Bringing my own sunshine

Seeing as we've not entirely been blessed with sunshine this Summer holiday (to be honest, I would be surprised were we to have had more than a couple of hours of the hot stuff), I've decided to hunt out my own. 

Yellow.  It all started with a striped top I saw in one of my favourite boutiques I always make a beeline for in Suffolk - Collen & Clare, and a brand I pretty much buy at least one thing from every year - Second Female (surprise, surprise, this time last year I also bought a striped Second Female top from the same shop).

I had also packed a yellow tee that I got this season and it got me thinking.  What's the perfect addition to your wardrobe to drag you through the rest of the *summer*, if you're not heading off anywhere sunny, and the answer is something that is essentially jolly. 

I'd love to make it sound more glamourous and *fashion* than that, but essentially, we're talking something in a bright colour that brings new life to much worn outfits (I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to say pop of colour, even though, I grudgingly admit that is what I mean).

I'm starting with knitwear as that's what would be most useful right now.  Am I the only person who can't bring themselves to look at the weather forecast?

If you haven't thought of wearing yellow with pink (not going to lie - hadn't crossed my mind but...). 

Message Knitted Sweater from Mango £29.99  Can't say the slogan rocks my world but...

My favourite relaxed sweatshirt in a Summer hue for new season hush. Not forgetting the 10% off with code A17PREVIEW.

Dolman Sloppy Joe £40

Or a dress to wear under another jumper... and just in case the sun ever does come out again.. in the meantime, I'd throw on a biker and trainers with this.  Pretending it's Summer at the very least and the perfect holiday holiday dress. 

A simple tee is an ideal option - just add jeans and a blazer.  Wear with a skirt and heels or ankle boots. 

And a blouse.  Perfect with jeans for the weekend, team with a midi skirt or trousers for a night out.

Adelaide Top from hush £89

The other end of the spectrum now and how about being super clever and doing your coat investment now?  Yellow is actually a great colour to wear with other neutrals in the Winter. It looks amazing with khaki, black, grey and navy.  I bought a yellow coat at the back end of last season and wore it loads.  Will definitely get a good airing this Autumn.  Forgot to mention - looks amazing with leopard.  I used to wear black jumper, black trousers and leopard shoes.

Matschinsy Narrow Double Breasted Coat from Jigsaw was £279 now £195

Or let your earrings do the talking?

Oversized Jewelled Earrings from Warehouse £15  In case you were wondering how amazing they looked with navy?

Here's the top I got (which I have MASSIVELY irritatingly already snagged right across the front and so am going to have to wear back to front.  WEEPS.  I am going to wear it back to front, cut the label out and all will be good with the world).

It's not online at Collen & Clare but if you ring the Aldeburgh store on 01728 454976, I think they have limited stock left.


And speaking of yellow, here I am last night for THE most amazing, amazing night ever at Cliveden House Hotel with girl friends.  They've just opened a new Spa and had a fabulous pedicure (they're like buses - none for years and then two in a matter of weeks.  My feet feel incredibly spoilt).  It is simply the most stunning of hotels.  Spa, champagne drinks and then dinner.  A total treat which was much appreciated bang in the middle of the Summer holidays.


Then this morning after a fabulous night's sleep and a huge breakfast (the best green juice - I am the biggest green juice fan over) outside before I drove home.


MTV tee - Hollister
Green pleated skirt - Topshop
Grey Onyx Biker Jacket - hush (don't forget this has 10% off now..)
Green hi tops - Converse
J'Adore Clutch - Studio 120 at Atterley
Sunglasses Carlinas - Chloe 

At home now - have had a lovely relaxing day with family over.  Roast chicken dinner and movie night.  BLISS.  Which is so easy for me to say having had a lovely night away on my own.  Highly highly recommended!  Day in London working tomorrow and obviously it's supposed to rain.  I shall definitely be having a sneak peek at the newest stock on the high street between meetings and will report back.  I can almost smell the Autumn...

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10 comentarios:

  1. I just wish it was a colour I could wear although the stripey lemon one from Mango might be a possibility maybe on shoes, bags or belts?

    1. I'm the same, I love yellow on other people, it's just not my colour. I think the white/ yellow combinations are my favourites, especially as the yellow is nice and clear, anything edging towards a mustard just makes me think BT in the 80's!
      It's definately a case of finding the right shade, and maybe a bit of strategic placing (not to close to my face)!

    2. Same here too. Love it on other people but makes me look like death warmed up!

  2. I'm wearing a yellow tee today! Bought from a Levi's outlet a couple of years ago for just a few quid. You do have to get the shade right though - I find a strong eggy yellow suits me best, but pale yellow washes me right out! I also bought a yellow leather backpack from Radley in the Christmas sales, half price and have used nothing else since. Loved it in the winter with my leopard coat, looking forward to that combo again!

  3. The dress is just wonderful it

  4. I wear yellow all year round, especially win winter as I don't see the point of wearing dull drab colours. I love most of the things you've listed here. I like to wear different shades of yellow with different shades of blue and grey most of all

  5. I love yellow and that dress looks amazing on you. A few weeks ago, probably like over a month because that's how time works, right, you wore an amazing pair of flares and totally ticked it. Since 70s are a big love out mine, would love love love to see your suggestions for where to get good flares...

  6. Currently wearing a yellow Hush sweater. Went out early with a yellow and navy handbag. Also have a yellow dress. Ahem and a yellow cardigan. Contemplating yellow trainers. All to be worn separately, evidently....

  7. I love your dress and sandal combo. Can you give us a list for those please? I have a flat pair of glads in that neutral colour and have found them so useful, so a pair of heels would be perfect! Xxx

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