Leopard is a neutral

Just call me a stuck record.  

But it is.  And if you're thinking about a new handbag and are toying between black, tan or any other neutral shade, then can I throw leopard into the mix?

You will be super surprised at how versatile these are.  They genuinely go with everything.  I promise.  As I have one.  Actually I have two.  Both of mine are small and both are gorgeous.  And I use both a lot.  For day and night.  Problem being though that they are small and as much I have cut down on what I use, I do tend to cart around more than fits into an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny leopard bag.  Therefore I am on the look for a bigger one.  But that doesn't mean that a smaller one isn't useful so I'm flinging some of them in too.

Easing you in gently with ones that aren't full on leopard. Although randomly, I find the all over leopard easier to wear as they're more neutral. I know that sounds bizarre but honestly, try it. They go with navy, with black, with stripes, with any print - don't knock it till you've tried it.

Mint Velvet Pippa Bag was £99 now £79  But there's only one in stock and alas it's still full price at £99 at Mint Velvet.

Again with a black strap although definitely a lighter shade of leopard at John Lewis. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Yarley Cross Body Bag £179

A bargain now.

Otis Buckle Bag from Topshop was £29 now £20

And one of the ones I have although I always use it as a clutch and not a cross body.  It does however work perfectly as a cross body but I have another I use for that purpose.

Thurlaston in Camel from Village England £95

Or the Chelmorton in Jaguar £135

But I've always been a sucker for a number of pocket which is why this one appeals from Whistles.  The more zippy up areas = the more I can stuff in.   It's also a good size - bigger than a clutch but not black hole-esque.

Cornelia Triple Zip Bag from Whistles £160

And some more "out there" versions - again, randomly, the more you put on it, the more versatility it has.  In my humble opinion...

Accessorize Multi Patchwork Camera Bag £29

However if you're going down the Accessorize route, then my choice would definitely be the Bonnie.  As you can buy separate straps.  Which are divine. IF you're not the jolly green giant.  Otherwise they make your bag hang just under your boob.  So you have a whiff of Forrest Gump about you.  Not good.  But if you're of a normal stature then please please buy these as they're amazing. 

Bonnie Camera Bag £19

And in a slightly different shade. 

Not forgetting the camera straps - of which there is a selection on line.

Adeline Wide Bag Strap £12 

And there's also the leather version.  Not entirely sure if the strap of this is detachable.  But a leather bag for less than £30 is pretty amazing.  The £20 one above is good but you can easily tell it's not leather.  For only a tenner more - oh hello Giselle.

Giselle Leather Camera Bag £29

Similar shape from JCrew which is sold out online there but you can get, in the sale (all whoop) from  Net-a-Porter (and if I didn't have my red Gucci bag I would be buying this in a heartbeat).

JCrew Signet Paneled Calf Hair and Leather Bag was £249 now £164  Randomly tempted to buy it anyway... *puts down wine swiftly*.

I have to say though, for the money, my bag of choice would definitely be the cross body bag from Jaeger. 

Parker Leopard Cross-body bag from Jaeger was £175 now £110

Another one I would love although it's so similar to the Tory Burch one I have and so I would need the bigger version (the Igor) which is really hard to get hold of.  I do have to put this on though, in the hope that it will inspire me to find something amazing when we head to France tomorrow.

Bobi Bag from Jerome Dreyfuss from Monniers Freres £526 and you can still order from there in plenty of time for Christmas.  Really good delivery for French brands - definitely definitely worth bookmarking.

AND AND AND I think you can get 30% off with the code NOEL.  Worth a try at least....*picks up wine and credit card*.

But if you were going to blow the budget then Lanvin, you're up. 

Lanvin Essential Leopard Calf Hair and Leather Bag was £1230 now £861  (love the way they think is "essential".  I need the person that named this in my life).

So that's my list.  I will admit , I am toying between a new leopard and a new black bag.  Or maybe tan... What do you consider your most versatile coloured bag?

Finishing with my pic from today - the first day of hols with my boys.  A quick trip to Bluewater this morning to see Santa (an excellent grotto by the way - really different with a great cuddly toy at the end - v good quality, mine have a couple now and really do treasure them.  I know - go figure).  All going so well until the 8yr old told Santa he wanted Onki Overdrive, which we've managed to persuade him (or so we thought) was a really bad idea (it is a really bad idea.  He doesn't even like cars - it's just his friend has it ergo he wants it.  Chances of him playing with it more than once?  Zero.  And for £200 plus with extra cars, absolutely no blooming way).  Cue meltdown.  Followed by desperate attempts at trying to find something else he wants, seeing as the Guitar Hero set from Amazon was "lost" and it's now sold out everywhere, apart from the one I've ordered on Ebay of which there is obviously no chance of arriving (or working if it does.. anyone else hate Ebay?)

A day of no stress whatsoever.  And no, I still haven't wrapped anything.

Dress - hush
Onyx jacket - hush
Copeland Glitter Trainers - Air & Grace
Half Moon Bag - APC

I should clearly be wrapping.  Or packing.  I might instead be drinking wine.  Tis the season to be jolly, no?  

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24 comentarios:

  1. Get that wrapping done!
    Just do a few at a time, so it doesn't become too mammoth!
    As I'm a navy girl, it has to be a navy bag that is the most versatile. I have a great medium sized cross body, which I've jazzed up a bit with a navy and silver double tassle. I also have a slightly muted cobalt bag which I've had about ten years (the start of me buying better quality bags, and ditching the cheap ones I'd throw out after 6 months), it's convertible from under the arm to cross body.
    My next purchase is likely to be a black leather bag with blue fur, it'll be my version of your leopard bag!

    1. I have never been able to master the navy bag.... Like the sound of a cobalt one though. I do think - totally randomly - the most statement the bag, the more neutral it is as the whackiness makes it stand out so much it blends in! (and I'm only one coffee in this morning so can't even blame the caffeine for that rather random statement!!)

      I do think there's something to be said for a bargain treat bag but there's no doubt the better quality ones do have more longevity. OR is it that you're more likely to keep it as you spent more on it.. I think that's also a factor!!

    2. Oh and the only reason I'm not wrapping is because my children are EVERYWHERE!!!!

    3. I think my cheaper bags have tended to be impulse buys, whereas the more expensive ones have had more thought put into them. And strangely they didn't have to be that much more expensive, but have definitely been a lot better quality.

  2. Love your casual maxi for shopping - is it no longer available? I have the M&S AUTOGRAPH Ribbed Tie-Front Long Sleeve Tunic Dress which I adore, and need more casual winter maxis if you fancy doing a blog on that! Sarah x

    1. SUPER spooky - I'm doing a blog today on dresses. This one isn't alas, it's sold out at hush. Although I'm now projecting into S/S... but ones you can wear now. I tried that Autograph dress on - you must have an amazing figure. My arse and legs looked like a sack of rugby balls. NOT GOOD!!!! But I have some gems up my sleeve, fear not.

    2. There were some Hush Giselles available today in a few sizes if that helps!

    3. Wonderful! Looking forward to the dresses post! Not sure about my figure, that dress seems to just cling in the right places and disguise the rest!! Sarah x

    4. The Hush Giselle looks lovely but I'm looking for some more casual maxis ... can't wait ...

  3. I bought an oxblood cross body bag last winter and it's been a lot more versatile than I ever thought it would be. It goes with everything including my beloved leopard print and even worked well in the summer as an alternative to tan. Sarah x

    1. That is a perfect colour actually. In fact, there was a Jerome Dreyfuss bag to DIE for in the shop but I had my heart set on leopard or black. I'm secretly hoping the JD bags will be 5p in France. I know this isn't going to happen...

  4. Your hair and makeup are gorgeous here in the pic. And THANK GOD I wasn't brought up with wrapped Santa presents.. hence my kids get theirs unwrapped in their piles! Phew! Great blog as always. Happy Xmas & enjoy France, Audrey xx

    1. Neither was I!! That's what makes me WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. It's definitely not an Irish thing. I'm just a bloody cretin. We used to get a sack with it all lobbed in. I wonder if I can tell them Santa had too much to do this year?!

  5. Can't use NOEL for the Bobi bag sadly

  6. Is there a possible half-way house for wrapped Santa presents - no sellotape, just scrunch each one in a sheet of tissue paper before shoving into the stocking? I think that's what I used to do ...

    1. Tin foil is festive, and doesn't need tape! My husband's favorite 'wrapping paper'!!!!
      Must say, he has wrapped my present beautifully this year, proper paper,and a neatly tied bow!

  7. Leopard IS a neutral! This statement really offends my husband. Love the whistles bag.

    My most versatile bag is a black givenchy bag but I think it is the shape rather than the colour that means I feel like it can be used for anything- just the right amount of structure and slouchiness..

  8. Forrest Gump �������� x

  9. That was meant to be a laughing emoji x

  10. I knew there had to be an explanation... British in laws acted like I had peed on the turkey when I said we didn't wrap children's presents for under the tree. Randomly youngest offspring's Brit genes must be kicking in as she has demanded everything be wrapped... with bows... preferably pink. Is it too early to start hitting the mulled wine?!

  11. I knew there had to be an explanation... British in laws acted like I had peed on the turkey when I said we didn't wrap children's presents for under the tree. Randomly youngest offspring's Brit genes must be kicking in as she has demanded everything be wrapped... with bows... preferably pink. Is it too early to start hitting the mulled wine?!

  12. This blog inspired me to finally find a leopard print bag that I've wanted For ages and I finally managed to track down the perfect one for me. A zadig and Voltaire bag with chain strap from style bop with gorgeous red lining. Would still like the lanvin but will keep and eye for for another price drop. Loving this blog although it's costing me a fortune. :-D

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