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So this is another of those unexpected, write what life throws at you, blogs, put together on the hoof, total impromptu. 

Leopard dresses.  Because.  

Because I am never asked about dresses more than when I wear a long leopard one.  Fear not though - want to reassure you that I will also be looking at short ones as I know not everyone is a maxi, midi or midaxi fan (I'm not entirely sure this is even a word but since midi now pretty much means just below the knee, I need the word midaxi to describe the length I mean when I say midi - mid calf).

Every time I post a pic of the Somerset by Alice Temperley leopard shirt dress, even though I always tag it (which, on instagram is where you can tap the photo and see where the items are from), people always always ask about it and are desperate to get hold of it. 

I'm sorry.  I'm super sorry that it's OLD.  To be fair, it's not old old - I bought it in the sale at Christmas but it does make it old in the sense you can't get hold of it anymore.  Were I ever to design clothes or work with someone to bring out some pieces - it goes without saying that a leopard dress would definitely figure.  And in the grey leopard as that definitely seems to be more popular than the traditional brown version. 

But in the meantime, I thought I'd do a round up of some of the best leopard dresses I could find out there.  As no doubt there's room for a small one in my wardrobe this season.  

And because they are so inordinately useful.  You can wear and wear and wear them to any event and with anything - dressed down, dressed up, they are genuinely the easiest things to fling on and go.

Starting at the top end of the scale and the Dress. Of.  Dreams.   Yes i've gone in high as this has been on my radar since I first saw it a month or so ago (funnily enough... could there be a more me dress?  Ok pretty much any print maxi has my name all over it but this one I could wear to any occasion I can possibly think of).

Maxi again at one of my favourite brands - Lily & Lionel.  A variation on a traditional leopard with the addition of a smidge of red on a black and white print.   These dresses are so incredibly versatile.  I have one on today that I just threw on as I didn't want to expend any extra energy on thinking about what to wear.  It simply works for every occasion.  Wear with heels (boots or shoes) for a night out or a dressier occasion.  I wear during the day with sandals or ankle boots.  Biker, trench or blazer.   Or just on its own as I have done today. Honestly, it is my go to dress for pretty much anything (I may have burgundy leopard and one brown which I have on today).

Leila Leopard Print 70s Maxi Dress £200  Size wise - a small is a 10.

Another Danish brand now and this is a lot more palatable price wise, although I do think the two above are more versatile.

Gestuz Christine Leopard Dress £150 from Very Exclusive  Not entirely sure I love these boots with it.  But a different pair would look amazing, as would heels, as would knee high boots.

Large Leopard and still in investment mode here at Vivienne Westwood.  A dress though, that would take you from holiday with sandals, to work meetings and out for dinner. 

Staying with longer and staying with Summer.  Is there one more Summer dress in me?

And at last, one which is almost (not but the nearest of all of them) to the colour of the Temperley one I have. 

Midi in the classic sense of the word.  Although to be fair, that would depend on how tall you were...

Proper Midi - or actually is it just knee length - again although this is in the Tall range.  I think this one looks a LOT more expensive than the price tag belies.

And then shorter.  Who says leopard has to be simply brown or monochrome?  This dress would work as well now with sandals or trainers and a denim jacket and would take you seamlessly into Autumn with tights (and yes I would wear good old nude tights, they are completely awesome these days) and ankle boots.

These shorter wrap dresses are going to be everywhere, thank to a brand called Realisation Par.  They are perfect for the more petite amongst us and also absolutely ideal if you've been blessed with frontage.  Being tall and a plank, they're not entirely up my street.  Wouldn't it be a dull world if we all wore the same thing.  These are pretty, pretty dresses.

Another shorter style from ASOS. 

Kiss The Sky Dress £42  although it does have a bare back. 

And a similar (with a back this time) 

Another shorter khaki number. 

This is definitely a fabulous year round option for me.  Now can I justify the Ganni one?  Is it too similar to the Lily & Lionel ones that I have?  The answer I'm looking for is obviously no..!

Here I am in another maxi - one of this season's favourites from Label Lab at House of Fraser.  


Dress - Label Lab at House of Fraser
Jacket - Tu at Sainsbury's
Sandals - & Other Stories
Jodie bag - Chloe
Nightingale Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert
Earrings - Pichulik from Atterley

A great weekend which went far too quickly - how is it Monday already?  As I said above, for days when I can't be bothered to think about what to wear a maxi is my favourite option.  Throw it on and go.  That's it.  Especially when it's leopard...


70s maxi dress - Lily & Lionel
Cara sandals in cognac - Apiedi
Jodie bag - Chloe 

Tomorrow I am off on a super exciting afternoon and evening.  I.  Can't.  Wait.  And in the morning, another treat in store.  I will report back, they both involve ME TIME which we all deserve.

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I want almost all of them! x

  2. I have just bought this for a fancy dress party (Muriel from Muriel's Wedding), and guess what: it looks pretty good for normal wear too. Not bad for less than £17.

    1. Love the idea of a Muriel's Wedding outfit!!! haven't seen that film for years!

  3. It was either a leopard print dress or a wedding dress...

  4. I like the Gestuz Gabriella dress. What would you suggest wearing on the legs with this dress for winter, black opaques?