On a roll....

.. a 70s roll that is.  Yes I've returned after my brief hiatus into trouser territory yesterday - back to the 70s with a vengeance bringing you the simplest of additions to your wardrobe. 

SImple, yet effective and perfect for adding an instant injection of sartorial nostalgia. 

May I present the skinny scarf.

Midi dress, check, knee high boots, check, trench, check (that's just today's outfit) and with the addition of a skinny scarf, you have a whole new looking outfit which works now and I promise you, you'll be well ahead of the game come September. 

They also are the perfect lift to a plain (or print) tee and blazer - just another dimension which adds a little versatility to an outfit that you can then wear on repeat (except it will look a bit different).  Plus - and here is their true magic - it hides a crepey neck.  Ta dah!  What more could you want?

You can also choose to spend a little or a lot.  I'm going to start at the investment end of the scale.

This *might* be the one that has had my skinny scarf juices flowing...

Shark Baby Pink Super Skinny Scarf £85

Or in the black £85  Actually it was this one.  

If you'd prefer it without the Jaws feature...

Rockins Explosions Super Skinny Scarf £85 

The other super option would be the limited edition Trixie Scarlet Red Skinny Scarf from Lily & Lionel £85

Or for the floral amongst you - double sided.  For those of you who love a stripe. 

Sabina Cornflower Blue Skinny Scarf from Lily & Lionel £125

And then there are the much more purse friendly versions and continuing the floral theme at ASOS.

ASOS Floral Print Skinny Scarf £8

ASOS 70s Printed Extra Long Skinny Scarf £6 Oh hello Missoni stylee.....

ASOS Chevron Skinny Scarf/Headband was £6 now £4  And that's an excellent point - you can easily wear these as headscarves.  

ASOS Black Based Floral Skinny Scarf £6

And this is so wrong it's right.  Although I'm such a clumsy oaf, I would end up strangling myself by getting this caught on something.  Maybe for the less clutsy amongst us.

ASOS Ring Detail Skinny Scarf £10

And finishing with a classic plain option.

Black Skinny Scarf £3.99 from New Look 

Today is an outfit that is screaming out for a skinny scarf.  Although, to be fair, I should probably ease myself into this whole 70s vibe gently... 

The boots though...  the boots have been much admired today.  And yes they have been sprayed within an inch of their life with Scotchguard.  The heel is the perfect height (despite me not being able to get one of them on this morning - fine last night, this morning?  WT??  Nope, couldn't get it on with a sock at all so I ended up wearing one sock).  I did however managed 10 000 steps with not a hint of a blister.

Dress - Studio by Preen at Debenhams (all will be revealed tomorrow...) 
Knee high boots in orange - Isabel Marant
Trench - Zara
Bag - Vintage from Margate

Lovely day working in London and then the usual rigmarole after school, compounded by the confusion of what day it is... Tomorrow is Friday.  I am having a treat breakfast, catching up with the girls, followed by some research that needs doing and a shed loaf of work because tomorrow night - off to the Albert Hall.  WHAT TO WEAR?!

But talk to me about the 70s.. are you a fan?  I think maybe this is me getting my boho on without having to embrace any embroidery.  FOMO has forced me to do it.  That's my excuse, I'm sticking with it and shall be cracking out the wide leg flares before we know it. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hmmmm! Not sure I could carry of the 70's vibe this time round. Yes, I was party to it the first time ;-)

    1. Ha Ha! Me too. I would feel like Margo Leadbetter from The Good Life - if you were there first time round ( as I was) you'll remember it! Love the style on other people though. Wish I could. XXX

    2. There is NOTHING wrong with a Margot! I LOVE her. In my dreams I would look like her every day. Actually every other day as alternate days, I'd like to look like Emmanelle Alt please!

  2. Skinny scarves, that'll be a big yes. Wearing one right now! They're my way of wearing scarves through to summer. I may just have ordered the asos chevron scarf (I spotted a shirt on the culottes blog in this print but it was sold out, but you came to my rescue). I do like the stripe floral combo too.
    I have also bought two smallish square scarves that I plan to try bandana style. We'll see how it goes, as I can have issues with anything too tight around my neck.

    1. Now I can't do bandana style - I somehow manage to look like a cross between an air stewardess and a cow girl. must try harder!

  3. I also feel like Margo (and have been compared to her anyway, suspect it's just because I live in the sticks. I hope :-)) but it doesn't necessarily put me off :O Skinny scarfs I'm not so sure about. I bought two last year, a plain black silky one from Topshop and a funky Rockins one and I have worn neither. I'm never sure what to wear them with and they feel slightly in the way anyway... Might need to try harder! xx

    1. They know NOTHING!! I think I'm going to try throwing on with a tee and a blazer and jeans and go. I have an old Celia Birtwell one I must give a go to...

  4. There is nothing wrong with looking like Margo.

  5. Have always loved scarves ...... will have to look at the skinny..... jaws would be fun ?!?

  6. I have a Rockins one and I LOVE it - feel just a little Suzy Quatro but tend not to wear leather all-in-ones so should be fine xx

    1. Oooh are they super gorgeous in the flesh?