Embracing your inner Starsky & Hutch

And that can only mean one thing.  Oh yes folks, it's cardigan time.  There is still a nip in the air (or is that full on hail like there was earlier) and the four seasons in one day malarkey is getting old. 

However, as much as I'm a total weather junky (seriously I am just as bore off about it in real life) and I like to think I'm a glass half full person (although the husband does say that I'm only half full in that I think I'm half full.. which I think means I am half full - this is a drunk conversation we should have never have had) and so let's look at the fashion opportunities this presents us with. 

Inbetweeny weather still.  We're all aware of my love of bikers, I've looked at blazers and trenches, I've got khaki jackets up my sleeve but what about something softer?

Something slouchier.. something more casual.  Cardigans, you're up. 

Like the bonkers (sorry - statement) jackets of the other day, these are a wardrobe staple, year in, year out.  And again, the more unusual, the more longevity.  That's not to say a chunky classic isn't super useful but personally, the cardigans I go back to, year after year are those with a bit of personality.

Starting with the one that is most like the one I have and wear every year, although it's shades of blue with no red or tan in like mine has.  I couldn't find this on the Mango site, I saw it on House of Fraser. 

Mango Openwork Cotton Cardigan £49.99

But now moving onto the super nuts. 

Cotton crochet cardigan £59.99 from Mango

Another crochet number and upping the colour ante.

Morgan Crochet Knit Longline Striped Cardigan £46

I can't quite see how this one works tiger wise, but it's bonkers enough to earn its place here.  Plain white tee, jeans and sandals, loafers or espadrilles and you're off.

Jacquard knit cotton blend poncho was £297 now £133.65 with an extra 30% off at checkout.

Short with fringing - the perfect blazer alternative. 

Moroccan fringed cardigan from Banjo & Matilda was £315 now £126

Fringing again at Maje.

Fringed knitted cardigan was £450 now £225

This one looks plain but with a kick in the back.  I love it. 

The Long Slash Pocket Distressed Alpaca Blend Cardigan was £315 now £126

Or in the beige was £340 now £136

In navy and again, texture of the wool adds interest here. 

Memphis Mohair Blend Cardigan in Midnight Blue was £420 now £210

Sleeve detail in monochrome at Mango. 

Flared sleeve cardigan was £49.99 now £35.99

Two tone versions now for those who don't want completely plain but a slightly variation on the theme. 

Morgan Two tone wool effect cardigan was £47.20 now £45  in the black.

In the navy and grey again £45.
Or the yellow - which doesn't really need another tone to make it interesting - £48

I also love longer versions and this one is a steal now in the sale at FCUK.

And a cream version which also has a belt.

Nur merino wool long cardigan from Tabula Rasa was £325 now £162

Or one with a buckle. 

Buckled linen-blend cardigan from Mango £69.99

Have to say though, I've saved my favourite till last. I had one like this from Monsoon in brown and cream 13 years ago.  I still remember it and I still mourn its passing. 

Oversized fringed knitted cardigan from Maje was £479 now £239.50

Actually I say that's my favourite... but then I saw this one.  At considerably less which easily nudges it into position A.  I still kick myself at not getting a fringed red and navy (I think it was) oversized cardigan thingy from Mango last year.  I ummed and ahhed over it and didn't get it.  And I SO wish I had done.  

Typing as I think and I've just gone to look at the Mango Outlet (yes I am too lazy to delete... I do sometimes wish there were emojis on Blogger.  Although I am a hideous over user of them so it's probably no bad thing).  Would you believe it?!

Premium Cotton Jacquard Cardigan was £69.99 now £25.99 

THIS is the one I was talking about just now and would be my poison of choice this year.  Oh how I love this.  70s stylee in all its glory.  Eat your heart out Starsky and Hutch. 

Open Knit Cardigan £59.99 from Mango

And here I am in mine.  I adore this and have had it for a couple of years now.  I don't wear it often often, but there are days when nothing else will work.  Today was a prime example.  Cricket - where you really can't turn up in a blazer or a trench (I've tried and you just feel like a knob), it's too warm for a parka (or so I thought - turns out it was chuffing freezing even though it was sunny.  But at least I took sun cream as instructed by the coach.. all the useful!).

Jumpsuit - Quattrorish
Cardigan - Zara
Trainers - Lacoste
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive

Oh and yes, they are THE perfect jumpsuit partner.  In fact, I've fallen in love with the jumpsuit all over again, so watch this space...

I am tempted to wear it tonight and just change into heels.  Hair up, huge earrings and off we go.  But then maybe I should branch out into a Summer dress.  Charity night at school - it's an auction.  Last time we raised £18k which isn't bad for a little state school.  I have been instructed by the husband not to drink too much and to be surgical about which lots I actually want to bid for.  He's also decided he's driving, I think he might be concerned we all got a tad carried away last time.  It's going to be warm in a little school hall, isn't it?  Maybe that new & Other Stories dress.  Hmm or a silk blouse and black midi skirt and stone heels.  Yes, I think that's it.  I don't want to be too visible!  Have a great Saturday night everyone.

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9 comentarios:

  1. I did have an ex who played too much cricket, so I feel your pain. I even learnt how to do the scoring so I actually saw something of him in the summer months. The afternoon tea made it worth it!
    I love a long cardy, and you're right, there are days when nothing else will do, today being a prime example. I do wear mine around the house a lot, especially spring/ autumn, but they're also useful on chilly summer evenings, and as an extra layer in the winter.
    Unfortunately for me (but maybe fortunately for my bank balance), the one I like the best is the one you're wearing, one of those go with anything items.

    1. Oh no I LOVE cricket!! And yes, obvs I love a cardie too!

  2. Love a maxi cardi and that French connection one is winging its way to me to try! Thanks for the inspiration (again!). Looking forward to your blog on jumpsuits...

    1. Oh yay! And it's going up v shortly xx

    2. I got a nice navy merino one from Jigsaw last season. It was in the sale, and has pockets. Less than half price. They have different ones on their website now.

    3. I always forget to look at Jigsaw as I do think some of their prices can be toppy for what they are. BUT having said that - OMG the new season stuff is TO DIE FOR!!!

  3. I love cardigans ..... always have one on when around the house at the least. My favorite look is the one you have!

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