In stuck record mode...

...although in my head it's very different.  Very very different.  But, I appreciate to many it will be a question of "err seriously?"  

A print dress is a print dress is a boho is a not a boho is a... see how confusing it can be?

And yes, here I am in stuck record mode as I am having that "want to do boho but look I like a knob in boho" dilemma.   Then I see the most perfect dress on Instagram. The most perfect dress ever.  I manage to hunt it down. 

Imagine my joy when I discover than it costs upwards of £3k.  And someone had been wearing it on the BEACH!!!!! 

I am all the agog eyed and at the same time, all the impressed that they will not keep things for best.

Here is the dress of dreams.  And at that price, it is pure dreamland.  At 90% off, it would still be very much classed as an investment dress in my book.  Which means that the chances of me ever owning it are completely zero. 

Etro Silk Dress £3,130

Now here's the thing.  I was doing some research for another blog and after the success of my (marmite) red Michael Jackson jacket, I also remembered that last year I had found a couple of decent jersey dresses on Boohoo.  They didn't work for me but they did look great on other people, so I thought I'd have a quick look to see if there were any boho style beach dresses for basically 5p.  Ok, so not actually 5p but compared to three grand, they pretty much are 5p.

And I struck gold.  So these aren't the same and I can't even do the maths to work out how much cheaper they are - suffice to say, they're not that much more than the P&P on the above dress.

When I say a "quick look", have you any idea how much product there is on Boohoo?  And how much of that product is so only unwearable by someone going to a foam party?  A lot.  My eyes were bleeding from some of the dresses on there.  

However, there are some complete gems, so you don't have to suffer like I did.  I have unearthed them for you. 

Hair up in a bun or a pony tail, huge earrings, sandals (I have lots of these coming up) and you're off.  Holidays R Us.  Ditto any warm day we get lucky enough to have in this country.  So that'll be just holiday then?

Rhiannon Printed Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress £20

Or the red version - the Perrie again £20

The Kimono love keeps coming and it also works with a belt.  Green. Oh how I love you green. 

Jayne Kimono Maxi Dress £22

On a roll with this style. 

Patsy Woven Kimono Sleeved Dress from Boohoo £20

Ignore the Spartacus footwear.

And in the grey - this I LOVE.  £20.

Liz Flute Sleeve Wrap Western Print Maxi Dress £22

Isla Halterneck Printed Tassel Trim Maxi Dress £20 from Boohoo

Another print halter neck. 

Megan Placement Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress £25

And for those who say that they can't do a maxi because they're short - well, maybe a Petite dress will work for you?

Petite Mia Snake Print Beaded Hanky Hem Dress £25 from Boohoo

Or a petite version with sleeves. 

Petite Poll Paisley Cage Back Maxi Dress from Boohoo £25

And the petite gems keep coming. 

Petite Mollie Printed Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress £24

And some chiffon style floaty numbers as these would also work. 

A version of one of the petite dresses above in a green. 

Tanya Cage Detail Paisley Woven Maxi Dres £18

Hayley Hem Printed Maxi Dress £22

Star Print Midaxi Dress from Boohoo £20  This. THIS THIS THIS could easily be a Rixo or Equipment dress.  For £20!

However as well as petite, there is also Tall and this, I think has so so much promise.  I can't say I'm massively confident that the fabric will be more substantial than a jay cloth but considering that the Dodo Bar Or fabric is thick enough to lag a boiler with, I should perhaps be more optimistic.

And err I seem to have bought the last one.  I have absolutely no idea whether they restock and it could be a massive pile of poo, but mine is on its way so I will let you know.  I am assuming that the buttons do go further down so as not to be foof flashing.

I will be looking elsewhere and will continue another day as otherwise this post will give War & Peace a run for its money.  But for bargains, I think they pretty much cover it, don't you?

I definitely have my holiday head on (central heating is a gift) - do you?  Anything missing from your holiday wardrobe?  Fear not, I will be exploring the dreaded swimsuits soon and the much needed cover ups which make them so much more bearable.  Oh how I love a matchy matchy beach ensemble. 

In the meantime, here I am from yesterday in all the Winter clothes.  

Cashmere navy dress - Whistles
Jeanne jeans - MiH from Quattrorish
Navy reversible shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Leopard Copeland trainers - Air & Grace
Jodie bag - Chloe

I have had a momentous moment today of going to the dentist. I HATE going to the dentist.  Which is randomly weird as there is nothing wrong with my teeth.  I have never had a filling in my life and never even had toothache so why do I hate it so much?  Who on earth knows.   I have slightly iffy gums but that's basically because I am such a lazy scaredy cat  that I don't go to the dentist and need a little TLC on them.  But I've done it and now I have an appointment with the hygienist for a clean (which I actually hate it even more than the dentist I'd just realised) which I will worry about another day. 

Off to work this evening in Knightsbridge, talking on a panel for The Pool in conjunction with Lacoste about parenting which I am really looking forward to, hence I've posted early today. 

And tomorrow... a couple of press days but then, lunch with one of my oldest friends which I am so so SO looking forward to.  Maybe some sunnier weather... maybe?!

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21 comentarios:

  1. Haha, I would have to say I am firmly in the "looks like a knob in boho" camp. But I did finally score the one and only floral maxi that I actually camr out of the changing room (always a good sign) . But what footwear works best? Sneakers? Sandals? Or ankle boots??

    Here's the dress:

    I also love the Liz flute sleeve dress above but feel like getting two floral maxis would be pushing my luck.

    1. Holy nora I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!! Sneakers, sandals or ankle boots - all will work perfectly with that. Now talk to me about this website - I have never heard of it. Spanish? Did you have it delivered to the UK or are you abroad? I may now lose hours of my life on it!

  2. Some lovely dresses there!
    Not really sure what I look like in a Boho dress. Suffice it to say I've had enough print dresses, which although I thought they looked good when I bought them they sat unworn in my wardrobe. Ditto brightly coloured/ print trousers. Strangely skirts are different, I like a print skirt, and wear them winter and summer.

    1. I think it's one of those things - one you break your cherry and find something that works and that you're happy with, it becomes easy to adopt it as your uniform. The trick is finding that thing!

  3. I just had a look on the website and there's a discount code for 20% off GIMME20 - I ordered the petite paisley one (because it's cotton) and got next day delivery for £1.99 with the code OHWOW

  4. OK I've cracked and ordered the paisley one as well - just hope I dont look like a crazed munchkin in it

  5. Haha, i'd like to see some of the ones that made your eyes bleed, just for a laugh!
    Please can you do a post on white summer dresses and flat tan/nude sandals?!! I've ordered loads of dresses but all look too formal, plus I need pockets and a waist tie always looks good! I ordered the Baukjen Carin dress from your recommendation and I LOVE it!! That in white would be perfect!! Thanks! Love the blog as

    1. OMG you read my mind! I have a white dress blog in the writing, ditto sandals, some of which are definitely tan.

  6. I have that dress you've ordered! I bought it last year and I love, love, LOVE it. The material is so floaty. The only thing I did though was make the sleeves shorter (looked unflattering on me) plus I had to sew the top bit together a tad higher. The split is high but I'm 5' 8" so it came up high and you do have to wear knickers. Or not, depending on how you feel! It's soooo long, I ordered the tall, I constantly twirl in it!

    1. OMG HOW HIGH IS THE SPLIT?!!!!!!!!!! You can actually see my pants!!!!!!!! I'm going to have it sewn up if I keep it. Did you wear a belt with it? I've put a pic over on Instagram.. jury's out. I think I've got better. Although I adore the length (and the length of the sleeves!)

    2. Brilliant! You look amazing in it by the way. I don't wear a belt because it makes me look like an uncooked sausage with an elastic band round the middle. Having checked mine I have put a stitch at the bottom of the buttons too but the split is still high, but I don't mind that. Keep it, and I can steal your ideas on styling it!

  7. Saw you in it on stories Kat, loved it with your belt. Could you wear a lacy underskirt with it?


  8. The jacket of the season for me has to be the Micheal Jackson Jacket. I like the Michael style, when I see him dancing with different stylish jackets !!! I always get questions where i get it from and I'm glad to get it from Celebs Leather jackets. They have huge variety of leatherjackets, Micheal Jackson Leather Jackets etc.

  9. The paisley one came today and sad to say its going right back - much too long (even though petite) and doesn't feel like cotton at all - the backs nice though

  10. Kat, I love accessible fashion and a bargain as much as the next person and am a great admirer of your blog. These dresses look beautiful but I understand Boohoo have a poor reputation for ethical treatment of their workforce. I guess sometimes things are cheap for a reason, and wondered if you considered worker welfare issues when endorsing bargain brands?

    1. Unfortunately lots of the more expensive brands use exactly the same sweatshops as Boohoo and the other bargain brands. There have even been designer brands exposed as using them especially where embroidery is involved. X

  11. Mia snake print dress arrived today and is 100% NOT cotton despite what boohoo says! Tempted to keep it as it's very flattering though I may sweat a bit in it.

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