Santa baby...

..slip a sable under the tree, for me.

Well actually you can forget that.  Can't think of anything I would like less than a sable. 

But I do have a live and kicking wish list.  It's pie in the sky stuff - well some of it is but you never know who's reading... (if anyone knows my husband and if there is a cat in hell's chance that he's going to get me an Apple watch, please oh please tell him it's this strap I would very much like).  

And back to reality.  Here we have the stuff of pipe dreams.

Apple Watch Hermes Stainless Steel Case with Etoupe Swift Leather Double Buckle Cuff 

I made the mistake of trying it on... File this under *things you didn't know that you needed till you tried them on*.

Slightly more of an acceptable ask are some cashmere goodies.  And these from Black are the classics I would wear and wear and wear.  In black.  I have grey but I don't have black.  So obviously I need black (*obviously* - I did say this was a wishlist).

Oversized Black Cashmere Knit Scarf from Black £115

Black Cashmere Slouch Beanie from Black £72

Then we come to fragrance.  And I have a number which I am loving at the moment (which I will come back to another day) but my favourite, which I have mentioned before, is the Agua de Colonia Concentrada from Alvarez Gomez.  Which is a super easy buy as it's really really reasonable.  Verging on cheap.  Only snag is that you have to order online.  I fear a step too far for the husband (so I *may* have ordered this for myself already...).  Actually you can get from Liberty (HINT HUSBAND as you can never have too much of this - don't even know why I'm saying that as he doesn't even read the blog.  Pah).

Cheapest place to buy is from Look Fantastic as they have 15% off at the moment with the code GLOW.

Agua de Colonia from Alvarez Gomez £15.95 for 80ml pre discount

But I always like to have the 40ml little plastic bottle for my bag (and you can never have too many of these) and the best place I've found these online is from Amazon.  Yes it does look like a gin miniature (slightly makes me love it all the more).

Agua de Colonia 40ml travel bottle from Amazon £5

Then there's the bath and shower gel which is amazing.  Exactly the same fragrance for £11.50 again from Amazon. 

Now I have tried the body lotion but annoyingly found the fragrance really different so I would go back to what I know and think that the Jo Malone grapefruit body lotion would go really well with the citrus scent of the shower gel and perfume.

Jo Malone London Grapefruit Body Lotion £38

And then as I can't decide on a handbag and this is total pie in the sky wishlist time, I'm going in big. 

Chanel pumps.  

Ok so it *could* be a Chanel bag but randomly that's never really floated my boat (I know - go figure right?!).  However.  These have been on my wishlist forever.  I have watched them go up and up in price and think I should have bought them years ago.   They are perfection in a shoe. 

Flats in lambskin beige and black from Chanel £475

Actually I say I can't decide on a bag but one I do definitely need is a night away bag.  Something smaller than a suitcase but bigger than a handbag.  A travel bag, is that what you call them?  And I have hankered after the hush one since I did the packing video for them way back in the Spring.  

Small overnight version.

hush Daisy Bag £159

Or the weekend version. 

Cecile Weekend Bag £250

And whilst we're going bonkers with the list, I'm flinging in, no not a jumper but the ultimate home accessory - a Bella Freud cushion. 

1970 Cushion from Bella Freud £150

Or two.... Dog Cushion £150

So there we have it.  I genuinely don't care if I get nothing on the list at all - it was ridiculously fun to do (although I wouldn't complain if I got any of it!) and at the very least, has given me food for thought for my sales list (although I'm not entirely sure any of this will go into the sale - ya boo sucks).

Fear not - I have not forgotten handbags and will be definitely coming to those in the next day or two, packing, shopping, wrapping and entertaining two small boys not withstanding.

Today - I have been exceptionally busy and appear to have accomplished diddly squat.  

Grey cashmere jumper dress - hush
Burgundy leather leggings - hush
Patchwork faux shearling coat - Topshop
Silver boots - Maje
Haworth bag - Village England

We did make it this afternoon to the cinema to see the new Star Wars movie which I was less than enthusiastic about seeing, I won't lie.  The whole phenomenon has really passed me by - bar the original, I don't think I've ever seen one the entire way through without falling asleep.  

But I have to say, Rogue One, I rather enjoyed.  I would say it's Star Wars lite - principally as I understood it all, whereas normally I am ridiculously confused but that was fine by me. 

Tomorrow, off to see Santa and then packing as we go away for a couple of days on Tuesday.  And no.  I still haven't done any wrapping and the Amazon boxes are starting to take over the study and the dining room.  Am I the only person who doesn't order anything from Amazon at any other time during the year and then suddenly orders the entire website (perfume and tulle skirts included - yes they should be coming tomorrow, so I will report back) in the month of December?

Ok so share your wishlists - all ideas very welcome!

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22 comentarios:

  1. I know what's under the tree from my other half as I ordered it and collected from the dropbox! He has wrapped it himself though, and it's now residing very nicely in a safe place until Christmas eve. It's a very nice liberty cuff in rose gold and blue enamel, and totally dictates my Christmas outfits!
    I did try and give him a list, so I would be slightly surprised, but when I mentioned to him that the cuff was back in stock, he asked me to order it seeing as I had to phone the order, and his English isn't as good as mine !
    Have got my eye on a blue/black crossbody bag with fur, I'll be investing in that in the new year, and hoping against hope it's in the sale!

    1. Oh all your outfits sound absolutely gorgeous! Can't way to hear about how fab your Christmas was! Is it super cold there yet? We had one ridiculously chilly snap a few weeks ago but it's definitely warmed up here since then. I'm going bare ankles again....!

    2. More dull and wet, about 6°C today. Think north of England, rather than the frozen north. We had snow from Dec until March the first winter I was in Denmark, then we waited 14 years for snow that didn't melt straight away. It all depends on the gulf stream, if it's too far north, we tend to get a cold winter (paradoxically). Although I have experienced -20°C, or there abouts!
      Just received a gorgeous velvet tee today, which is making my choice of outfits ridiculously difficult.

  2. Saw Rogue One last night too! I liked it too but my 8 yo not so much. Love your outfit!! I don't have a wish list per se but the Hush burgundy leather leggings would top of the list if I did. And very much looking forward to your handbag post (can I just say, Loewe puzzle bag in navy...)

    1. I've heard that quite a few young ones didn't like it and were scared. Clearly the fact I made mine watch Jurassic Park when they were really small has hardened them (I HAD NO idea it was scary until my friend came round and said - errr my child will not be watching that as it's terrifying. Seriously, thank god there wasn't a test before you had children as I would not have been allowed any. How scary can a dinosaur be? Apparently VERY! Oops).

      And I've tried the Loewe puzzle and meh. I soSO wanted to love it. But... didn't work for me. There is more though...

    2. I've not yet seen the puzzle bag, maybe I should and save myself a fortune!

    3. Forgot to say I love the look of the puzzle bag, not so much the price!

    4. Oh I LOVED the look of it, but the practicality of it wasn't so great. I really want it as a cross body bag but the strap isn't that long. So it's sort of random... Plus it's really hard to get anything out of - although it does have a zip at the back... I just think it's one of those bags that looks great in pics but the reality of daily use and functionality isn't that tops...And the, yes, there's the price. OUCH

  3. I just discovered your blog, and so happy about it! Thanks to you and Kate @wearsmymoney I can finally dare to wear what I want in stead of what I should! Btw, I have a pair of burgundy leather leggings like you have, but have struggled to find shoes other than sandals or white sneakers to wear with it - thanks to you I have a new idea! Following you on bloglovin' now so I won't miss a post!

    1. Oh what a lovely lovely post to read. Thank you so much and hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings! Thank you xxx

  4. I have that Hush Daisy bag on my Hush wishlist in the hope that it will be reduced in the sale. It looks nice for an overnighter.

    1. It's great for an overnighter but I think I'd just straight for the bigger one as that's probably more versatile. Although I've just gone to put it in my basket and it's sold out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  5. Well I've been dropping hints (hints?? ha, who am I kidding been spelling it out in no uncertain terms, no room for error!!) for a Hermes PM Evelyne so fingers crossed! I do like the Apple watch but being a technophobe fear it would be wasted on me. Have enjoyed your blog again so much this year, have followed you from the start really and love the way your style has evolved and all the introductions to new shops and new ideas that you've made to me. Keep up the great work in 2017!

    1. OOH lovely choice. I'm ok with Apple technology actually - it really is super super easy but anything else - forget it. Still sobbing about having NO idea how to use my new camera. Seriously it's like something from another planet but apparently "easy" to use. Yeah.

      And thank you for your lovely

  6. The mens clothing shop Woodhouse stock Aqua de Colonia, as do Carter and Bond men's grooming shops - along with a multitude of other fabulous brands. I kow branches of noth in Notting Hill. xd

    1. I need NO other excuse to go back to Notting Hill. It's the mecca of all things simply divine!

  7. I did all of DH's shopping for me this year (he tends to buy me jewellery that is expensive enough and that I don't really like. Eek. I don't return it either so it never gets worn.)
    So to go under the tree I have Toga Pulla ankle boots in black suede (ridiculously excited about these), a grey cashmere scarf from Hush, a new GHD and Bose wireless headphones. I was going to add an apple watch to that but have opted to upgrade my phone instead and DH can get me the watch in the US next year as it is $100 cheaper there O_O

  8. Dyson hair dryer for me and all his idea, needless to say I am very happy

    1. GENIUS! And please please do report back on what it's like..!

  9. With our first babba due next Friday the 30th, we are keeping the Xmas gifts to a min (really so he can get me a mega push pres lol-any excuse!). Picked out a gorgeous herringbone overcoat from M&S. Will do just nicely for long winter walks with the babs and our first born Baloo (the Shihtzu) :)

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