The classics are the best

And trousers wise, the classic that has been around forever has to be wide legged versions.

You may or may not have noticed that I have become obsessed with them.  Well, with the one pair in particular that I have and have worn and worn and worn.  I simply love it when you find something that works and you adore and so wear it on repeat.  Different tops, different shoes, I've been wearing the same coat, but in the last couple of weeks, this has been my go to outfit for when I have meetings during the day but then am out out later.

For me - these are around to stay well into the Spring.  The perfect trousers that have been a classic forever.  It's so fabulous to not reinvent the wheel but take inspiration from the fashions icons of years gone by (with a tweak here and there).

Rita Hayworth in the 1940s

The fabulous Vivien Leigh

Chanel in Cannes 1939

And for more outfit inspiration of how we can wear them into the Spring, I had a quick (which is code for way too long) squizz on Pinterest.  Am beyond pleased to note that my beloved white trainer is the footwear of choice.

Casual Spring days.

Perfect tones.

Monochrome chic

And it doesn't have to be super wide 

The ones I have found that are simply perfection on a pair of slacks are from M&S.  You genuinely wouldn't look twice at these instore.  But on, they transform themselves into the trousers of dreams.  I am seriously contemplating buying another pair as I can foresee me wearing these on repeat into next season.  And yes - for all those who are always asking, they come in three different lengths.  As someone who clearly needs a non regular leg length, this is music to my ears (and heaven for my legs).  The long is properly long.  TA DAH!!  

Stitched Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £35  So yes, you would possibly scroll by them online and to be fair, they are part of their suit collection but they are honestly the most amazing casual trousers.  The last three times I've worn them in London, people have asked me where my trousers are from, they really are that fantastic (she says modestly... it's the trousers that are fantastic, not me!).

These have also caught my eye and I shall be looking at for the Spring.   Think slouchy cream jumper, or black polo neck, long black coat and white trainers...

Wool Blend Herringbone Weave Trousers in the taupe mix £45

And in the khaki mix £45  I love this shade with red.  And camel. 

Three leg lengths again in velvet at M&S.  If by any remote chance you don't have an outfit sorted for the festive season, just buy these and instant Christmas look.  Wear with heels for a night out with a silk shirt, for dress down - an oversized jumper and trainers.

Velvet Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £39.50

More in velvet at Finery. 

Valentine Velvet Wide Leg Trousers from Finery £99

And then of course you can turn them into super casual options with a side stripe.

Trim Flowy Trousers from Mango £35.99 

Also at M&S in the black £25 This is a silkier fabric, perfect to team with tees and thin knit jumpers.

Or navy again £25

Not as wide legged again at Me+Em and their sale has started. SALE KLAXON. 

Side Stripe Trouser from Me+Em in navy were £129 now £90

Or for Winter White or the Spring - oh hello the oyster versions.  I am so blooming gutted that these aren't long enough for me.  

Side Stripe Trousers were £129 now £65

Casual again at Me+Em.  These have a super flattering extra wide waist band that sucks everything in.  They're bringing out a cropped pair of these in the Spring which I can't wait to buy.  

Palazzo Pants from Me+Em £58

Or in the navy 

My advice would be to wear them over long.  I know this is a controversial point of view as the hems can get dirty and wet but I honestly think that the excess fabric adds a real luxe feel to your look (in layman's terms - it's just a more expensive look).

Here is my look from yesterday.  And.. drum roll.... new hair.  I am so over the moon with it.  In my head I hadn't planned on looking so blonde, but I put myself in the capable hands of the wonderful Sally Northwood and just asked her to do what she thought would be best.  Exceptionally pleased with the results (and the blow dry from the delicious Dario!)

Black wide leg trousers - M&S (as above and yes, they are the same trousers I promise!)
Black Lauren Silk Blouse - Winser London 
The Ellerby Coat - M&S 
White and glitter Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace

I then managed lunch with a really good friend (love a bit of Carluccios) and a couple of hours in Selfridges, Topshop, & Other Stories and Liberty's, gorging on S/S stock.  A/W you are dead to me now - it's all about what we can wear into the warmer months.  And I bought... nothing.  I did, however absolutely fall in love with a not so new brand but one which has a whole new look (in my opinion!) for next season.  It's not cheap but it's the ideal starting point for all things luscious which we can then try and source from the high street.  I will be back.... 

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19 comentarios:

  1. You just reminded me about the wide legs navy velvet trousers I got married in - never been a traditional girl, we may have got married in church, only two guests, a choir, an evening in December with a fresh fall of snow!
    I'm diving straight into the depths of my wardrobe to see if I can find them! (It was seven years ago).
    Oh and how can I forget the shoes - silver velvet jewel encrusted sling backs from M&S! They look way more expensive than they were (and how I suffered, I was off work with a slipped disc, so they literally only got worn walking down the aisle).
    Looking forward to what you've got up your sleeve for spring...

    1. oh that sounds GORGEOUS!! I will be back.... think floaty, think chiffon...

  2. I definitely wear these! I have a charcoal grey, wool pair from Great Plains that I bought for a very formal family birthday (worn with velvet jacket) and a Maxmara herringbone pair, slightly cropped, that I picked up in a charity shop.

    I love the idea of navy, velvet trousers for a wedding! Love all these vintage photos and that London Finer outfit is gorgeous.

    1. Oh yay another fan! Gosh I keep forgetting abut Great Plains - they must have some lovely ones, I bet. Will check them out thank you xxxxx

    2. Just bagged a barging from GP, not wide legs, but cropped (probably not on me), windowpane check trousers.

    3. Can't wait to see their S/S range!

  3. I love the idea of these wide-legged trousers. How long in the leg are the M&S black ones you are wearing? I am 5'7 but am rather longer in the body and shorter in the leg (alas!) and wonder whether even the regular would be too long...

    1. Hmm not sure how long the ones I've got are, but I have a super super long leg. Maybe go for the petite?

  4. Love the classic looks ..... you fit right in! Will have to go shopping, I like the idea of the wide leg pants with trainers......

    1. It's SUCH an easy look to wear. I"m completely sold!

  5. I love those M&S pants you have. Unfortunately they are not available on the US site. They do have a pull on pair of wide leg trousers, wonder if they would be as wonderful? Love your picks.

    1. Oh noooooooooooooo! Definitely worth a try. x

  6. This used to be my look, but at 5' 3-1/2" and no longer able to wear anything tucked in, I don't know how to carry it off. Tips?

    1. My black shirt is tucked in but I wouldn't have anything super snug on top as I have rolls (genuinely) of fat around my middle! But the shirt is sort of bunched over so it's looser, if you see what I mean? Wouldn't wear anything clingy. I also wear a semi fitted jumper which just sits on the waistband if that makes sense?

  7. oooh gosh that is so so difficult. I don't know which I'd choose as they're both v different looks. If you prefer a smarter look then it's definitely the Air & Grace as they're more box fresh, but the Golden Goose have a vintage vibe. FOr the money though, as the A&G ones are half price, I think I'd go for them. They are SUPER SUPER comfortable. Hope that helps. The glittery ones are also that little bit different from everything else out there.

  8. Oh and the Me+Em ones are v different so you could easily justify both. They're not nearly as wide as the M&S ones, different fabric and have the stripe. I wish they were long enough for me.

  9. I plan to order these -- any feedback on sizing?? The description says 'added stretch' - and I'm between sizes - thanks Kat!

    Love your blog and instagram postings. I also bought the Tabitha Simmons leopard booties - do you wear yours often?