Boots that make you go hmmmm

But boots that your feet will thank you for. 

Now I'll be up front about this.  You're not going to win any glamour awards in these.  But they are something that everyone should have in their wardrobe. 

For days like today.  Or yesterday.  Or the day before.  Days when you're at home, the weather is pants and you need something a tad cosier than trainers (which are my usual "go to" dress down shoe of choice).  

There are those days when I want my toes to be kissed by fairies (aka a furry lining).  I want to feel like I'm wearing slippers but that no one is going to call the men in white coats if I happen to venture to the supermarket in them (and why is it when I do have a total dress down/hobo day, my trolley ends up being full of dog food, pepperami, anchovies and gin.  Always the most random, potential cause for concern for my mental state, choice in trolley).

I used to love Uggs.  But I literally couldn't listen to the total piss taking from the husband anymore.  So the last couple of years, I've been wearing the Seven Boot Lane - according to him - less offensive versions.

Men.  They know nothing.  

These are genuinely like having your feet caressed by cherubs when you wear them.  And no one bats an eyelid when you go on the school run, to the drs, to the garage or to the supermarket.  These are my duvet day must haves.  Which is code in our house for - weekend boots.  Apart from this week when I've had three days under enforced house arrest.  

And I remembered how much I love and rely on them.  I don't feature these too often in my outfits but I wear them probably more than any other shoe as I have them on around the house (and put them on - genuinely - with my jamas, which are harem pants mostly - to do the school and the takeaway run.  Anyone locally will see me in these all the time!).

Eliza Boots from Seven Boot Lane in Charcoal Suede £165

I'm tall so I went for the not super short versions (these above are about the same height as a short Ugg).

But these I know are super super popular.

The Eva in grey suede £150 from Seven Boot Lane

Of course the alternatives are the Uggs.

Extra 10% off Uggs at Shoeaholics today until midnight with the code XMAS11

Tall Chestnut Uggs were £195 now £135 with an extra 10% off.  Go forth and Ugg yourself this Christmas.

They also have them in the black which were £195 again from Shoeaholics now £135

Or shorter now (and to be honest - this is what I would go for now - I like them slightly shorter) in the chocolate (and I LOVE the chocolate).

Short Chocolate Ugg Boots from Shoeaholics were £155 now £115

They also have short grey, short black, short chestnut - they have all sorts in most sizes as far as I can make out. 

Every so slightly cheaper and slightly different styles at Very Exclusive although not as many sizes left.

Ugg Cory Leather Classic Boots were £160 now £112

Ugg Classic Short II Boots in Black was £155 now £108

Different style now - no more attractive but just as comfy with some (faux) fur on the outside now from Toms.

TOMS Black Suede Nepal Faux Fur Boots £79

Or a fabric version - super cosy if not super practical for outdoors. 

TOMS Black and white contrast Nepal Boots £75

Then we come to the lace up versions.  So these scream a slight bit of effort to me which is why I don't have any but they are a great alternative if you really don't like the ones above.  Having said that - Cinderella is hardly going to be wearing any of these to a ball.  You can still shelve them under the fugly category.  But you will have THE cosiest toes on the planet and your feet will love you forever.. (and on a hungover Saturday morning - this is all that we need.  Along with a bacon sandwich.  And a full fat coke).

Contrasting Leather Ankle Boots from Mango £79.99 with code VIP16 for 30% off

Inuikii Classic Ankle Boots at Topshop £225

Gloria Tan Leather Winter Boots from Seven Boot Lane £160

And in the grey suede again £160

So what's your comfy boot of choice?  The ultimate guilty pleasure... come on.. I know everyone has a secret pair.

As I say, I have really got my money's worth out of mine this week with the third day at home.  The third day.   You know how that one goes.  When they're not quite well enough to go back to school, the antibiotics have kicked in, cabin fever is at fever pitch and they're bouncing off the ceiling.  Oh yes.  That day.  Suffice to say - school, you're having him back tomorrow. 

I am on a train like a bat out of hell.  Before they all finish school on Friday.  Noooooooo.  Seriously, how did that happen?  I have not wrapped one present, have no idea really of what I've ordered and there is a stack of boxes in the study which may or may not contain everything I think it contains.  

Grey jumper - Me+Em
Black jersey joggers - Whistles
Stud leather jacket - Zara
Eliza boots - Seven Boot Lane
Haworth bag - Village England

So with regards to Christmas planning, I am refusing however to let panic set in.  I am out with the girls tomorrow night and since the husband has said he will work from home tomorrow (just in case they call about the no longer ill child) so I am staying in town all day.  What to wear??  Actually I'm not sure I care anymore.   I'm going to mention the unmentionable....SPRING... I'm going there folks.  You have been warned.

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24 comentarios:

  1. Ooh! You read my mind about spring, I so want to know what's coming in the shops for the new season.
    Typically me, I'm always looking forward to the next season, and I know that once Christmas is out of the way, spring can't come quickly enough for me!
    January can't just be 31 days, can it? It feels twice as long!

    1. I knew it wouldn't be just me!! And January is always ridiculously ridiculously short....

  2. Ok so you have just enabled me and I now have a black pair of Uggs winging their way to me....SHREEEEEKKK!!

    You naughty girl you Kat (but thank you so much for the heads up and discount code, forever grateful)

    Esther xx

    1. Oh you are more than welcome!! Enjoy xxxx

  3. I have a pair of tall suede shearling-lined fit-flops that I have had for years and even managed to have re-soled. I prefer them to Uggs as they are a bit more structured but still super snuggly. Sadly they don't do them anymore. But I do love the Glorias in grey.

    1. The Glorias are GORGEOUS!!! Couldn't justify these as the Elizas do the same job...

  4. Kat I'm about to go away to rural spain for three weeks: no TV, no telephone, no wi-fi. All this is blissful. But no DMBL40IT for three weeks - another matter entirely!

  5. I have a trusty pair of Sorels that I adore ! Love a fugly shoe!

    1. So have I, mine are supper practical and very snuggly when it gets really cold and snows, (luckily it doesn't do that every year, even though I live in Scandinavia!).

    2. They are super super boots but I'm not sure I'd wear them indoors...!! Love them for outdoors though for sure!

  6. Love the grey suede boots - I still have an pair of uggs that I try very hard not to wear but they are so very warm it's hard to choose anything else! Might have to up my game and try out the seven boot lane ones instead...

  7. I couldn't give a monkey's about what people think regarding my Uggs - they are the best, so comfy and some of the new styles aren't as fugly. I am also interested in getting some Sorels. BUt yes, its Uggs all the way for running errands and the school run at this time of year. And in the summer its Birkies!!!

  8. My Uggs fell apart (I had had them forever so they owed me nothing!) to be replaced by some wool lined ones from Dune that look a bit smarter but are still comfy. And my snow boots for those days when it's too cold and slippery for anything else...high fashion they are not, but they keep my toes warm at the Christmas markets when it's -5, obviously helped along by the gluwein!

  9. Hi there thinking of buying the hush onyx jacket. What size do you wear and do they run big or small? Thanks

    1. They definitely come up big. I have the 10 and it's a big 10 for sure. So if you're between sizes, size down. I promise you won't regret it - you can see how much I wear mine!

  10. Kat , no need for wrapping - don't you know Irish Santa ( or any relations ) doesn't wrap !

    1. Seriously regretting the day I started wrapping the stocking presents. WHY?? WHY would I do that?? Didn't seem like a bad idea when I just had one baby. Three children later - wtaf was I thinking?!

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