It's back.....

30% off at Mango.  With the code VIP16.

Happy Christmas to you too!

So.  Where do we start?  Well firstly with the rules.  Nothing New In is included.  Bah humbug.  And anything that starts with an 8.  Oh and leather is only 20% off.  And you can you only use the code once.  But apart from that - the website if your oyster.  

I'm going fishing.  Before we dive in (I'm here all week folks), I should probably take a minute to throw in some sales rules as this is pretty much sales shopping.  And if you're anything like me - pure panic sets in.  Sales FOMO.  Fear of missing out. 

So I'm looking at the sales with two main purposes - things that I can wear both now and into the Spring.  They are the rules.  Nothing that I can only wear for the Christmas season and nothing that I won't be wearing till the Spring.  

Oh and I must also LOVE it.  Can't just sort of like it - have to properly love love it.  That's not hard to keep to is it?

Starting with a velvet option that will easily see you into the warmer months.  For now - with a lace high neck (or low neck - you choose) blouse and coated skinnies as a smart option.  Heading into next year, with a tee or silk top and jeans.  For every day.  The one thing I didn't know I needed is a nude velvet jacket.  Although I personally have a sequin one which gets dragged out every year and is always commented on with immense positivity so I don't really need this one too.  But then again, isn't there the argument that it's so useful, it could do with a partner in crime?

Velvet Blazer £89.99 in nude

Certainly come Spring, my jacket of choice is always always always a blazer.  And you can never go wrong with a black one.  I think that velvet, whilst historically being quite a festive fabric, is set to go mainstream next year.  I guarantee we will be wearing on a daily basis come Easter. 
Velvet Blazer in black £49.99

And the hems are set to drop even further than midi.  Maxi skirts and dresses are going to be super popular next year.  Along with wide leg trousers.  A cropped jacket is a must for next season.

Cropped Velvet Blazer £69.99

More classic black.

Satin Lapels Blazer £49.99

And then we come onto my other jacket of choice - the good old biker.  In only a few years, this has become a classic in many wardrobes, mine included and this, an oversized animal version, would be ridiculously easy to justify. 

Animal design jacket £39.99

Or more fitted in leopard again.

Animal Pattern Jacket £69.99

If we're thinking about next season though - this look below, sums up how I would like to look.  I am so obsessed with wide leg trousers, I can't tell you.  And did I mention how much I love a black blazer?

Structured crepe blazer £69.99

Here is the t-shirt.  I am going to buy this tee on the principal that everyone assumes I was born in 1970 when I wear my Bella Freud jumpers (I wasn't) so obviously everyone will therefore think I was born in 1984.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  (probably not).

Printed Cotton t-shirt £15.99

These are a punchier move now but I have always always hankered after a pair of metallic trousers.  Perfect for those last minute Christmas outfits - wear with a silk shirt and a black blazer for nights out.  Or for a dress down outfit - oversized cashmere jumper.  
Metallic Trousers £35.99

Still loving a pair of trousers and instead of a black pair - how about forest green.  Teamed with grey and white, this is a gorgeous colour combo.

Cotton Suit Trousers in Forest Green £35.99

And I spy with my little eye - loafers.  Yes, I have a couple of pairs.  But mine are flat.  If you fancy a mid heel, look no further than these.  Day or night, these will transform an outfit.

Metallic heel loafer £59.99

And in the salmon £59.99

Or flat. 

Fur leather loafers £59.99

Or plain black £59.99

And of course I can't forget my beloved sneakers.  Variation on a theme - I'm loving these.

Contrast panel sneakers £35.99

And loads more besides.  I could go on all evening, in fact, I am off to have another look - definitely worth considering the 100% cashmere and I've earmarked some wide leg trousers for a blog on Thursday.  Although the offer does only last until 15th December.  Use online with the code VIP16.  

Would love to know anything I've missed - haven't even looked at the dresses.  Am trying to wean myself off the obsession (although I made the mistake of looking at a Chloe dress on The Outnet and every ad that pops up anywhere on my computer is more ridiculously expensive but divine maxi dresses.  Make.  It.  Stop).

Anyway, sorry I wasn't around yesterday - I took the day off.  Poorly boy needed looking after.  Now I'm no Florence Nightingale but when my 10yr old is ill, it means he's really sick.  His Asperger's means that his pain threshold is ridiculously high and he normally carries on regardless, with aches and pains that most of us would take to our beds with.  So when he's not well, it's serious.  He can't verbalise how he feels ill, he just doesn't move or speak (which is a novelty...!)  An entire day yesterday on the sofa with a sky high temperature and a super croaky voice.  Hacking cough all night, still hot as a hot thing this morning so off to the docs.  And he's got tonsillitis and a chest infection.  How guilty do I feel? 

So another day on the sofa and the same for tomorrow.  Maybe back at school on Thursday depending on how he feels.  I have had nothing to do this week - yeah right...WEEPS with how much I've had to cancel and how much I have to do before they finish school on Friday.  But am making the most of being able to spend one on one time with him.  And pigging out on Christmas movies!

Outfit from today - from quick trip to Drs and emergency dash to M&S for supplies. 

Grey Milano top - Me+Em
Grey Milano culottes - Me+Em
Black jersey layering polo neck - M&S
Black coat - Jaeger
Black patent sneakers - Woden
Leopard patent bag - Tory Burch

Got a sitter tonight to go to the school carol concert and am now finishing off the list of things I have had to rearrange this week.  On the upside, the husband has said he should be able to work from home on Thursday as I have my long awaited hair appointment!!!  First world problems and all that. 

I'm off to peruse the rest of the Mango website - *just in case* (famous last words which, of course, break all the rules...) and make a list of movies to watch tomorrow.  It could be so so much worse! 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Is there a code, I couldn't see the discount?
    I'm definately in on the velvet, just ordered a velvet t-shirt so it'll be great to wear it into spring!
    Hope your boy is on the mend soon.

    1. Sorry - I did say it but buried it stupidly in the text!! It's VIP16 xx

  2. Poor poorly boy.

    I work round the corner from George Northwood (and get my hair cut there by Fabz). I will look out for you!

    1. OOH do and say hi!! I'm there at 10!! Ridiculously excited...

  3. What is the code please for 30% off , thanks x

    1. VIP16!! Sorry - did say but it was buried in the text xxxx

  4. Code for me is VIP16

  5. Valid for 1 purchase only per customer at MANGO, MANGO Man, MANGO Kids and Violeta by MANGO stores in the UK (except Outlet stores) for the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. *Excludes items from the Spring/Summer 17 collection, whose reference begins with an 8, and items included in the New now! section at Leather items will have a 20% discount. On public holidays on which the stores are closed, the discount will only be valid at the online store. Cannot be accumulated with other offers, promotions or discounts. Not valid to purchase a Gift Voucher. In the case of returns, the corresponding amount will be recalculated according to the campaign conditions.

    1. YES! That's the one I got!! Thank you xxx

  6. I used the code to get this skirt (I think you featured it or the dress version before) - interesting to see if it works well with a sweater or if it will be put away for Spring.

    I also got this wee bag in red as I have been hankering after something similar (I love your Gucci Disco of course but it is out of mah budget):

    1. LOVE that bag but can't see the skirt... is it the multicoloured one. DANG IT. I forgot about that and really wanted to get it. BUGGER!!!!

    2. Ugh sorry about the links, I am in Ireland - here is the UK link I think. Yes it is the multi-coloured skirt. Should be here Monday!

    3. Absolutely love love that one. PLEASE do let us know what it's like when it arrives! I am still slightly (very) scarred by the leopard skirt I ordered from Mango which promised so much but delivered slut on a stick.... I'm sure this one is NOTHING like that!

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