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It's that time of year again folks, the holidays are looming (in a good way - looming to me intimates something bag but lordy I cannot wait to go.  I say "go" as opposed to "jet off" as first up it's Suffolk and that's not somewhere you really jet off to). 

BUT I digress - the warmer holidays are a coming and the thing is, whilst they might not be completely imminent, you need to get your swimwear now.  The bizarre thing about the retail calendar in this country is that, alas, you can't buy what you need when you need it.  You need to buy it three months in advance (ok maybe not three but definitely in advance).

Even then, you still need to box clever, as things sell out in the more popular sizes.  Yesterday when I went to Debenhams to work on this collaboration, there were very few things in store in a size 12 (but handily loads left online). 

I feel that I have gone above and beyond in this blog for you guys.  There are actual photos of me in swimming costumes.  OMG.  See what I do for you?  And for the lovely girls at Debenhams, only because I love them... Actual photos of me in a cossie.  

I do apologise as I did draw the line at bikinis but for the purposes of a "not quite ready Summer body" (one or 2 million planks to do first which in reality, is never going to happen),  a sucky in cossie is what I was looking for. 

And did I strike gold. 

First up - speaking of gold, this is a gorgeous costume.  Excuse the photos as they don't do them justice.   A tan would help... (this is true for all of the costumes).

This is for the smaller or big and pert (file that under things I never thought I'd say in a blog..) boobed.  In all these, I tried on the 12.  I did try on the 10 in one and yes it did fit but as I'm not as firm as I once was (if I ever was - or before gravity started taking an interest in me) and the spillage over the edges wasn't good.  At all.  There is no footage here of that.  No one needed to see those gems.  The 12 was much much more flattering. 

Reger by Janet Reger Dark Peach V Neck Swimsuit £45

The definition of brave.  Posting a photo of yourself directly under a photo of Helena Cristensen wearing the same swimsuit.  Ha.  Ha ha ha!

With the co-ordinating kaftan.  

Reger by Janet Reger White Lace Trim Kaftan £38

AND I've also found this one online which I didn't see instore - in black.  (back in the game..).  Again, for the smaller chested.

Reger by Janet Reger Black Halter Neck Tummy Control Swimsuit was £45 now £31.50

But if we're talking more blessed in the chest department, then this one comes in different cup sizes.  And also tummy controlled.  Love.  A must. 

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Multi Coloured Print Tummy Control Swimsuit was £42 now £29.40

This is the 12 on me but it's the C/D cup.  I'm an A therefore don't remotely have the goods to fill it.

And the matching kaftan.  This would also work perfectly with plain black cossies.  

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Aztec Print Bead Embellished Kaftan was £38 now £26.60

More print options now in the sale.

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Tummy Control Swimsuit was £42 now £29.40

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Yellow Floral Print Bead Embroidered Kaftan was £38 now £26.60

But what did I plump for?  The one that I saw on Britain's Next Top Model and thought now that is amazing.  I also thought - now that will never work on me.  Well, what do you know.  Again in a 12.  Best thing about this, is that you can adjust the neckline with the halterneck and the chest size with the lacing - ditto on the legs.

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Aztec Print Swimsuit £42

The v pattern is also ridiculously flattering.  Ok so it doesn't exactly turn me into the model above BUT I'm pretty pleased for a 44yr old.  Believe me when I say that not all costumes are this flattering. 

With the matching cover up - the beading detailing on this is exquisite. 

I got the large as I prefer the volume.

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Kaftan £38 

I am planning hair up, huge earrings.  These match perfectly.

Mood Fringed Hoop Statement Earrings £12

Ooh and did I also mention the slides that go really well too?  Ideal for slipping on around the pool.

Faith Grey Joey Sandals £42

Other plain ones.  Which are perfect to take with you, to work alongside your print kaftans.  

J By Jasper Conran Khaki Green Wrap Bandeau Tummy Control Swimsuit £42 - this also comes with straps to make it into a halter neck.

Beach Collection Navy Bandeau £34

And then the ideal plain cover up to pack too. 

Beach Collection Navy Cocoon Kaftan £20

Finishing with outfit from today.  Adore this.  I may have worn it yesterday as well but I changed half way during the day into my favourite hush clothes as I had an event with hush and The Pool.  

White Everything Tee - Rotten Roach
Black longline blazer - M&S
Faux Leather wide leg crops - Topshop
White trainers - Veja at Quattrorish
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

An evening in tonight with the children as the husband is out at an event where someone (famous) is discussing the Lions selection.  Bless him, he asked if I wanted to go with him.... suffice to say, he's gone with a really good friend of his (who loves rugby as much as he does.  Me?  Not so much...!!)  

How are you doing on the swimwear front this year?  One piece or bikini?  Matching kaftan?  My one must have this year is a whole bag of earrings to distract from the lack of toned leg.  Genius no?

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30 comentarios:

  1. Just bought a lovely blue and white striped cossie from Bravissimo! Great for large boobage and small back! There is a bikini but its an old Boden one as I have doubts that it will see the light of day - Spain next week - Hurrah! For a cover up have an (old) white shirt from Topshop - long and can be stuffed in a suitcase

    1. Bravissimo is great for those of us with boobage, it's the place for bra sized swimwear. (Not to mention their bras)!

    2. Perfect! Lots of bra sized swimwear on lots of websites these days actually. Much easier to buy swimwear that fits without having to spend ££££££!!

  2. Thanks for the idea ... will look for statement earrings. Would add a nice punch to the basic black I always wear..... and of course hopefully distrack from my lack of bathing model figure!

    1. My thoughts exactly!! Big sunnies - ta dah!

  3. I discovered long swimsuits this year. No idea why I didn't look before but I now have a size 8 that doesn't dig into bum and shoulders. Courtesy of m and s. So happy.

    1. People make swimsuits in different lengths? GENIUS!!!

  4. Got one for long torsos in J Crew! It's a beauty

    1. I would never think of there for swimmers - good idea thank you! x

  5. Firstly - you look fab in all the costumes and well done for posting as good to see what they look like on a normal human..I went nuts a bought a £12 tie beige/brown/blush one from H&M as it reminded me of something I wore in my boobie pads, underwire or body shaping. Just REALLY high cut and shows lots of saggy side boobage..but I bloody love it! Even on my cellulite, un-toned 44 year old body- up yours 20 year olds! Plus I have the satisfaction of knowing that when I see said 20 year olds wearing it at the same time they will be appalled and throw theirs in the bin as I will have tainted it with my old age..��

  6. Fab post Kat. Perfect for my untoned Summer bod!

  7. Kat you look great in all of these! I never wear a bikini but my cunning plan is always to wear a lower cut swimsuit to distract from my tummy! Love the matching cover ups. Time to reinvest this year as all mine look scruffy. And my motto for swimsuits is to really not care too much - everyone's so worried about what they look like on the beach that no-one will be giving me a second glance! But if they do this year, it will be to admire my earrings...genius. But maybe not in the pool...

    1. This is such a good point. No one is really watching you at all! And I try not to get remotely wet..!!

  8. Oh great. More swimsuits. You've tempted me with at least 3 of these and the cover-ups too, despite the fact that I have so many (quite a few bought within the past few months) that they will probably need their own suitcase and a couple of cozzie changes per day on hols. Also still holding out for Sezane to re-stock the sublime 'Dona' swimsuit and driving myself a bit mad checking hourly (don't trust the alerts).

    1. I keep looking at the Sezane website and keep closing it quickly as I feel it will be akin to a tube of Pringles. Once I pop, I won't be able to stop...

  9. Great post! I've seen gorgeous swimsuits in &Other Stories & H&M, but they offer NO support of any sort in the boobage/stomach area �� A great, supportive selection from Debenhams here Kat (thanks!) & ive done well on the Freya & M&S websites. I'd love it if more high street brands would do cossies that are gorgeous as well as offering a bit of lift / suction!! Sarah

    1. I know that lots do - Debenhams for example definitely a whole section for the more well endowed... but you do have to hunt them down on websites - they're not the first up with the dental floss jobs!!!

  10. My key for a swimsuit (or a bikini) is underwired and padded. If I can sit a cocktail on my chest no-one will be looking any further down. Just started swimsuit shopping last week as it appears I have considerably more chest than last year - possibly more of everything but let's not think about that. Suddenly finding myself drawn to tankinis but not sure they are ever acceptable outside of maternity wear. Have ordered a few shaping ones from Next and M&S and Tesco. Mixture of plain black and sunny holiday patterns! xx

    1. I'm loving the idea of a cocktail on my chest! I find with a tankini they roll up and and I end up flashing my muffin to the world - I'd rather wear a bikini!! They are the one thing I've not been able to get on with!!!!

  11. You look fab especially in the 'missoni' print! Kudos to you! Please will you do the post on Tan Sandals which you mentioned a week or two ago? I'm on the hunt and have just bought the Top Shop Fray as the Warehouse slides catch

    1. Oh I will do!!! I was going to do one with ankle straps as I've covered flat slides...

  12. Accessory QueenSunday, 21 May, 2017

    A cup envy
    As a G cup it's got to be serious scaffolding
    Freya, always a winner
    You are brave at a smidge off 53 for the husbands eyes only
    You look great!

  13. I agree - I don't have loads. But it's nice to have a little stash as it's definitely something that doesn't go out of fashion! And they can be hard to find... although it does seem that year on year, it's easier to get good priced ones that are super flattering!

  14. I can't thank you enough for this post. I'm going on holiday for my 10th wedding anniversary on Friday & as I had a baby girl 6 months ago my body is pretty wrecked & ive been feeling so down about going away & looking hideous by the pool. I had bought a totally plain black swim suit & was ready to feel ugly. But I ordered the v pattern one from Debenhams in your blog & matching kaftan & im so happy !!! I am still not how I'd like to be looking in swimwear but it has made such a difference to how I feel about going on holiday !!! I will get some dangly earrings. Thank you again. You have no idea how much you've helped me xxx

  15. Another fab post. I usually wear bikinis and then spend all holiday feeling self conscious and uncomfortable so this year I'm going for swimsuits. Have ordered two from debenhams - one being the beautiful Butterfly Aztec print you feature above. Maybe I'll even let myself be photographed this year! xx

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