I don't kimono...

...what do you think?

I will fess up and say my response to these so far has been errr no.  Not for me.   Love on other people, but you know when you just don't think it will work for you?

That was up till now.  For a start, there is no getting away from them.  They are everywhere.  I predict that this Christmas, these will be the perfect alternative to the usual sequin love in that we have (that's the royal we by the way).

And they work on so many levels.  Ok so to be fair, it does depend on what you want to wear it for, the style of the kaftan, the rest of your outfit and a million other things to take into account as well.

But there in lies the beauty of them, I'm coming round to see - they are so ridiculously versatile.  Wear as a dress, wear dressed down with jeans for during the day, wear over black trousers and a cami for the evening.  

And you've probably guessed that there is one in particular that has turned my head.  Obviously it's heinously expensive but as if that wasn't the only issue - I have a very important evening event in September and it's not due in until the end of next month (after the event) *weeps*. 

Velvet Burnout Kimono Dress from DVF £520 

So the hunt therefore starts for something similar. 

Why do I love this one so much?  Well, it's THE perfect dress for pretty much every occasion I can think of. 

Looking at other ones that double up as a dress - these can all be worn undone over jeans, or trousers - would look amazing over shorts on holiday, hell even I'd wear shorts if I had one of these to wear so there was less leg on show.

I've ordered this as it's too good a bargain not to.  Could work - could look car crash... 

Diane Von Furstenberg Indigo Floral Maxi Kimono Dress was £388 now £116.40

Another bargain from the same website. 

Rabens Saloner Gold Zebra was £284 now £85.20

Flowy Printed Kaftan from Matthew Williamson was £650 now £292.50

Floral Embroidered Kimono from Matthew Williamson was £650 now £325

As if by magic to prove that they work as a jacket as well as a dress - this is the same as the two MW ones above.

Printed Silk Crepe Kimono from Matthew Williamson was £650 now £325

Blowing the budget but gorgeous at Temperley London.

Catalinia printed satin wrap dress was £1495 now £598

Then onto ones styled as outerwear.  Perfect for those not so Summery days, ideal for taking on holiday for the evenings and will take you happily into Autumn when it's not cold enough to wear a jacket.

And starting with the most amazing bargain from Boohoo. 

Ella Premium Floral Print Kimono £30

And the same in the red - again £30

Sea Printed Silk Kimono was £490 now £245

Flowy printed kaftan from Mango £69.99

Velvet Kaftan from Mango was £69.99 now £29.99 in wine

Religion Print Long Kaftan was £80 now £36

Slightly shorter in a burn out fabric at Mango £79.99

There are shorter ones too but personally I think they need a little length.  Maybe I'll do a short alternative jacket option if people would like?  

So come on - what do we think?  Have you been wearing these for years?  Do you still think they should be consigned to after a shower or for the beach?  Have I managed to persuade you....?!

Last couple of days from me.


Tee - Zoe Karssen
Vintage Jeans - Current/Elliott
Bag - Gucci 
Bella Jacket - AND/OR at John Lewis 

Today for a belated Birthday lunch with the 9yr old.


China blue midi dress - & Other Stories
Denim Jacket - Tu at Sainsburys
Sandals - What Frankie Did Next x Black & Sigi
Jodie Bag - Chloe
Sunglasses - Chloe at Very Exclusive

I am thinking that a kaftan will either be my hero product of the late Summer/Autumn or it could be being returned the day after it arrives.  And in the meantime, I need to find a "pull out all the stops" dress for my event in September.  

On another note - I'm thinking about adding another couple of pages to the blog.  Will definitely be including a Shop My Instagram page and also a Little Black Book page.  Also thinking about My Beauty Must Haves page which I can update monthly with any new gems I find.  Anything else that you'd like to see?  Since you guys are the ones who read, I'd love to find out what it is you like to read and find out about.  I do have another idea up my sleeve which I'm fine tuning but I think it could be really useful. 

And happy Saturday!  It's Colin the Caterpillar time.. *punches air* (can I point out that the 12yr old did make a pretty darn amazing Gluten Free birthday cake on Tuesday - it was Colin who made it with candles to Pizza Express!).

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17 comentarios:

  1. I'm not entirely convinced. I want to like them but I can't help but think "dressing gown". This may be because I have an actual Japanese kimono that I do wear as a dressing gown!
    I'm usually a big animal print fan but even I would draw the line at the gold tiger one. The black and white Religion one is pretty special as is the pale green Ella one.
    I think I may have to jump on the bandwagon and *try* one aka become obsessed! Don't forget to Insta your foray!
    Loving the blog as ever x

  2. Could you do an interior design page �� felicity

  3. I would love some searchability i often remember about something you blogged then cant find it

    1. Ooh yes please exactly the same here!

  4. I think long kimonos are great as dresses, if they're worn open they start to go down the dressing gown route. As for the shorter versions I do own one I wear as a jacket, it hasn't got a belt, but I keep meaning to try it with one.
    As for the blog, if you were doing a post on blazers, for example, I'd love to see several images of how you'd style them.

  5. Too brave for me, would definitely feel I had a dressing gown on, also not sure I like the very light fabric with heavy jeans, can imagine me slipping around and getting in a tangle getting in and out of the car x

  6. Loved your piece in today's Sunday Mail on line, fantastic xx

  7. I've got a few that I use as holiday throw overs but I've never come across a situation where the addition of one would complete my look. Never say never though?! I would like to see a section of other people posting photos of their outfits inspired by your choices/advice. Or maybe just outfits they feel particularly good about?
    In preparation for the coming months I'm after a thick chunky sleeveless throw on type cardi. Something I can wear layers underneath without the bulk getting in the way. I hate feeling 'restricted' so something loose would be good.
    Love your blog as always. X

  8. Something else that I'd love to see is a gallery of your looks categorised by 'event' that I could browse through. So maybe off duty day wear, shopping outfits, out with friends lunch outfits, out with friends evening outfits, ditto husband and/or kids, races, wedding, concert....etc.etc. I keep on meaning to take shots of looks that I've felt chuffed with or have received compliments on but as per, have never gotten 'round to it. X

  9. I think short kimonos work better with jeans for me , being just 5foot, looking for a pale pink patterned one at moment, and of course can't find one..!

  10. As a 5 footer I prefer short kimonos which are perfect to really complete an outfit (yes I'm one of those) and I've been wearing them solid for a couple of years now, having fallen in love with them. Sometimes I lop buttons off shirts, shorten the sleeves and wear them open as kimono jackets too


  11. I am torn about Kimonos - love the look on others (people considerably taller than me mostly!) but am unsure about wearing one myself. I too like the idea someone has already mentioned about seeing different ways of styling things - would also love to see outfits inspired by you...especially on those who are vertically challenged, as in about 5'4"

  12. Yes to the pages! I think it's a great idea. Bloody love kimonos...at home. As a dress, yes. As a cover up? I'm not cool enough to carry that off...and I'm comfortable with that ;-)

  13. oooohhh The Mail on Sunday mag Kat how exciting

  14. Hello Kat. Nooooooooo!!!!!!! to the kimono from me. Just looks daft. Yes to the extra pages idea - and how about steers towards what you're reading/listening to right now - books, blogs, downloads etc. Sue x

  15. Oooh, I was wondering if you would consider being a style advisor every so often? So someone suggests an article of clothing that they have or want to have, and you suggest way of styling it? Jo

  16. Love the idea of the extra pages to your blog. I have a real Japanese silk kimono complete with "flag" sleeves that I got at a vintage market. Can't quite imagine wafting round the corner shop (or even Wait rose come to that) but you have made me think about so mm email of the dressy evening things coming up...