

  1. Love the h&m and mango options, I would definitely get involved with some daytime sequin action if I didn't have a 6month old who wouldn't enjoy being pressed up against the sequins whilst I carted him around. Next year though...

    1. ooh yes I can see that might be painful! Happy first Christmas with your baby.. too sweet!

  2. Sequins all the way..all the day..all the year...I just love to sparkle!! 💫 Merry Christmas Kat to you and yours...xx

  3. Good luck with BT. I just swictched from TalkTalk for an admitedl vey big cashbakc. But I nearly threw myself out of the window.

    Love sequins but think I'm a bit past it . But that's not to say I don't like metallic and a bit of sparkle: I have an emerald green lurex crew neck sweater I bought from Cos years ago. And recently bought a gorgeous long silver pleated skirt from ASOS. That with ankle boots and an oversized grey cashmere sweater is my go to winter look - with a big black coat or leather jacket. Sorted! x

  4. Love sequinned tops especially the more matte versions.

    Definitely going to wear one!

    1. I have to say I used to think matte but I'm now of the opinion, the more bling the better!

  5. Ooooh excited that I picked up a matte gold Zadig & Voltaire sequinned number at TKMaxx for £37! And now I know how to style it thank you!

    1. I've got my blazer from there which I am so looking to wearing too!

  6. I'm for the last redoute versions, especially the navy one. Not sure I'd feel comfortable in the full on versions, but take my hat off for those who do.
    I'm definately more of a lace and velvet girl, and I do wear both in the daytime. Both go really well with denim or a cosy knit if I want to dress more casual.

    1. Ah now lace is something that I really really struggle with. And I haven't really done velvet this season either. Although I did get hold of the fabulous dress - am just super hoping it stretches..!

  7. RE the broadband, do you have a chromecast thingy? We do and our broadband suddenly packed up (Plusnet owned by BT).

    Eventually OH found out that Google had updated the chromecast software which was knocking out the broadband. Unplugged Chromecast and problem solved.

    1. Hmm I don't think so but I'm not entirely sure what that is. (all the shame). Ok just asked the husband and no. we don't! They have said that the problem isn't with anything in our house but is an outside network issue. The engineer told me that, said he was going to check the network further up in the woods near our house and never came back!!!!! I then get a text from BT telling me unfortunately they couldn't fix the problem. End of text. WTAF?!!!!

    2. We had trouble with our chromecast too, but that was because the router the fibernet company provided was rubbish, we bought a better one and haven't had any major issues since.
      I would look into another provider if I was you Kat. My aged p's have talk talk and are happy with it, although they've only just gone wifi, which demanded my dad change his old steam powered pc. Mum's now got a tablet, which she seems to be getting the hang of, great at the age of 78!