Flower Power

The sun is out.  And whilst I am often decked head to foot in black, there is one thing that is going to persuade me to crack out the colour and that's the sun.  Not just colour.. let's do print.  Of the floral variety. 

Big and bold, in your face, unashamedly jolly and guaranteed to bring a smile at the onset of Summer. 

Flower power.  And in dress form.  I'm off next week on hols with the family and whilst I am crossing everything that the weather holds, my plan is to stack up the dresses.

These are dresses that you can wear on the beach with sandals, go for a walk (ok not the rambling sort of walk but the urban sort.  Coastal too - I would happily wear these for a walk along the beach and then to a pub for lunch) or wear out for dinner.  

And I'm going to start with shorter.  I know that I don't often do short dresses as I have knees like collapsed volcanoes but that's not to say I wish I could.  It's part the knees that I can't be bothered to expose and it's part (possibly more) the amount of leg I would have to fake tan.  Yes, my laziness knows no bounds. 

When I did wear these, when my knees hadn't decided to look like they'd vomited down my shin - and I had a plethora of them, my favourites where those that had a bit of arm coverage with more leg on show.  Except for those super scorchio days we have, I've always found these more than adequate (and save your shoulders from the sun and are all bra worthy which, even if you have nothing to bolster, does make a difference).

They do of course double up as long tunics over jeans... a new thing we all need to be embracing apparently.  I remember it first time round so I'm holding back at the moment but since I am a complete sucker for a new look, you can guarantee, come Autumn, I'll be layering like the best layering thing ever.

Embroidery Cotton Dress from & Other Stories £59

Anjelica Tangerine Dream from Whistles £149

Floral Crochet Dress £95 from & Other Stories

If you don't mind getting your legs out, these sorts of dresses are perfect for this weather.  Ideal to keep cool in but not getting carried away in what isn't tropical weather.  

Prairie Blossom Dress from & Other Stories £45

But if you did want to go sleeveless..

Floral Print Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress from M&S £45 And.. they do also do cropped trousers to match these.   This, over black skinnies would be a great night out option too.  Or obviously with the bare legs. 

And that's the great thing about most of these - they really will double as an all day outfit (sweat issues permitting.  And I know you're not supposed to mention things like that but let's be honest, most of us do get hot during the day and I for one, like to change if I've been "perspiring" quite heavily.  It's only deodorant, it's not magic spray).

Absolutely adore the colours of this one. 

Floral Print Flared Sleeve Tunic Dress £45  Yes it's M&S.  Although it could so easily be & Other Stories.  Or DVF... Or Marni...

Then there are the midis that aren't really midis.  Well - to me at 5ft10 they're not midis as they come somewhere on my knee but to most normal people they are the perfect Summer length.  Hiding the knees but not ankle length.  

Cold Shoulder Garden Dress from Whistles £219

Boleyn Mixed floral Twisted Dress from Finery London £99 pre 25% discount with the code MAY25 until Wednesday.

Similarly perfect for those who don't want a super long midi. 

Elsa Blue & White Tulip Dress £69

Midi but still with some coverage. 

Floral Print Flared Sleeve Tunic from M&S £45.00

Longer Midi with lots of coverage at Finery.  I absolutely adore this one.  

Lotus Pleated Peonies Print Dress £149

Sleeveless - this also has an interesting back but still bra enabling. 

Berkley Floral Vines Dress £99 pre 25% off from Finery London

Floral Halterneck Dress from & Other Stories £69

Then there are the maxis. 

Floral Print Tie Shoulder Slip Dress from M&S £49.50

And again at Finery London 

Gladstone Garden Floral Dress £129 pre discount

Another which I bought earlier in the season as I know it's going to be perfect for those warmer days. 

Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress £79 from & Other Stories 

And finally, Margo eat your heart out.   These are for days when it should be sunny and warm but it's not quite sunny and warm enough.  Or you're at the beach in Suffolk where the wind blows sideways.  How to look summery and chic without the goose bumps. 

Floral Print Long Sleeve Maxi Dress £49.50

More subtle at & Other Stories. 

Petals Maxi Dress £65

Breaking you into the week gently with a floral maxi.  Expect to be inundated with them by the end of the week.  I am on a roll in this sunshine.  I could genuinely just wear one of these every day all Summer.  You have been warned.  I bought this one back in the sale in January and I love it.

Floral dress - Somerset by Temperley at John Lewis
Cara sandals - Apiedi 
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert
Earrings - H&M
Red Soho DIsco Bag - Gucci
Off to Chelsea now - outfit sorted - will post on Insta and be back tomorrow!  What's your favourite sunshine worthy outfit?  

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13 comentarios:

  1. On holiday at the moment with two Gerard Darel dresses from JL, the Tilly dress and the Celestial dress. Both lovely, though expensive. Needless to say, ultra last minute panic buys - when will I learn ....

    1. Oh god - I may as well burn £100 as that's what I'll spend in Boots on NOTHING before we go away at the weekend..! I'm going to look them up - I LOVE Gerard Darel

  2. Some gorgeous prints here but this sixties (non) shape doesn't work for me although can look brilliant on straighter ladies. For me they fall off my boobs and hide my waist, comfortable yes flattering well that's a no! lol Loving the Berkley Floral Finery one though

    1. The Finery ones are great for shape, aren't they? And the & Other Stories one is waisted! But most short with sleeves do randomly tend to be shift shaped.

  3. I usually eagerly await your posts but for me personally there have been too many of late on dresses which I rarely wear - being a 16 on top and a 12 on the bottom makes finding a flattering dress well nigh impossible. Would love to see more trousers and jeans posts

    1. So sorry! I am inundated with requests for dresses, more than any other summer item! But hopefully there are some other blogs for you too.. actually there was a denim one up yesterday!

  4. I am curious about the shorter dresses/tunics with cropped skinnies or leggings ...... I have been noticing this look lately

    1. Lots of these around .. personally I prefer just wearing longer dresses but it's a personal preference!!

  5. I bought the Finery floral vines in my usual 10 but had to size up to a 12 as it seems an unusually snug fit on the top (usually find their sizing on the generous side). It's been a bit of a saga as I sent the 12 back too as I decided it was a bit formal for my needs. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and then your blog and the 25% flash sale Had me ordering it again! I'm 5ft3 and will need to get straps adjusted but worth it I think. It's gorgeous and I thoroughly recommend to anyone but size up especially if you have boobs.

    1. That's dedication to the cause...!!!

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  7. Your "Flower Power" outfit is simply fabulous! I love how you effortlessly combine different floral pieces to create a chic and stylish look. Your blog, "Aint Paying Full," is a go-to resource for those of us who want to look fashionable without breaking the bank. You always find the best deals and show us how to create amazing outfits on a budget. Thank you for sharing your fashion wisdom and inspiring us to embrace frugal fashion. Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. I came across this delightful blog post while immersing myself in the captivating world of fashion and style. The author's enthusiasm for floral prints and their ability to add a touch of vibrancy to any outfit is truly inspiring. Frugalishness, the art of being frugal while still indulging in our fashion desires, is a concept that resonates deeply with those seeking to maximize their wardrobe without breaking the bank.