Wanging on about them again...

I am boring.  If you're not a fan of dresses - especially those of the midi and maxi variety - look away now.   But I have had a day of pure lethargy which has meant dosing on the sofa, a very speedy dog walk for some fresh air, and movies on repeat.  Now the rugby is on (shoot me now) so I have the perfect excuse to just have a quick peruse of the sales.  Even though they've been on for days, I have been so wrapped up (scuse the pun - seriously FOUR BLOOMING HOURS wrapping the other day.  Don't ask me which day as they are all merging into one and I have no idea which way is up at the mo) with Christmas shenanigans that I haven't had a minute to look at anything else sales wise, let alone blog about it. 

However I have been looking at new season.  As you do.  But there is method in my madness.  For what you see coming in for the new season and love, the clever amongst us, go back and trawl the sales for things that will work just as well at a fraction of the cost. 

Or not even a fraction of the cost but things that are a great reduction.   I love a bargain on the high street with the best of them (as you will see further down the post) but there is something to be said for finding a designer "bargain" that will last you well into the Summer. 

I have fallen in love with a couple of new season dresses which I'm trying desperately to forget as they are super expensive.  This year is definitely still going to be all about the dresses.  Why?  Well (and yes I sound like a stuck record) they are so easy to wear.  They take so little brain space when putting together an outfit (and I don't have much space to spare), they are super versatile - I wear mine with sneakers, ankle boots and heels and if you buy enough, you then have an excuse to purchase more biker jackets as they are simply the best coat bar none to wear with them.  Genius, no?

So I have gone a sales hunting.  Now the first one, I LOVE but it's made me remember the H&M one I got in the Summer which is blush and has a shirred waist and sleeves and is maxi (which is where the similarity starts and ends to be honest) that I've only worn a handful of times but will be perfect for the Spring.  In effect, I've just saved almost £300.  Female logic at its best right there.

See by Chloe Pussy Bow Dress was £410 now £287

Moving onto printed and ones that I have had my eye on all season.  And been waiting for the sale.  These will be super useful into the Spring.

Somerset by Alice Temperley Vintage Floral Maxi Dress was £160 now £80

This one is perhaps my personal fave... how many animal print dresses are too many? 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Animal Print Maxi Dress was £160 now £80

And gutted they didn't have this one left in my size (other sizes still available though). 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Blossom Print Maxi Dress was £199 now £59.70

A midi bargain also at Alice Temperley. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley Dahlia Print Shirt Dress was £99 now £49.50

Moving onto Ghost who have got some amazing dresses for the new season.  But I've found one in the sale that it makes perfect sense to buy.

Ghost Lyla Dress in Bryony Bloom was £225 now £112.50

Upping the budget now at Saloni.  I may have spent hours today looking at dresses.  Hours.  And I keep coming across the Alexia dresses in different colours.  I am now slightly obsessed.  There is a black one which is in the sale but is still very expensive, but there are coloured ones at The Outnet which are far jollier and in fact, more unique for wearing into the Spring. 

Alexia Swiss dot chiffon maxi dress from Saloni were £395 now £169.85

Or they have a peach version which is exclusive to The Outnet and they're now offering for 50% off at £197.50.

The cheapest place I found it in the black is at Selfridges were it's now £295 from £625.  It's still £416 at Matches down from £595!!!

Print again at Warehouse in the sale.  Now I have tried this dress before and loathed it.  So it's rather random that I would contemplate ordering it again.  But ordering it I may well do, as I think I may have come round to the looser style of dress (see above Chloe ones..) and I absolutely adore the print.  And it's only £15.  For flinging on in the Spring with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket, I think it's a no brainer.  Of course, it will arrive and I will realise again it's absolutely vile and send it straight back.  Duh.

Pom Pom Drawstring Midi Dress in Light Blue was £69 now £15  It will also look amazing with my blush pink pom pom shoes from Zara last year.

More pink at Very Exclusive with the Vix Python Chiara Dress was £245 now £97

Another Ghost dress.  Adore.

Ghost Eliza Maxi Dress in Slate Blue was £245 now £122.50

Print in the sale at & Other Stories.

Origami Bow Dress in Blue was £79 now £40

Or lace.  I absolutely love this one. 

Lace Dress from & Other Stories was £125 now £63

Staying with black and this is one that I think needs to be ordered as well as it could be amazing or it could look like I've been wrapped in black tubigrip.  Suffice to say I will be ordering a size up.  But I have high (fuelled by Christmas chocolate which will do nothing to limit the sack of potatoes effect) hopes.

Wrap Neck Knit Dress from Warehouse was £89 now £50.  I'm wondering whether you could layer a thin long sleeve tee underneath...

Black again at Maje and proof that these will work into the Summer with sandals. 

Maje Printed silk-georgette maxi dress was £315 now £221

Bargains to be had at LK Bennett. 

LK Bennett Harriet Printed Shirt Dress was £295 now £115

Or the Cami Silk Dress also from LK Bennett was £325 now £160

So guess which ones I've ordered.  The answer is a couple (actually three as I got carried away), but which ones?  I'm now on the handbag hunt - you have been warned. 

Signing off quickly now with just the Christmas Eve outfit as I love it the most.  And I really have to go and make some food.  Even though the thought of eating doesn't appeal in any way shape or form but I *think* I'm hungry. 

Black jumper - Fenn Wright Manson
Black midi leather skirt - Autograph at M&S
Susanna boots - Chloe

What day is it again?  And when are the bin men coming?  And shall I have another cocktail?  That'll be Christmas chez nous.  Hope you're all having a fabulous time but if you get a mo, do tell me what you've all been ordering in the sales.

I will be back tomorrow, with reporting back on Christmas and how generous Santa was.  Not to mention what I wore (although I have to say - a bit of a cop out - that'll teach me not to buy something new.  FOOL) and what we got up to!  

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21 comentarios:

  1. Just purchased this leopard maxi at banana republic with 40% off...hasn't arrived but I'm hopeful!

    1. Oh that looks AMAZING!! Are you in Canada? Can't find it on the UK site... bum bum bum!

    2. Boo!yes I'm in Canada but it might show up in the UK soon. It was under new arrivals :) happy new year Kat!!

  2. Love the Chloe susanna boots,was eyeing them up in selfridges last week as they felt super soft but went out with Chloe Faye backpack instead ��

    1. oh what a great buy. You won't regret that. I'm going in for the bags today..!

  3. I bought the Warehouse dress this morning and I'm now sat on my hands trying to stop myself buying the Dahlia shirt dress. Damn you Kat 😂😂

    1. The floral one? Or the black one. The black one will look EPIC on you, the floral one will SWAMP you!!!!

    2. Has it arrived yet? I can't see which one the black print midi one is from Warehouse? & Other Stories? I really really want the lace one now....

  4. I have to replace a jumper dress, but I'm beginning to think a shirt style dress which I could layer underneath would be more versatile... lol at the what day is it, when do the bin men come!

    1. MINE CAME TODAY AND I GOT THE BINS OUT. This is enough for me to be more proud of myself than I should.

  5. The Hush leather leggings in burgundy! Got them in the post-Xmas sale at 20% off! 😃

  6. Ordered a pair of trousers from Jigsaw. I wasn't planning on buying anything as I'm hoping that a bag I love will be on sale (not at this moment), but I did return a pair of trousers that were such a disappointment. So I'm hoping that these will be better.
    Otherwise I've been frantically deleting those 'sale' emails as they tick in, and before I'm tempted.
    I'm toying with the idea of deciding on a fixed budget for clothing purchases for next year, it may be a new years resolution too far!

    1. Good luck with that one! Seriously though, I don't thnk it's a bad idea at all. Or just adding things to your wardrobe that improve it? How's the navy bag situation going??

    2. As the shop in question has already started it's sale and 'my bag' isn't included I'm probably going to have to pay full price. :-(

    3. As the shop in question has already started it's sale and 'my bag' isn't included I'm probably going to have to pay full price. :-(

  7. Me thinks you got the Apple Watch you had been coveting? Photo on Instagram maybe gave game away ��

    1. I DID! and I still have no idea at all how to use it. Although it is THE best timer ever. All the shame. The husband is beside himself that I am giddy that I have a timer that works. We got a super expensive oven when we re did our kitchen which doesn't have a timer one which is CRAP. And every timer I've bought I've managed to break. BUT the Siri timer on the Apple watch is EPIC and I'm sold. Tis the world's most expensive oven timer!!

  8. I hate these maxi dresses and midi length but I love your blog!!!

    1. Oh thank you. And I'm sorry. But I've got jumpers coming up today which I hope it more up your street. xxx