The most random things can be timeless.

And today, it's the statement jacket. 

How do I know they're timeless?  Because of my wardrobe.  If I look back at the special pieces (can I just point out that I don't actually call them that in my real life, every day vocabulary as the husband would have so told me to do one by now, but for want of a better name...) that I have hanging there, it's the statement jackets that have lasted the test of time.  There are of course other bits and bobs (which I will explore another day) but the most voluminous section is definitely the statement jacket.

Dare I also say - the whackier, the more longevity.  As bonkers as that sounds, it works.  You're looking for something that you love, not something that necessarily is in fashion.  Timeless is something that you wear because you love it, because it suits you, it works for your style and you feel great in it.  

I have two that have lasted years.  One is from Zara, so no real surprise there, and is a silk scarf print blazer.  The other is slightly more obscure.  It's from Phase Eight.  Now  I have nothing against Phase Eight at all but it's more classic than I would usually wear however... I found a GEM.  It was eight years ago, it was in the window for "races and wedding" season and it was a dress and jacket combo.  I'm not going to lie - together, they were a total assault on the senses and Kate Moss would have struggled to pull it off, let alone Gloria (of the Hunniford variety who is our local sleb, can I point out...  All the glamour here, I'm telling you now).  But the jacket on its own?  Pure heaven.  The perfect slightly slouchy, monochrome, statement jacket that transforms jeans and a tee to out out status.

You almost need the "not usually visited stores as they are slightly too formal" stores to find a gem that is sold as super smart wear but works perfectly when worn alternatively to dress up a pair of jeans.

My top pick from Phase Eight this season... now don't laugh because this is epic.  If someone told you it was Balmain, I'd believe them. 

Phase Eight Belluci Sequin Jacket was £120 now £79  The beading and detail on this is exquisite.  All it needs is a plain tee (or go slogan..) and a pair of beaten up jeans and heels.  

This definitely though has more of a ring of Marant about it.   The detailing and quality of this is divine.

AND/Or Bella Jacket from John Lewis £199


Love the neck tie on this one - I know this won't work for everyone and here's the random thing.  It does seem that most of them are round necked and collarless - all much of a muchness with regards to shape.  Which I wouldn't say are particularly boobage friendly. 

Cotton Rich Textured Jacket £59

Upping the budget with this complete gem from Boden.  And no, it's not cheap but cost per wear over the years, this will be worth it in the long run. 

Rita Jacket from Boden Icons £300

Similar and again - this does seem to be the popular shape.

Monsoon Eliana Embroidered Jacket £99

Stuck record mode but it does work for some...

Embroidery bead jacket from Mango £89.99

Love the black at La Redoute and definitely more budget friendly.

Embroidered Jacket in Black £39

Then we come on to the alternative shapes.  

Printed Kimono Jacket from Mango £59.99

Finally something that's slightly v necked.
Floral embroidered kimono jacket from Mango £59.99

Then there's a floral bomber.  Now longevity wise, I'm not sure if these fit the brief, but it your style is a more casual one, this could be right up your street. 

Embroidered Bomber Jacket from La Redoute £69

And the blazer...

Floral Jacquard Blazer from Mango £79.99

Blazer style again at Boden Icons. 

Florence Embroidered Blazer £250

But a variation on a fabulous theme. 

Military Style Jacket from Mango £69.99

Military again at Monsoon. 

Milana Military Jacket £89

And here I am in mine - proving that they really do stand the test of time. 


Jacket - Phase Eight
Black V Neck tee - Baukjen
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Belt - Weekday from ASOS
Snakeskin ecru shoes - Isabel Marant

You might not wear them very often but you will find them invaluable.  Year in and year out.  I bet at least a couple of you have tales of such gems in your wardrobe?  I do feel we are finally in Spring jacket season and I have a stash of options coming up.  In the meantime, would love to hear what your go to versions are.  We all know that I love a biker and a blazer - just wondering if I can master the lighter shade....then of course there's the khaki jacket which I've never quite been able to master.  We all know I love a challenge.

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18 comentarios:

  1. I've had this one in my basket for a while, unsure if I'd wear it enough! It's a beauty though!!

    1. Oh that is a BEAUT!!!!! DAMN YOU!!! There's 20% off today as well....

    2. I know. Damn Whistles for tempting me even more with the bloody discount!!!

  2. Hi, am new to your blog and loving it! Am another, ahem, 40 something and love your style! Anyway, would love to know where you get your stacked necklaces and bracelets esp the necklaces! Can you do a blog or point me to one if you've already done one? Thanks!

    1. Absolutely I will do but in the meantime, the necklaces are all from Amazing amazing stuff!

  3. I love the navy one from Boden, I can't stretch to the price though. I love their icons stuff, and it usually seems to fly off the shelves in double quick time. As for the shape, I have a couple of boxy jackets that do work with my boobs, as long as I don't even contemplate doing them up, maybe it's a question of proportions.
    I totally agree about statement jackets, my first one is navy with cream piping and that's about seven years old too. It can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with a dress and heels (got it in mind for a wedding next year).

  4. Some great ones there. I actually ordered the floral La Red out ages ago but it is very padded and made me look bulky (size 14) so def one for slimmer ladies.

    1. The black and white one? Might be great for those who want to bulk out their top proportions!

  5. I don't suit a jacket that sits on my waist and last time I bought a statement jacket my husband asked me where my pearls were and when I was moving to Chelsea which, unusually, put me off. However, I now have high hopes for that M&S one so I've ordered it - oddly, I already have the skirt (although tags still on as not quite decided) so fingers crossed :-) xx

  6. Wow, love that Phase Eight Belluci jacket... not a million miles away from this River Island one I've just treated myself to;

  7. Love the idea of a statement jacket ...... thinking I may embelish jackets I already have but do not wear much! Add some jeans and heels...... thank you for the idea!

    1. You're welcome! Hope it works out for you xx

  8. The only time I could pull of my khaki jacket was when I was actually on safari in the serengeti. Oh well.

    1. Noooo!! A khaki jacket is a Spring/Summer staple surely? Although having said that, it is something that I have never quite managed to pull off. Cover it in sequins or beads and I'm there. But a plain khaki jacket really stumps me!

  9. I fell in love with this one. It's clearly a bomber not a jacket, but I am really loving it. So different from the rest of my wardrobe, but maybe that's why it sang to me...