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There can be nothing better than being asked to collaborate on a blog and being asked to pick your favourite print item.  So thank you to the lovely team at Debenhams who have done just that as you can guarantee I can hunt out a print dress like a sniffer dog at a rave.  

Only issue I had was which item I should pick as my favourite.  I have to say, there are two other dresses I will also be buying as I've come away without them but they are so perfect and so completely easy to wear, I know I will regret not getting them (at the price for sure). 

Especially as there's 10% off my two favourites at the moment.

Starting with the two that I didn't pick.  Now I know I've featured the first one before but I've never personally got round to trying it on - it was the one Helena Christensen wore at the launch of their High Summer range which I was lucky to be invited along to.  It made a lot of the press, not surprisingly as she looked blooming amazing in it.  But to be fair, it wasn't all down to La Helena making the dress look fabulous - the dress IS fabulous!  

Studio by Preen Navy Floral Print Frill Midi Dress was £69 now £62.10

It clearly wasn't meant to be for me as they didn't have a 12 in stock, they only had a 10 and a 14.

This is the 10 and actually it does look ok here but it was a tad tight on the waist.  I would need a 12 to be able to eat!

So that is definitely on my wish list and surprisingly, so is this one.  I really didn't expect to like it that much, let alone love it.  I ADORE it.  It's seriously, seriously perfection in a dress.  Summery, yet a fabric that isn't remotely transparent and doesn't crease.  The detailing at the back is sublime, it would work as well with heels as it would with trainers and a denim jacket.  

Studio by Preen Pink Floral Print Tea Dress was £69 now £62.10  Again I sized up to a 12.

Dress number three which was also a contender. 

Red Herring Black Floral Print Dress Ruffled Dress £35 (take your usual size in this)

I've got the 12 on here and it's on the big side.  The 10 would be perfect.  It's also got pockets.  POCKETS PEOPLE.

Then swerving for just a minute from my beloved midi dresses - this I will admit I was surprised at.  A body.  I know, I know, memories (most of which involve alcohol, a club and a loss of dignity) but these are such a blooming good idea.  Smooth lines, ridiculously flattering with no bunching from tucking in.  I'm sold.  And these trousers are simply fabulous.  

Studio by Preen Navy Floral Body Suit was £39 now £35.10

Studio by Preen Navy Wide Leg Trousers were £55 now £49.50  They're like a heavy twill fabric.   Belying their price tag, believe me.

But the one which swung it for me.  And again, from the hangar, this isn't the one I would normally have gone for (maybe it was the thought of competition from Helena.. ha ha ha!) 

Studio by Preen Navy Dress was £69 now £62.10

And here I am in the 12.  LOVE.  Rarely do I put a dress on that is so flattering.

Other dresses that I've found online that I couldn't see in store - oh this one is amazing.  And half price now. 

Red Herring Red Floral Print Midi Dress was £35 now £17.50

And shorter - seeing as I am aware that not everyone in the world is as obsessed with a midi dress as I am. 

Red Herring Multi-coloured dress was £35 now £24.50

Or a wrap style. 

Red Herring Black Floral Print Wrap Dress £35

And actually I can't go without showing you this one which I got a while ago and am pretty darned pleased with.  It's not *really* print so couldn't include it for this collaboration but it's an epic dress that is so useful. 

Studio by Preen Navy Stripe Dress was £65 now £58.50

Here I am for a girls' night last week.  LOVE. 

And today - in my dress (which the eagle eyed amongst you will also see that I did wear yesterday). 

A special mention for the boots which are also from Debenhams, from Faith.  We all know how much I love a buckle boot...

Faith Black Bobble Biker Boots £79

Navy Floral Dress - Studio by Preen at Debenhams
Black Bobble Biker Boots - Faith at Debenhams
Black Biker - hush
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga

I have honestly never had so many compliments on a dress (although I have admittedly worn it for two days in a row...!).  Let me know if you've tried the range and if there's anything else I should be looking at!  Oh and out of the other dresses - which one should I go and get.  The Helena navy floral or the pink tea dress?  I have to say, I'm opting for the latter...

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  1. Oh Kat no!!! The husband has a week off work, how am I going to hide the delivery? It's the Red Herring dress and Helena's for me. As obviously I will look like Helena in it....

    1. Ha ha!! Oh I hate it when that happens..and of course you'll look like Helena!

  2. Of course you look great in all .... love the pink tea dress!

  3. How was the size/length of the body suit? I loved these in the 80's, but nothing with a print as gorgeous as this.

    1. Now different from way back then, this one has pants on the bottom and then the top part of the shirt fabric. It's also a wrap style so it the fabric will just bag over the top of what you're wearing, depending on how much boobage you have to fill it. Does that make sense?!

  4. Thanks for your post it is very interesting for me!