The best of both worlds

It's dilemma time.  Sales are on.  The sales emails are coming through at a rate of knots - it's overwhelming time.  Too.  Much.  Choice.  And at the same time, there are all the season gems that we are being bombarded with. 

Which way to jump?  I have a cunning plan that makes the best of both worlds.  If we think forward into Spring, we can shop clever.  Things we can wear now but will still be a major part of our wardrobes into next season - especially during the tricky transitional months which seem to go and on and on and on.   In fact, so many Spring things, you can't actually wear until the height of Summer anyway.  So making the most of the Winter sales bargains can be a really clever move. 

Oh and I'm also going to throw in a couple of my tried and tested rules which are definitely worth remembering.  Occasionally ignored by me, I won't lie, although if I do ignore them, it never works.

There are many which I could list but for the purposes of online sales shopping for things we can wear now and for the following months, this is all you need to remember.

  • You must be able to make at least one outfit with your new item from clothes you already have in your wardrobe (no needing new shoes or a new jacket to make the item work...).
  • You must be able to think of one occasion now and one in the coming months when you could wear said item.
And that's it.  If you honestly remember those two rules, you won't go wrong. 

Starting with something you can definitely wear all year round - the classic trench.

Felsham Bonded Trench Coat from Finery London was £175 now £87

However it's the check version that I'm drawn to. 

Faversham Check Buckle Trench Coat £185 now £111

Or how about a lightweight parka.  I'm always being asked for coats to wear that are practical yet stylish and so, voila.  I guess we do need to acknowledge that the weather is probably pretty pants until... well.. until the Summer?  Style it out in this.  Perfect for keeping dry and not looking like you've raided Millets.  

Lindley Soft Parka from Finery London was £119 now £71

Then we have the jumpsuit.  Remembering back to last Spring/Summer, these are the most perfect things to have in your wardrobe for those occasions when you're not really sure what to wear.  They are also ideal for the warmest of warm days.  Smart yet cool and airy.  For now - team with a biker jacket and strappy heels.  That's New Year's Eve sorted right there.

Sophia Tiger Print Jumpsuit from Whistles was £230 now £150  And it has pockets.  Just saying... 

Jumpsuit in jersey - super super useful.   Mine from last year is from Finery and I wore it so so much.  Don't have one in navy though...

Clayton Tie Waist Detail Jersey Jumpsuit in navy was £55 now £33

I do have dresses up my sleeve but for new season I'm all about the print, however these in the sale would make an excellent wardrobe staple.  For now, layer with a polo neck and ankle boots.  Perfect on its own when the weather warms up.

Olsen Midi Dress from Rixo in Cream from Wolf & Badger were £265 now £186

And in the black again on sale at £186

Onto bottoms now and for sure, top of my list is going to be the skirt again.  

Cambridge Skirt in China Roses Print from Finery London was £79 now £55

Another fabulous skirt from Finery London.  Adore this colour into the Spring but it does look even more striking teamed with black or navy - polo neck and ankle boots.  You're off.

Belshaw Fold A Line Skirt in Chartreuse was £75 now £52

Mancroft graphic broderie skirt from Finery London was £75 now £37

And there's also the matching top for the skirt above - both of which can be worn together or as separates.  This would look just as fabulous over jeans of any description or colour.  How about navy cigarette pants or black cropped kick flares?  Perfect for nights out now and then for every day into the Spring/Summer.  I'd happily wear this top with jeans on the school run or with the skirt above to a wedding.  

Mapledene graphic broderie top from Finery London in navy was £59 now £35

And speaking of navy trousers.  These are perfection. 

Aulton Textured Peg Leg Trousers in navy was £59 now £35

Am permanently on the quest for the must have jeans.  These are definitely worth a look.  I've tried them in black and know that they're too short for me but if you're not 5ft10, they will absolutely work and are a great buy.

Raw Hem Cropped Cigarette Jeans from Whistles were £95 now £40

More denim at Me+Em.  I SO wish these were long enough for me.  Adore.  Having said that - these would probably look super cool slightly cropped.  Little bit of kick flare with the zip undone?

Weekend Jean from Me+Em in Vintage Blue were £118 now £59

A must have black blazer for the Spring.  Or ones you can wear now with a blouse now for evening and with a tee for every day.

Satin Tie Cuff Jacket from Whistles was £150 now £90

Or with jeans for into the Spring

While we're here, how about some tops to go with the bottoms and the blazers?  I think 2017 may be the year of the blouse for me.

Tiger Print Silk Top from Whistles was £170 now £120  Love love love this print.

If you're after a classic plain cream blouse with a twist, then look no further than the Repeller blouse from Rixo. 

On sale at Wolf & Badger in all sizes was £185 now £130

A variation on the theme from Finery London - a super useful, slightly sheer black blouse.

Finley Blouse with Ruched Tie Details was £49 now £34 

Fabulous jersey options - a smart look from a casual fabric.  

Side Tie Jersey Top from Me+Em in navy was £59 now £29

Also in black again £29 down from £59

And finishing with a trans seasonal knit.  Bargain to be had at Me+Em.

Stripe Raglan Crew in merino navy and white wool from Me+Em was £89 now £26

This is merely the tip of the sale iceberg - you may or may not have noticed that there are v few dresses there.  Well, fear not, I am not ditching the frock.  In fact, I am going to be embracing more.  I have become genuinely obsessed with them - they're just too easy.  And I am on a mission to convert everyone.

Should also take the opportunity to apologise for not having been around for a few days but, as I mentioned, we have been on a mini break.  Couple of days in France with lovely friends and all the children.  Perfect perfect time away, I can't recommend it highly enough.  We've come back, feeling refreshed and properly Christmassy. 

Getting into the festive spirit before we got onto the train.

Red 1970 jumper - Bella Freud 
Coated high waisted jeans - Boden
Leopard print coat - M&S
Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

And I managed to miss the other outfits but papped this just before we left.  The most amazing view from our room.

Space maxi dress - & Other Stories
Studded jacket - Zara
Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So I was up this morning and in M&S at 7am where I managed to do ALL the food shopping (have to do M&S as they're the only ones who make their generic stuffings and sausages, along with party food, gluten free for my coeliac 12yr old and I'm too lazy to attempt to tackle two supermarkets at Christmas).  We bought the meat in France (don't ask me what we've got - something birdlike) plus all the wine and so we're done done done.  All I need is orange juice (random...) which I will obviously send the husband out for.  Ha. 

This afternoon, it's the Panto.  Which I absolutely love.  The husband however does not (which is when he can go and fetch juice) so he will meet us afterwards for dinner.  Drinks this evening with friends and then I am going to wrap all the presents.  I AM GOING TO WRAP ALL THE PRESENTS.  I am not going to leave it till Christmas Eve as I always do.  Repeat to self - I am not going to leave it till Christmas Eve... anyone want to take any bets?!

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7 comentarios:

  1. I love that whole outfit you have on in front of the train! I bought that coat after you recommended it and I was wearing it today in the hell that is Regent St on 23 Dec. Thanks for all your tips this year - I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. At the moment I'm trying to be in denial as far as the sales go! I've seen a bag I must have, and am hoping against hope it'll be reduced. If not it's about £300, so I'm crossing fingers, and legs and everything else!
    Sales don't tend to start as early as in the UK, shops tend to wait until the new year, so it's blinkers on for me for a little while longer.
    Sounds like the France trip was fruitful, not to mention enjoyable. Hoping you get all your wrapping done tonight!
    My shopping is all done, as tomorrow evening is the biggy in Denmark, so most of the shops are closed. If I've forgotten anything it's just tough luck!

  3. I'm currently an expat enjoying far warmer weather than a UK Christmas, but your blog has kept me glued to it throughout 2016 and I've picked up lots of fab points. Thank you Kat for an exceptional and entertaining blog.

  4. Braved the hell that was Waitrose this afternoon, have everything except some posh chocs which will get tomorrow - bring it on.....As we're at the end of the year I want to say as well that I love your blog and it has given me some great tips and shopping ideas and made me laugh as well - keep on keeping on Kat!!!

  5. I love your in-front-of-a-train outfit too. Just realised today that I have absolutely no going out outfits for winter, I must organise myself better than this! It's not too cold here but I need sleeves at least.. Oh well, that would be why I'm not a fashion blogger! Have a great Christmas Kat, I always enjoy your posts!

  6. Happy Christmas! Hope everyone has a great day.
    Okay, so I caved! Ordered a pair of trousers from the Jigsaw sale! Some good stuff there. My excuse is that a pair I ordered from Great Plains were returned (as they were, excuse the expression, pants), so these were the 'replacement'.

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