The second most difficult item to shop for...

...after jeans. 

Black trousers.  Theoretically one would assume - like jeans - that since there are a trillion variations of the black trouser these days, it would be a doddle?  Well.  We all know what assume makes, don't we?  (and if you haven't ever had the privilege of working with one of "those" sorts of managers ever - it makes an ASS out of U and ME... *simultaneous eye roll*).

On the upside, absolutely every style goes.  Fashion over the years has broadened its remit and the scope for individuality, as opposed to a narrow sense of trend, has increased greatly - to my mind anyway.  Anything goes.  From wide leg, to cropped flare, to tapered (coming to that another day as I am on a mission with regards to them) to straight leg anything goes.

So style wise, you can really choose what works for you.  

Seeing as I've pretty much failed miserably in my conquest for the perfect jeans, I have been giving my undivided attention to the other thorn in our side - the black trousers.

And what are my style choices? Well, I'm spoiling myself for choice (having a total black trouser love in).  I've come to the conclusion that there isn't one pair that is perfect for everything.  Which is probably where we go wrong with most purchasing dilemmas.  There is not one answer to all our clothing dilemmas. 

We need different trousers for different occasions for different tops and for different footwear. 

When I was asked to put together my Miele capsule wardrobe, I had been hunting for jeans.  But decided that actually black trousers probably have more versatility and are definitely more difficult to wash. 

Shape wise, I went for a cropped kick flare from Jaeger and a cropped wide leg pair from Whistles. 

So today - I'm going to look at the cropped options.  But fear not, I will be back with full length versions too as (you may have noticed if you look at my Insta), I am currently in love with wide leg versions. 

But cropped it is for today and before we start I am going to tackle the elephant in the room - the cold ankles.  

Man up. 

Ok so I don't advocate going on a dog walk in these, or doing a Scot of the Antarctic but so long as you're not spending hours outside in freezing temperatures, I personally have never had an issue with chilly ankles. 

We're not talking acres of exposed flesh - especially if you're not tall, it's going to be a couple of inches of ankle.  And if you're that nesh, go a pop sock.  I haven't needed to actually in the last couple of years (I did always get muffin calf in them which, if you sat down and your trouser did sit flush against your lower leg, wasn't almost the most flattering..)

Other options are wearing tights under your trousers (for me this = sweaty crotch but knock yourself out if it works for you) or a sheepskin liner in your shoes or boots (genius this one although like I say - I've never felt the need).

The other solution is a longer ankle boot which eliminates any flesh flashing to the elements.

So starting with the crop flares from Jaeger which I completely adore and have worn a fair few times.  I wanted full on flare which were skinny on the legs, which these are. 

Laboratory Kick Flare Trousers from Jaeger £110

However it was a toss up between them and the Boden versions.  I am the biggest fan of Boden high waisted jeans so I can imagine that their trousers are equally as fabulous.  Big bonus is the different lengths they come in. 

Hampshire Crop Flare Trousers in Black from Boden were £59.50 now £53.55

A more subtle kick flare at & Other Stories.

Kick Flare Cropped Trousers £45

If you don't fancy a crop flare then there is always the wide leg cropped option.  This is what I went for at Whistles which I completely love.  Mine are very wide legged.  They're almost an identical shape to the Ada trousers from the last Alexa collection at M&S which I have in navy so I knew a black pair was a no brainer.  I wear mine with ankle boots, with sneakers, with loafers and will be wearing with heels for nights out too (although tops... it's always the tops that are an issue no?  I shall be back....).

Whistles Fluid Trousers were £110 now £80 - only in stock now at John Lewis 

Similar to the ones above but with a cuff. 

Etched Crop Trousers at Jigsaw £110

Other wide options at Jaeger Outlet (adore this place but warning, you'll be there for hours..) 

Patch Pocket Culottes in Black were £89 now £55

And probably the most similar to mine and the bargain of the day as there is another 40% off this price today.

Crepe Culottes from Jaeger Outlet was £110 now £49 - pre 40% off - extra discount at checkout

Super wide may not be your bag so there is a slightly less full version at Boden.

Richmond Wide Crop Trousers from Boden were £59.50 now £53.55

And then moving onto the narrow fits.  I have a navy pair of these from Me+Em but none in black.  If you're not into wide or flare - these are the ones for you (there are of course tapered.... I shall be looking at tapered another day.  That's a whole other story).

Richmond 7/8 Trousers from Boden were £59.50 now £53.55

A wardrobe staple.

Weave Jacquard Trousers at Jigsaw £98

And just that little bit more interesting at Jigsaw.

Sparkle London Turn Up Trousers £129

And I can't believe I'm saying this but I absolutely adore these errr jeans.  Well, they're not jeans as we know it, are they?  That perfect juxtaposition between smart and casual. 

Straight Cropped Jeans from Autograph at M&S £35

So how shall I be wearing mine?  Whenever you'd put jeans on - I've been wearing a pair of these.  With any jumper you've got going, with a blouse (I am getting to grips with these slowly but surely), for day or night.  You can dress them up with heels and smarter shoes or turn them into an off duty more casual outfit with sneakers.  

Is anyone not a fully paid up member of the Black Trew Crew?  What's your favourite style?  Like I say - I have tapered to still explore... I can't believe I have been so slow on the uptake.

Pics from the weekend.  Still not feeling 100% so both nights out cancelled but yesterday I ventured into London for skating at Somerset House followed by (medicinal) mulled wine at the Fortnum's Lodge.  Which was absolutely lovely and simply too Christmassey.

And look - they gave me a personalised welcome!

Black Cashmere Jumper Dress - hush
Black Leather Leggings - hush
Leopard Print Coat - M&S
Dune Monogram Shawl - Louis Vuitton
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

Today I even managed to avoid the rugby training as the 10yr old had gone to Twickenham for the rugby with the husband yesterday (corporate hospitality where the little one was coached by a group of ex internationals.  By all accounts it was "epic") and a day out meant that today was a write off for him, so I stayed with him this morning (didn't complain about that one). 

This afternoon, off to the cinema to see Trolls.  OMG.  If you haven't seen it - you must.  It's amazing.  A contender for my favourite film of the year (seeing as my other one is Eddie the Eagle, it's probably apparent, I do not hold film critic amongst my talents).  I think I may have enjoyed it more than the children.  Yes I cried. (True Colours - I defy you not to).

Into This Grey Jumper - Bella Freud

Faux Leather Joggers - ASOS
Grey Coat - M&S
Red Superstars - Golden Goose
Necklaces - Chambers & Beau
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

Tomorrow I have GOT to get cracking on finishing the Christmas shopping as the school holidays are accelerating towards us at a scary pace and school things suddenly take over.  Ideas for an 8yr old boy please who apparently wants an Onki Overdrive (as his friend has one) or whatever it's called but has never expressed any interest in cars, including every single track thing we've ever bought him....

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13 comentarios:

  1. At the moment I'm into slim and tapered leg, with the odd splash of straight leg. I'm way too nesh for cropped this time of year, especially if it involves dog walking in the early morning!
    I have some great trousers that can be worn slouchy, but I seem to pull them up without thinking, then they're smarter.
    I'm definately with you as far as not limiting ourselves to one style - I must have five pairs of winter trousers (mine are navy rather than black, but the idea is the same), and am always open to a variation on the theme!
    As for ideas for your eight year old, have you come across a webshop called Bright Minds, they have some great stuff.

    1. Ok you have an excuse for no bare ankles living in Denmark!!

      I'll have a look at that website, thank you so much xxx

  2. Muffin calf! HAHAHA! So true. I

    am with you on the cold ankles, just go with it unless you have a job that involves you being outside all day. In which case you're probably not wearing smart black trousers. I adore all Me+Em trousers and the fit of Jigsaw. Boden doesn't work for me at all. I like a cropped style best. I have so many pairs of black trousers but it's never quite enough.

    1. I LOVE Me+Em trousers - they're a great fit you're right. I've never tried the Boden trousers but their skinny jeans are THE best.

  3. Brrr, just looking at those makes me cold! It is -2°C this morning. I agree about different styles too. I seem to have gone for navy atm. I have some Me & Em navy palazzo pants (not for rainy days) and navy skinny chinos which are ridiculously versatile. Maybe I need black too?

    1. Well lots of people love navy and prefer it to black but I can't quite ever give the black up....

  4. I have been living in cropped flares - all from River Island which I got in the sale earlier in the year: dark menim, medium wash denim, black (like denim but solid black) and a stretchy version which is super smart. I am pretty sure you flagged these up so I remain eternally grateful!

  5. Joseph. Had a load of luck at the outlet in hackney this summer - 5 pairs of assorted blk trousers for under £200.

  6. I love the Jaeger trousers but love even more those boots!!! Any ideas where I could buy them??? I NEED them in my life!

  7. can we just mention the Whistles boots in that pic!!
    Loved Eddie too, such a feelgood movie. xx

  8. Ugh - my 7 year old has talked about nothing else than the bloody Anki overdrive for weeks - we have caved & finally bought it for him despite the fact that there is an unplayed with Scalextric languishing under our sofa... My other safe option for presents this year is anything Star Wars themed - will that float his boat at all?
    Lovely trousers though - especially those Jaeger ones!

  9. Hi Kat, can I have your advice about bags please. I am looking at Village England. Are you pleased with them, & do you have the "Sway" bag. If so is it hard or soft?
    Thank you

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