When you secretly know it's a bad idea....

.. but are drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

White dresses.  

I have a complete hankering for one.  It's the most ludicrous idea for simply so many reasons.  Where to begin?  The fact I usually end up wearing most of my meal, the fact I fake tan excessively (and I have yet to find one that doesn't come off on your clothes, even though they say it doesn't.. it does a little bit.  Not completely but there's always a grimey tan mark left on white, isn't there?), the fact that I always feel ever so slightly like I'm wearing a replica of my First Holy Communion dress. 

However, it doesn't stop me looking.  It doesn't stop me trying "those" Zara, & Other Stories and FCUK embroidered ones which made me look like a second rate shepherdess in National Dress.  All sorts of wrong and I should probably just accept that the style to which I am drawn, really isn't me.  

But what can I say - I am like a dog with a bone.  And whilst it doesn't suit me - I think the reason I obsess over them, is that the look so blooming marvellous on everyone else. 

These are ones that I have come up with.  That hopefully with work for someone else, as I'm going to have to declare myself out. 

This is exactly the sort of one I adore.  My knees let me down but for holiday - oh how I would love to swan around in one of these with some glads.

The Jetset Diaries Shayworth Mini Dress £130

How pretty? 

Lost Ink Summer Dress £65

I know I must step away from this one.  I know I must... I can predict it would look rubbish.. But that of my brain that says - oh just one more...

Bow Cotton Dress from Mango £49.99

ASOS Lace Insert Midi Dress with Pom Pom Trim £55

We've ventured into "could this be a wedding dress" territory - another reason to walk away from the white dress.  Will it stop me? 

Embroidered Long dress from Mango £119.99

From wedding dress to nightie?

Missguided Pleated Maxi Dress £35

A come hither nightie?

True Decadence Tall Pleated Layer Cami Dress £80

Toga Party? 

Pretty Little Thing One Shoulder Maxi Dress £28

ASOS Linen Maxi Dress £38  I love this.  But I wouldn't look like the Flake lady, I would like a deranged milk maiden.

And then I find the perfect dress and it's SOLD OUT in my size. 

ASOS Maxi Dress with lace inserts and pom poms £38

And so there we have a few.  I'm sure I can muster up some more in the next couple of weeks, but from your perspective - white.  Is it right?  Are you a white ruiner like me or do you ace them?  What's your secret?!

I do, however, love a white skirt.  I have loads more options like this coming up on a blog on Monday so watch that space. 

Breton tee - Me+Em
Biker jacket - hush
Skirt - M&S
Susanna Boots - Chloe 
Glasses - Walter & Herbert
Earrings - H&M

I have had a ridiculously busy few days so apologies for not being round.  But I will definitely be back tomorrow and will fill you in on what's been going on.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday night and don't forget to say yay or nay to the white dress!

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20 comentarios:

  1. Like you, I wish I could but I can't! x

    1. I think I'm going to have to just give up....!

  2. I have a lovely white dress from M&S and one of their recent white skirts too. Love the skirt. Only really wear the dress on holiday. Don't want to sound like a stalker but don't you have a beautiful Self Portrait white dress?

    1. Ha ha ha!! Yes I do but a) it's super formal (although I have worn it, albeit only a few times - it was for dressy occasions and totally served the purpose!) I think I'll probably wear it more in the Winter actually. oh and b) it's SO tight on me now!!!!!

      M&S are on fire with their cream skirts! Not to mention wide leg crops... watch this space later today..!

  3. It's a nay from me, probably because I wear a white uniform at work, and probably because I'd end up with my dinner on it too (at least I've got an endless supply of clean uniforms at work!). I totally get the holy communion thing too, it's confirmation season here, so there are loads of knee length white dresses about, so anything that remotely looks church appropriate is soooooo out of the question, if I were white dress inclined.
    Do I not remember you having a self portrait white dress?

  4. They look so beautiful on other people...but I am clumsy, have two kids and a pup so probably not a look for me. AND last week was my eldest's first Holy Communion so, you know, not really wanting to emulate that either. But the real reason is that I'm clumsy...

  5. Spot on! I've been hankering for a white dress but I think what's holding me back are all the reasons that you have so hilariously set out; holy communion, milk maid, toga party! Also I'll get it grubby and it will never stay white white despite the persil and whitening sheets. Thanks for helping me make peace with my inner need for a white dress!

  6. Love all of these so much. Just wish we had some sunshine up in Scotland so I could wear one. Lorraine x

    1. Hang on.. haven't you been having some amazing weather whilst we were freezing here the week before last?!

  7. Like you, I would have to pass....

  8. No. They remind me of nightgowns.

  9. In my youth I'd wear a white dress/skirt with abandon. However, in my advancing years I just hear my nan's voice when bought a beautiful white nightgown "I look like I'm going a'haunting". That's all it takes for me.

  10. I have one - it's a bit like that Lost Ink one. I don't wear it a lot but I don't have too many issues with dirt - not like I do in white jeans. It needs to be a very sunny day. It also doesn't work if I am blonder as I feel like the Timotei (sp) girl. I quite fancy a new one now :D xx

  11. This lovely thing just came into inbox today:
    Edie crocheted lace-paneled cotton maxi dress at Net a porter. Not cheap but nice.