Seeing as the weather isn't improving... seems perfectly legitimate to talk about trousers.  I can't believe that we are already in May.  How?  Seriously, where have the first five months of this year gone?  We have had some good weather, in fact we've been really lucky. 

However, Spring has sprung off somewhere and the cold has come back to bite.  So we have jeans.. but if you're looking for an alternative - trousers, and those of the wide leg cropped variety, are my poison of choice. 

Personally I like a fluid pair.  Not for me, the wide leg stiff versions, I like ones that are flowy.  I also like them just above the ankle which, in my book, makes them cropped trousers or those of an awkward length, as opposed to culottes.  Clear as mud?  The best thing about them is that they do come in lots of different lengths and so you will be able to find a pair that work for you, regardless of your height (if you like the style that is.. I appreciate they're not going to be for everyone).

Stiff or flowy, I find these super useful.  They work with trainers and loafers and also tight fitting ankle boots.  Dare I mention the knee highs which I am still deciding whether to keep or not?  I think I will post on Instagram in the morning and see what the consensus is.

In the meantime though, I have been falling in love again with my wide leg crops.  And I've been asked a couple of times what the ones I have are (I wore this outfit last week as well and people spied them on an insta story and asked) so here you go.

I got mine last season but they're done them again.  Not they say dry clean only, but I've cold washed mine and they're absolutely fine. 

Stitch Fluid Cropped Trousers from Whistles £119

ASOS Smart Wide Crop Trousers £35

Similar at Mango, but I would say shorter.

Flowy Cropped Trousers in Black £19.99

Wide Leg Crop Icon Trouser in Navy from Me+Em £119  These are great, but they don't have pockets... 

Jersey at Me+Em, in navy and black - again alas with no pockets but perfect for casual days. 

Tie Front Palazzo Pants £79

Other navy options at Monki. 

Monki Wide Leg Cropped Trousers £30 (with pockets!)

A navy denim at Jasper Conran which are ideal if you're looking for not super flowy. 

J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams were £40 now £32

And then there are the less than usual.  It may not have escaped your notice but I'm hardly the most adventurous when it comes to trousers.  I do like to experiment with shape but when it comes to fabric and colour - I am very vanilla. 

However, if you do like to have a bit more interest from the waist down, these are ideal. 

Striped at Red Herring £28

Another stripe pair at Mango plus a matching top so it's easily turned into an instant ensemble.  The top on its own would be fabulous just over a pair of faded boyfriends. 

Striped Crop Trousers from Mango £35.99

And alternative colours. 

Pink at ASOS (or nude..)  These are a stiffer cotton which again - you're either to love or prefer a more fluid version. 

ASOS Washed Wide Leg Cropped Trousers in nude £32

Green at Mango - flowy cropped trousers £19.99  These are the same as the black ones above which means they have POCKETS!  Mango, congratulations.  You win at being epic today.  This green also looks superb with the navy. 

White?  Love the detailing at the side of this. 

Eyelets Cropped Trousers from Mango £49.99

And my favourite colour although I'm not sure a welted pocket is that much use... 

Palazzo Trousers from Mango £49.99

Orrrr khaki.  Love these.  Although they will be too short on me.  But for all the normal people out there. 

Cotton crop trousers from Mango £35.99

And here I am in mine. 

Black Semper Femina jumper - Orwell + Austen
Black fluid trousers - Whistles
Dazed trainers - My Fashion Tribu
Black leather coat - Vintage from Retro Woman 
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga

Day in London for meetings and back tomorrow.  In my galoshes... No seriously, I think I'm going to give the knee highs a go... Is it going to rain?  They keep telling me it's not going to rain and then, errr it does.  Why am I surprised that they've got it wrong.  Again.  On the upside, it's trench weather then.  

I'd love to know what you're wearing and investing in at the moment.  Stocking up on things to wear now (and come the Autumn), or full steam ahead into Summer stock?

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17 comentarios:

  1. These are my current favourite thing:

    I love them so much I bought a second, identical pair.

    1. Hi Cat. These look great. Do you mind me asking how they fasten? I can't see any details on the website. Thanks!

    2. They look great! But pockets?? I am mildly obsessed with pockets. For mildly, read completely. However if they're side fastening, that's a big tick in my book!

      The tee on the other hand.. I am ALL over that!!!

    3. Sorry, no pockets! They fasten at the back with a zip - there's also a hook and eye, which I unpicked as I've been wearing nude fishnets under them, because cold, and it kept catching.

    4. ahhh now at the back. My ASOS White ones do that. They work actually but I don't think they're as flattering as a side zip. And WHAT NO POCKETS?!!

  2. I've been looking for a pair of these for a while and ended up sending most back as they're just not right. I have a Whistles jumpsuit from last year with wide cropped leg with pleat front that I've worn with a jumper over (not too easy for the loo!). Love the look of these that Cat has linked above-will give them a try.
    It's been gorgeous sunny weather up North the past couple of days. Definitely Spring like. However, I've just taken delivery of the Bella 1970 in green so want to wear before it's too warm.
    Good luck with the boots.

    1. Shame the Me&Em don't have pockets. Big mistake!!!

    2. I absolutely love the Whistles ones I have and also the Alexa Chung ones from M&S in navy. And you got the green jumper - yay!!!!

  3. Bought lovely St Tropez shirt dress. Went out last night wearing it with jeans, trainers, t-shirt underneath and a jacket. Was frozen and had to nip back for a second jacket. The perils of Scottish living... COME ON SUMMER!!!!

    1. GOSH you're brave! Can't be that long can it??!

  4. I ventured into M&S yesterday and found a fabulous pair of olive green cropped wide-ish legs, for the great price of £29.50 - they're not fluid, but not rigid either. Look great with my navy leather biker and plenty smart enough for when I meet clients. I also picked up a pair of high rise straight speckled grey linen (£25!!!) trousers that I am going to take up a bit and then I also (as I was on a roll) bought olive green chinos I think you featured a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly comfy, roll them up a bit and they're a different pair of trousers......Just going to check out some white trainers - thank God you made some recommendations yesterday. Huge help!

    1. OOH I haven't seen them - which part are they in do you remember? Collection?? They sound amazing!

  5. Carol, I have the red one too and love it so took the plunge on the green! Wearing with summer skirts whilst it's cooler.
    I love the &other Stories dress. I'm same age as you and you can definitely wear it. I'd wear in the day with GG leopard trainers till it's sandal weather. Go for it!

  6. Oh I think that dress is amazing - regardless of age (although just not on me!!) It would also look amazing with stud ankle boots and a biker...

  7. I got an amazing pair of wide leg cropped trousers in blush pink with an elastic waist(!) and pockets for a while £6 in the George sale. Grabbed them on my way past whilst herding small children and wasn't expecting much but they're great, quite a heavy but fluid fabric. x

    1. They sound marvellous! I never get to look in George for clothes but you can always find the odd gem!

  8. Really embracing cropped trousers after over-coming my fear of looking like I've shrunk some full length wide-legs in the wash. Although if I wore the white eyelet Mango pair, husband would no doubt ask if I was repurposing a shower curtain!