The best purveyor of small brands

So last week I had a meeting in Notting Hill (breakfast at Grangers which was superb but oh my lord I can't believe people queue to get in!)  and thought it was the perfect opportunity to have another trip to do a teensy tiny bit of shopping.  

If you've never been shopping in Notting Hill - do.  It's a non mainstream designer addict's dream.  Think all the superb European brands - personally it's the French ones that I'm obsessed with - Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro, Comptoir des cotonniers etc.  These however I am saving for my trip to France in a couple of weeks.  Am going with two French brand obsessed friends (plus the families) and so an hour or two shopping is definitely on the cards.

There is however another shop that I've mentioned before that I always have a look in. 

Wolf & Badger. 

Purveyor of independent brands including one of my absolute favourites - Rixo.  I did go in for a specific reason, I was looking for a new dress.  

And it was the Suki that I had in mind. 

Suki Dress £315

This is the medium and I absolutely love it.  The pics really don't do it justice - it's the perfect length for me, the shape is super flattering and I love the lower back (low but not bra strap showing low).  It's fitted without being super clingy - Henrietta and Orlagh, the two designers are complete wizards with their pattern cutting.

However.  Following on from my blog yesterday on blouses, it was this that was the inspiration.  As I said yesterday, I don't really do blouses.  So I've never looked at the Rixo blouses in any detail.  But the colours and the print on this was so completely eye catching (it does have a vague Marant ring to it perhaps? tis the boho vibe) that I thought I'd just try it.
Vivian Blouse from Rixo £165

Oh my lord I love it.  There are three different ways which you can wear the neck tie. 


Done up pussy bow style

Choker style 

The sleeve detail is sublime - completely oversized, it's sheer without being see through at all (if that makes sense - again, I don't know how they do it, but they've done it supremely well) and it can be worn tucked in (I've just got wide leg full length trousers on) or undone which would look amazing over skinnies.  I think I'm going to have to get it.  I just think, going into Spring, I would get so so much wear out of it.  Plus I have high waisted jeans that I never wear as I have nothing really to team them with bar the one Isabel Marant blouse (which isn't remotely as lovely as this).  So I'd actually be giving new life to something else in my wardrobe.. Can you see me clutching at the good old justification straws?  

Other Rixo items I tried:- (I could happily have walked away with all of them).

Leandra Dip Hem Midi Skirt £215

And then there is the matching fabric silk top which is almost a pyjama top shape. 

Mary Kate top from Rixo £185

I've tucked it in but it can be worn jacket style over skinnies easily.  

And if that is all a tad too boho for you, online (gutted they didn't have these instore) I discovered simply THE most amazing designer.  These have my name written all over them. 

Black Maxi Shirt Dress from Undress £199.  It.  Has.  Pockets.

Or a midi version.  

Purple Circle Skirt Midi Shirt Dress from Undress £180

Or the mini version in black - £149

Other items that I pounced on instore.  The Bagpuss scarf.  Ok so it's not actually called this.  But it should be.  As that would be epic.  And only recognised by people of a certain age.  Superb.

Florence Bloom Serena Scarf in Pink and Raspberry Mongolian Wool was £120 now £84

And in navy and pink now also only £84

Slightly more subtle in navy, grey and cream again on sale at £84

And similar to the one above with no cream and black instead.

Florence Bloom Serena Scarf in Grey, Black and Blue £150

If you do want something more subtle, then a collar could be a good idea.  These are the perfect addition to a normal coat or jacket to transform it into a fur collared number.  Ta dah! 

Cosima Collar Cream from Florence Bridge £100

One more statement item I have to show you.  The most amazing coat.  There is one of these left.  There were only a handful of these made.  It's absolutely divine.  It's the most new vintage coat I've ever seen and the pictures bely the quality of the garment.  Scrumptious. 

Green Miss V coat £220 

This is the one I tried on - the actual last one they have left.

Actually I said one statement item, make that two.  I got to try on the stripe jumper from Orwell + Austin.  Gorgeous.  Cashmere, wide neck which I know lots of people love, a classic with a twist. 

Multi Stripe Cashmere Jumper from Orwell + Austin £180

Here I am in the medium.

And another twist on a classic - the staple polo neck.  Reworked with an oversize neck and sleeve length.  Perfect for Boxing Day.

Mihaela Markovic Natus Jumper £120

And here I am in the medium.  For the record this is not remotely itchy wool!

And then we come onto two items of jewellery that are on my Christmas wish list.  I have to call it a wish list as I don't actually make a list as such.  The husband is supposed to be psychic and I then buy what I didn't get for my birthday in January.  He does come up trumps with gifts but likes to come up with the ideas himself.  (he always does well, I have to admit). 

However these are exactly what I would want.   Stacking rings.  There are lots of far more expensive versions out there but these look amazing.  Gold coated stirling silver (apart from the silver ones obviously).  Lots of different colours online but these are the three I would go for.

Stacking Ring Rosegold and Moonstone £49 from Latelita

Stacking Ring in Silver Aqua Chalcedony from Latelita £49

Stacking Ring in Rose Gold Quartz from Latelita £49

And then some earrings.  Now I don't tend to change my earrings very often at all.  Recently I was given the opportunity to have another piercing.  Frankly I remember how much it hurt from years ago and I am a total wuss so declined that kind offer.  I also tend to swerve dangly earrings now as they all seem so heavy these days and because I'm not used to wearing them, I think they look slightly random on me. 

However I used to wear them lots and I've recently had a hankering for some jazz hands on my ears. 

Call. Off. The. Dogs.  An ear cuff.  Where have you been all my life?  Genius.  Just clips on to the top of your ear.  

You can have plain - this one is an earring with a cuff attached to it.  Absolutely adore the simplicity of these.

Kosmos Ear Cuff Silver by Dorota Todd £75

But then how amazing are these babies?  Oh my lord I adore them. 

Black & Rose Arrow Ear Cuff from Wild Hearts at £48 

And then there are the Christmas specials....

Star Cluster Ear Cuff from Wild Heart £52

This is just the tip of the icerberg when it comes to the gems that are online at Wolf & Badger (or in their stores on Ledbury Road or Dover Street.  Plus they're opening in New York very shortly.  Soho obviously...).

I am beyond tempted to order one of those scarves - I just need to decide on the colour... I think it's got to be the navy, grey and cream.  

Which would totally have worked with my outfit from today. 

Print midi dress - Autograph at M&S
Onyx leather jacket - hush 
Silver boots - Maje
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

And I'm super hoping if the husband needs any inspo he has a look at this.  I shall be dropping some hints tomorrow - it's our Christmas "treat yourself" day.  Where we don't actually buy anything, but there shall be a jaunt around Selfridges after a lovely lunch, and then drinks.  I have only a couple of bits to get for the children - actually nothing for the boys but incredibly elusive Hollister jimjams for the 12yr old, along with a Rifle Paper Company Calendar.  She did also want a RPC planner but they only have a 17 month one which started last August.  Am I super tight not wanting to buy something (at full price and a pretty hefty full price at that) which is redundant by 5 months - basically a third of it?!  Any other lovely planner recs for a 12yr old who is stationary obsessed, gratefully received. 

In the meantime, if anyone spies something at Wolf & Badger that I've missed that's a complete humdinger, I'd love to hear it (to go on my *wish*list).

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40 comentarios:

  1. Forget the scarf!! You need to buy EVERY Rixo piece that you tried on. Each thing was more gorgeous than the last! Simply stunning xx

  2. Paperchase for planner/diary?
    Lovely dresses x

  3. Love love love the Bagpuss scarf 😚😂

  4. I love the bagpuss scarf and your blouse. And I'm sure Jamie wore that striped top in MIC although I could be wrong , but said he wore a lot of women's clothes on this weeks episode 😀😀

  5. The girls said that about him, love MIC GUILTY PLEASURE !

    1. I have to say I don't watch it... maybe I should?!

  6. I have bought a few things from Wolf & Badger over the past couple of years - they have such a huge selection of stuff you just don't see anywhere else and it's always been fab (even the husband has been treated to a few pieces from there)
    But, My Oh My, the blouses you have tried on above are so beautiful, especially the Vivian. I'm thinking Christmas Day, with the grey sweater on Boxing Day (as suggested) and the star cluster ear crawler just setting them off nicely. You are tempting me!
    Love the furry scarves, although I dread to think what the 13yo daughter would say to me. I have a black and white one I wore out on Saturday and as I was leaving the house she bust her arse laughing, saying I was wearing a skunk. Brat.

    1. It's all GORGEOUS isn't it??! And kids know NOTHING!

  7. Ok, Rixo dress is perfection on you - and I love the blouse too. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to shopping (lie), but I would get both. That brand really works for you. Wondering if anyone else has blown their shopping budget this year. There is just so much fantastic stuff out there right now. I feel like there was years of blah clothes when my kids were little and now every store has something I love. How do you feel about current offerings? I can't stop buying!

    1. I'm loving the blatant "lie"..! ha ha ha ha ha!! I have to say it was the dress I went in to try on but it was the blouse which I am completely coveting!

      And god yes I CANNOT stop lusting over everything.

  8. Oh my, I hope you bought that green coat. Tis simply de-vine!

  9. Those blouse were great on you, and the striped cashmere, you need to do some hefty hint dropping to your other half - hope he's listening! Mine is useless, I ordered and collected my own Christmas present from him this year, as it's packed up I haven't actually seen it yet. Worst of all I'll have to wait until the 26th to unpack it!
    I'm sending a couple of chocolatey treats with him that are small/light enough for the helicopter out to the rig, let's hope he has the same idea....

    1. Ha ha ha. I may have made some MASSIVE hints when we went shopping last Thursday...

  10. Those blouse were great on you, and the striped cashmere, you need to do some hefty hint dropping to your other half - hope he's listening! Mine is useless, I ordered and collected my own Christmas present from him this year, as it's packed up I haven't actually seen it yet. Worst of all I'll have to wait until the 26th to unpack it!
    I'm sending a couple of chocolatey treats with him that are small/light enough for the helicopter out to the rig, let's hope he has the same idea....

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  12. Love the dress - a bit flamenco cut? The scarf is just the nuts and you have to get it - also that coat! If I had been in that shop it would've come to mama - great post!

    1. It is isn't it?! (flamenco cut - not that I'm agreeing with you about having written a great post . ha ha!)

  13. The Rixo pieces look to be beautifully cut and suit your frame. I don't like blouses as they generally look too big on my small frame but the Rixo one is tempting.

    1. I really cant' work out why I don't like blouses but I LOVE this one!

  14. If you get the scarf you must get these slippers to match!

  15. Ha ha ha! Bee Jaques too funny XXX

  16. Love everything you tried on.....

    1. STOP. I must buy that blouse mustn't I?!

  17. Love the Vivian blouse on you. I have 2 Rixo Moss blouses. So versatile. One of them was from W&B online. Great service.
    Would happily wear everything from Rixo and love that if you phone or email it's actually the girls who design that you speak to!

    1. They're SO lovely aren't they? i am so going to get that blouse...

  18. I got the rixo stars blouse in a medium but it was too big and then no more smalls left! But I think the small may have been too small anyway - I'll never know! #devastated x

    1. OMG how have I not seen the stars one?!

  19. Those dresses and blouses all looked like they'd been made for you. You probably need to buy all of them. Oh dear...might pop into the Soho branch of the shop!

    1. It's on Dover Street.. in Mayfair.! They have quite different stock from the Ledbury Road shop. PErsonally I prefer Notting Hill but there is also GORGEOUS stock in Mayfair!!

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