I cannot remember the last time I bought...

...a belt.  

I own two belts.  One is a thin black Prada one which I got given for my 30th birthday (which by rights, makes it vintage?) and the one I use more often, a tan leather peach of a belt which is from Primark.  About eight years ago.  A more perfect belt you couldn't find.   Except that it's looking slightly too lived in now.  Not really surprising considering how often I've used it - it owes me nothing.  I remember being aghast that it was a whole five pounds from Primark.  Eight years ago, that was pretty much the most expensive thing in the shop.  But begrudgingly hand over my fiver I did and it has been the best "investment".  Has aged perfectly and does look fabulously vintage.  And I will continue to use it. 

But I have a couple of new looser pairs of jeans which do need a belt.  And one slightly less hobo is probably called for.   Seeing as I have decided on ordering the white frill shirt from M&S yesterday which will be perfect with jeans for a night out.  Or during the day... Maybe I'll be on a blouse roll and finally - at hitting 44yrs old - will start wearing a blouse tucked in  Maybe.  However I need a belt to make this work.

The obvious place to start is by trawling the complete dregs of the sales. 

Ok slight issue is that I don't really know what I want... So I'm just going to line them all up and hope one jumps out at me.  Although from experience this never goes well....

First up - Net A Porter and 70% off.  Music to everyone's ears surely?

Rag & Bone Cynthia Studded Belt was £190 now £57

More embellishment on sale at Isabel Marant .

Zoe Embellished belt was £110 now £55

Staying French at Claudie Pierlot at Selfridges.

Avegas Suede Belt was £90 now £54

Clearly I'm taken with studs.

Taupe leather studs at TK Maxx by Vanzetti was £39 now £16

Or brown studs (love this one). 

Liebeskind Brown Metal was £53 now £24.99

Staying with chocolate brown and plaited for an amazing reduction, also at TKMaxx.

Barney & Taylor belt was £110 now £20

New in at Finery London but perfect if you're looking for an injection of colour into an outfit. 

Marlow Leather Woven Belt £42 in black and yellow.

And then we move onto the logos.  Has the world gone logo crazy?  Well, I'm going to discuss this in more detail another day but for today, I'm going to leave some ideas here.  

Starting with the obvious.  All hail the Gucci belt.  

Love.  Seriously love.  Ok, I say that.  Until the 12yr old has just looked over my shoulder and said "Oh Tanya Burr has got that belt".  Right.  Excellent.  Way to ruin a dream.  And just like that it's lost a teensy bit of appeal.  Is it a tad too cliche?  Or do I just go with it anyway, regardless of who else has it.  Does anyone else have that constant argument with yourself - you want the *it* thing but then you don't want to be the same as everyone else?  If you do, my bet is on you being Aquarian...

Just to show you what we're missing out on... 

GG leather and fabric belt £240

I think if I were going to go Gucci, you should go large.  Price wise and bling wise.

GG logo leather belt from Gucci £405

Logo again but French this time with a significantly smaller price tag.  And I have to say, I quite like the idea of a more niche French designer perhaps.  

Sonia Rykiel Logo Leather Belt was £150 now £75

Or a red version.. again now half price at £75

And lo and behold - there's a Prada one.  Which is an updated version of mine.  Except that mine is slightly thinner.  Which doesn't seem to be an issue these days though.  Oh and mine is silver and not gold.  I should just wear it, shouldn't I?  Saying that I couldn't find it earlier to photograph.  Might be an idea to find it first.  Duh.

Prada textured leather belt £310

Saint Laurent Serpent belt £220  Not going to lie - not entirely sure I'm feeling the love for this one...

Or this one... 

Calvin Klein leather belt with CK logo £55

Which leads me to think that maybe an in your face logo belt isn't what I'm after.  And I do already have the Prada one (which is much more pared back to me honest) so I should probably just stick with the one I have.

Ok now staying with branded and not sure I'd get this, but food for inspiration.

Gucci Leather Belt £225

Or the black... Gucci Embellished Leather Belt £375

But don't say I never give you anything... May I present a Gucci (style) Belt for £5.99.  Except that it's from Mango.  Details, schmetails.  I'm completely sold.  Tis perfect.  You're the only one who's going to know it's not Gucci.  Ok so admittedly, probably most people aren't going to realise it's even vaguely Gucci inspired but you can be smug in the knowledge that anyone who is in the know, is going to wonder whether it's Gucci or not.

Admittedly the Mango tiger does have a slightly "barf, who's farted" look on their face but for less than a bottle of wine?  Bothered.

Metal Buckle Belt from Mango was £15.99 now £5.99

And then of course there's plain and simple.  Functional and stylish.  And to be honest, it's hard to distinguish between the designer pared back and the good old high street - especially when they're this impressive. 

Buckle Leather Belt from Mango £19.99

Or the black, again £19.99

Slightly more detail and if you're concerned about mixing your metals, then this one does it for you. 

ASOS Leather Mixed Metal Belt £15

So I've made my decision, I am putting any money that I would have spent on a belt, into the handbag fund.  Which I will share with the husband.  Who made it home through the snow on Thursday.  And is being a spectacularly easy patient and seems to be in far less pain and far more mobile than we anticipated.  (well - I anticipated... apparently I was always "over thinking" it.  But from my homework, people were immobile for weeks).  However there is no shopping that he'll be doing before my birthday that is in two weeks.  Handily though, I will point out that online shopping is a *thing* these days (he's still a dinosaur that likes to see what he's buying.. errr hello?  What do you think those little pics on Net A Porter are for?). 

In the meantime I am buying the fart face belt from Mango.  And I shall pretend it's Gucci.  And no one will be the wiser.  

We're obviously having a quiet weekend - snow has stopped all children's activities (secret massive YAY from me...  I get a lie in tomorrow as there is No. Rugby.  Seriously, it's like Christmas Day all over again). 

Had to walk to pick the boys up from school yesterday.  It was cold (funny that).

Brushed black jeans - Boden
Himalaya boots - Seven Boot Lane
Fingerless gloves - Me+Em
Faux fur Parka - Jane & Tash

And today I managed to go to the supermarket and forget my credit card - the face says it all.  There is a swear word behind that smirk.  I then had to go to Mass to make up for those blasphemous thoughts.

Black polo neck - M&S
Grey jumper - Bella Freud
Black crepe trousers - M&S
Grey coat - M&S
Boots - M&S
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci 

Tapas night tonight, with red wine, The Voice and Let It Shine (the husband can't believe his luck... I did point out he had watched rugby All Day long.  I secretly think he loves a reality singing competition). 

Hope everyone else has survived the show and is all kitted out for the remainder of the cold snap.  Me?  I am just looking forward to my lie in tomorrow as it's the last one till Easter (oh my god I have so depressed myself by typing that!). 

Let me hear your belt thoughts....

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31 comentarios:

  1. I too have forgotten my credit card on a trip to the supermarket, I'd actually got as far as almost paying when I realised, on a Saturday morning with ten people behind me in the queue! The nice checkout person put my goods to one side (somewhere cold as I had milk etc), while I dashed home to retrieve my card! Mortifyingly embarrassing, but luckily I didn't meet anyone I knew!
    Glad to hear your husband is on the mend, he really does need to get the hang of Internet shopping, it'll save him so much time, especially as you'll have done all the research!
    I have been looking for a belt for a while, preferably smooth leather with a statement buckle, but not something too obviously from a brand. That being said I do like the Hermes buckle, but as my best mate has one, that'll be a no then. Oh and did I say, navy is the order of the day.

    1. Obviously navy!!!! Have to say I didn't see that many navy ones on my travels. I can't decide between statement buckle or super plain. And I can't get over the fact a Gucci one costs almost as much as a pair of loafers!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I saw the pic of you in the snow and nearly wept. My temp app said it was 33 deg Celsius feels like 38. And it was 8.30.....pm.. .

  3. If you have belt loops you must wear a belt, I don't feel properly dressed otherwise! Love my belts xx

    1. I'd say it depends on whether you can see the belt loops or not, if my jumpers or blouse covers them then I don't always wear a belt. But if I've tucked my top in then yes I'll always wear a belt if there are belt loops.

    2. Yes, DP, I completely agree. I so rarely tuck anything in now (seeing as I have a muffin top merrily spilling over the top of most of my jeans), you can't see the belt loops so I sort of think, what's the point? But I have now got jeans that need a belt for practical reasons!!

  4. I LOVE belts. I have lots but I did invest in a Gucci one in November and it's completely divine. It makes everything I wear look better. I have the all leather logo belt. I might wear it today now I think about it!

  5. I am on a belt hunt too. I want a western cowgirl (ish) embroidered belt. Preferably black. Did you notice anything?

  6. I love the ASOS belt.

  7. I chucked out every belt I own about two weeks ago as I haven't worn one in at least 4 years. I don't have a waist so tucking stuff in is a complete no-no and I don't find belts comfortable (probably the rolls of flub round my middle), are one more step in going for a pee effort and if my trousers need one then they clearly don't fit ;-) I really like belts though. I had some lovely ones that the charity shop had better be appreciating :D xx

    1. Now you see, this is me. But I've got a couple of pairs of new jeans which are much looser through the legs and on the hips and are (I think!) more flattering but they do need a belt to hold them up!!! However.. I won't be wearing them all the time. I have become a black trouser aficionado and so am not sure if it's worth it.... And I do still have my Prada one which isn't going to ANY charity shop!!!

  8. What surgery did your husband have? Was it bunions? Like the plain belts, I don't like to advertise brands!

    1. He had dorsal bunions (or bone spurs as they call them in the US - sounds so much less old lady than bunions, doesn't it?) on the top of both his feet. So he had them both shaved off. EEEK!!!

  9. Love the Liebeskind one. I replaced a very old brown tooled leather one from mallorca a few years ago with a dark brown/grey antiqued one that I bought on amazon. So, not something I buy often, though I do wear mine quite a bit.

    1. You see I think if you wear them a lot then they're definitely worth the investment. I just don't! And you can now bet that I'll be living in my looser jeans all year now, can't you?!

  10. I have been wanting a new belt for forever but I don't want to spend any of my budget on it...don't ask me how that's gonna work out because I know it's crazy!! But out of your choices the mango is my favourite

  11. Only wear a belt to keep jeans up! I used to spend money on them but wouldn't want to spend more than a fiver on one now. I'm using a jigsaw one that must be 15 years old at the moment!

  12. Errrrmmmmm......check out Ms Alt's belt https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/547468898423814780/

    Do you think she got it for £15 from Asos?

    1. AHA!!!!! *all order the ASOS belt*... omg is there nothing that woman can't make look good??! I need to a(nother) blog on her....

  13. Best belt I have bought recently is from topshop - clean leather tip belt at £22. It's nice thick leather and the metal tip makes it hang really nicely and so looks more expensive - brown or black.

    1. oooh didn't think of Topshop - excellent suggestion, thank you xxx

  14. AHA!! Spookily - pink (actually blush) is on my list of blogs for later in the week.. so watch this space!

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