Fugly sandals

Well who would have thought I would still be wearing these, four years after I first bought a pair?  Not me. 

Which is why, the first ones I bought, I spent not an awful lot on from Zara.  Every year I thought I'd replace them.  Every year I contemplated replacing them with a more expensive pair - and yes, I have ordered the Isabel Marant versions more than a couple of times but just didn't like them "that" much more than my bargain Zara numbers.

However after four years of wear (so I think I actually bought them five years ago maybe.. can't be... no it must be four) they really didn't owe me anything and have been sent to shoe heaven.  And I didn't think I was going to replace them, when I realised they played a really important place in my Summer wardrobe..and I'll take my proverbial finger out of my jacksie at that RIDICULOUS phrase - but well... you know what I mean, I hope?

Jeans, a tee and a blazer and for those Summer days when you need a more meaty sandal.  Something slightly more on the androgynous side - an alternative to a trainer that you can walk for miles in and is comfortable.  All my other sandals are on the dainty, pared back side.  I want a hunka, munka, chunka pair.. and these fit the bill perfectly.  I need a pair of fugly sandals.  

And I found the ideal versions at Forever 21.  Which I can't find anymore.  SORRY!  I bought mine on a total impulse buy instore but I have trawled the internet for ones that will work just as well.

These are perfect.  You could obviously just go a traditional Birkie which clearly these are based on but I prefer something with a bit more detail.  They're the most similar to the ones I bought which, as I said, unfortunately you can't seem to buy online (the problem with Forever 21).  I was going to get these before I stumbled across mine instore. 

Falcon Sliders from Topshop £39

So I'm going straight into the hilariously bonkers.  But... but, but, but dare I say I'm drawn to them?  I won't, but I SO could.

Falcon Furry Sliders from Topshop.  Limited Edition £42

Western style again in red velvet in the sale at ASOS. 

SixtySeven Western Buckle Red Velvet Sandals were £49 now £38

And then the ones I've had my heart set on forever.  But Mrs Sensible head has always prevailed (which makes a change).

Lenny snake effect leather sliders from Isabel Marant were £470 now £198.81  I love them.  I really, really love them but I'm not sure for the amount I wear them, I can justify them.  Well, I know I can't.  If they were the only sandals I wore all Summer, I would definitely invest but they're not, so I can't.  But can someone else buy them, pretty please?

If you like a bit of bling on your feet, then metallic could be the way forward?

Falcon Buckle Sandals from Topshop in metallic £39

A slightly more subtle version at a great price (I can confirm how comfy this style from there is...).

Metallic Buckled Slides from Forever 21 £16 in pewter

Subtle silver in the sale at ASOS. 

Miss KG Lacie Double Buckle slider in silver was £55 now £40

A variation on the theme and these, I have to say I adore.  If I hadn't "splurged" on the Forever 21 ones and didn't live in trainers... 

Studded Flat Sandals from Topshop in green £49

In the tan.. again £49

Or in the black - with extra studs.  £49

If you prefer an espadrille - these are the ideal sandal version.

Espadrille Faux Leather Slides £18

Or the dusky pink again £18

Pared back in a paler shade at The Outnet. 

Rachele Leather Sandals from Paloma Barcelo was £180 now £108

Or the croc effect in navy... was £180 now £99

Black at ASOS. 

Lost Ink Buckle Espadrille Flat Sandals £30

Then there are alternative numbers - but still just as chunky and fugly.

Metallic Platform Slides in Rose Gold £16 from Forever 21

Again a plainer version on top with the sole doing the talking for you. 

Sawtooth leather slides from Tory Burch were £225 now £126

Proper sole action at Warehouse. 

Warehouse Flatform Buckle Sandal £49

And the criss cross back strap version. 

Calf half and leather sandals in black from Marc Jacobs were £270 now £108  And these come in half sizes.  The black ones don't really have my name all over them... actually to be fair, I love these but BUT I have long toes like fingers and they are just a tad too on show with a criss cross like this.  Boo.

Or in the navy.. were £270 now £118.80

Orrrr the burgundy now £118.80

Here I am in mine (and I am so sorry you can't order them online but I think you might be able to find them instore.. if you have a Forever 21 near you.  They seem to be few and far between these days which is a shame as there are complete gems to be had).

Tee - Isabel Marant
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Sandals - Forever 21
Black jacket - hush
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga

We have had such a lovely day crabbing.  WHOOP.  It really is the little things that make such a difference.  The simplest of activities, for a nominal cost, completely back to nature and something we have been doing for 12 years.  Even when the now 12yr old was a one year old, the husband and I used to take her crabbing (with hindsight, errr why??  Why didn't we just sit in the pub and drink as she couldn't have cared less either way?  Hindsight is a wonderful thing). 

And we're now off to fly a kite.  I can imagine this may be a slightly less than harmonious experience for the ADHD/Asperger's member of the family... *deep breath*.. (I am armed with a mini bottle of Prosecco - all well is with the world...!)

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8 comentarios:

  1. Went to visit relatives in the Netherlands last summer and bought a silver pair of birkenstocks that were on sale .... love my fugly sandals!

  2. I really like some of these but Birkenstocks are my fugly sandals. Faves are silver, black patent and white with a gorgeous Paisley pattern (all years old, think they've got a half life😁). I really do love them but you are right though they only get a small window of wear outside of trainers and the odd winter holiday....

    1. The original and the best (even though I personally prefer a variation on the theme!!)!

  3. I stick mainly to Birkenstocks; silver, black patent, and I got the gold metallic Arizonas last year which I absolutely love. I do like the Topshop ones though, I bought a very similar cheapo pair from Target (I'm in NY) three years ago which are still going strong and are ridiculously comfortable.

    1. I have to say, the cheaper ones do seem, in my experience, to hold up really well!! Maybe it's because I don't wear them that much??

  4. For those of us slim of foot, I would recommend Moshulu's Wilma. I cannot wear Birkenstocks they looks like plates on my feet! I had a Mephisto pair in pale pink (sounds awful but actually a brilliant neutral) years ago but couldn't find a colour I liked to replace them until I found the Moshulu ones. They have them every year and make various colours a crazy patterns as well as standard black, brown and other colours.
    In fact I've just noticed they have £10 off all of their cork footbed sandals this weekend. Fi...xxx

  5. I LOVE fugly sandals. I wanted the animal print hairy Topshop ones but missed them. I spent a whole £4 on a furry pair from Primark and I love them. The Husband has other things to say but never mind. x